Hotels and beaches of Langkawi, where to stay

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Hotels and accommodation in Langkawi

In general, Langkawi is considered a resort for the rich, and there is not a very large selection of inexpensive accommodation, if you compare it, for example, with Phuket or Koh Samui in Thailand. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find inexpensive housing, but it is better to search and book in advance, especially during the high tourist season (from November to March). At this time it is generally difficult to find good available rooms on the spot. Also, the influx of holidaymakers and price increases occur on weekly weekends and school holidays (see the calendar of holidays and school holidays in Malaysia), when local families with children come to the island en masse.

The order of prices for accommodation in Langkawi is not in peak season: a room with air conditioning for two from 70 ringgit, a room without air conditioning from 40 ringgit. a bed in the hostel can be rented from 25 ringgit. By the way, motels are very common in Langkawi, i.e. accommodation, when leaving the room goes directly to the street, and not into the room. In terms of comfort, they are almost no different from hotels or hostels of the same price category, so you can safely book such rooms. You can still find such a type of accommodation as Homestay (guesthouse). This is accommodation in private homes of locals and it is a very economical way if you need accommodation for a long time. You can find accommodation for homes only on the spot on signs and ads, there are no such offers in booking systems yet.

If you are ready to spend a lot of money on a comfortable holiday, you can find very expensive luxury hotels in Langkawi with their own territory and beach. The cost of staying in a five-star hotel when booking in advance for Special Offers with a discount will be from $ 150 per room for two.

You can find and book a hotel in Langkawi through the search form. The search is carried out in the popular search engine in Southeast Asia, Russian language and Russian language support are present. Also, many hotel options on the island of Langkawi are presented in one of the world's most popular search and booking engines

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Beaches and resorts of Langkawi, where to stay

Langkawi has only three developed areas where infrastructure is concentrated, a large number of hotels from budget to expensive, and at least some tourist hangout. These are the beaches of Pantai Cenang (Pantai Cenang), Pantai Tengah (Pantai Tengah) and the city of Kuah. Moreover, the latter, the city of Kuah, is not a beach resort, but rather the business center of the island, and is not very suitable for a tourist holiday. Therefore, the choice of a place to stay in Langkawi for most tourists, especially budget ones, comes down to choosing only one of two beaches: Pantai Chenang or Pantai Tengah. Moreover, both of these beaches are located next to each other, within walking distance, so the choice, rather, comes down to finding a suitable accommodation for you on one of them.

In addition to the beaches mentioned above, accommodation in Langkawi can be found in many other areas, including in the center of the island away from the beaches. There are also remote private beaches belonging to five-star hotels, and access to outsiders there is closed.

More about all beaches and areas of Langkawi:

  • Pantai Cenang Beach

    Pantai Chenang Beach

    Also pronounced Pantai Cenang (Pantai Cenang, also Cenang Beach). This beach is only five kilometers from airport (Pantai Chenang on the map). It is the most popular beach and tourist area. Budget accommodation is mainly located here, so if you want to save money, it is best to start searching from here, but it is better to take care of booking in advance, especially in high season (from November to March). Here you can rent not only a hotel room or a guesthouse, but also a house for a long time.

    The beach here is not perfect, but very good. The sand is very fine, the sandy strip is very wide, all the traditional entertainment is there. The sunsets here are wonderful. Sometimes the waves throw up garbage on the shore, but it is carefully and conscientiously cleaned in the morning.

    The entire area and the beach of Pantai Chenang stretches for 2 kilometers in length. The main infrastructure is concentrated along the Main Street, which runs parallel to the beach. The road does not interfere with rest on the shore, because it is located at a distance and separated from it by a number of hotels. Along the street there are hotels, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, duty-free shops, shops, there is a large shopping center. There is also an Aquarium (Underwater World), and a cartodrome. Despite the fact that this is the most tourist place in Langkawi, there is practically no nightlife here, and at midnight there is almost no one on the street, only rare bars and restaurants work. Learn more

  • Pantai Tengah Beach

    Pantai Tengah Beach

    Pantai Tengah Beach (Pantai Tengah, also Tengah Beach)is the second most popular beach after Pantai Chenang. Located on the same coast as Chenang and closely adjacent to it, separated only by a small cape and the Aquarium Underwater World (Pantai Tengah on the map). Go from beach to beach along the shore because of the stone Cape will not work, you can only go along the road.

    The length of the beach is just over 1 kilometer. The atmosphere here is calmer than on Cheung, so it can be recommended for families with children. There are also water activities, but there are much fewer people. The slope of the bottom is sharper than on Chenang, but the influence of tides and waves is less. The sand in some places is quite large, and in some places there is also black sand. Unfortunately, it is not cleaned as well as on Chenang. More precisely, they clean, but not everywhere, in some places there is garbage.

    There are also cafes and restaurants along the main road, you can find travel agencies, but on a smaller scale. There are very few shops.

    If you move to the end of the beach further from Pantai Chenang Beach, you can find secluded hotels with their own territory and access directly to the beach. And if you get tired of peace and quiet, you can always walk to the more noisy neighboring Chenang and have a little fun there. Learn more

  • Kuah Town

    Hotel in Quah

    Kuah Town is the largest city on the island and the capital of the island. Located 16 kilometers from the airport (Kuah on the map). You can get here from the airport by taxi for 30 ringgit. The main port of Kuah Jetty is right in the center of the city, so some hotels with light luggage from the port can be reached on foot..

    This is one of the most popular and hotel-packed places on the island, but it is primarily a commercial area, not a tourist One. Do not stop here if you come to the island for a holiday. A large number of Duty-Free shops and large shopping centers, offices of firms, government and administrative offices are concentrated here. For tourists, only a few attractions will be interesting here: Eagle Square, Legends of Langkawi Park and the main Al-Khan Mosque.

  • Tanjung Rhu Beach

    Tanyang Ru, Langkawi

    Tanjung Ru beach or Casuarina Beach (Tanjung Ru or Casuarina Beach) is located in the Northeast and consists of two separate beaches. One of them is a public beach with a length of more than 2 kilometers.Tanjung Ru on the map), and the second private beach of a five-star hotel Tanjung Rhu Resort. As for the public, this is a great place for swimming and beach holidays, but not the best place to settle next to the hotel. Unfortunately, there is no tourist infrastructure outside the few hotels here, the situation is rustic.

    As for the beach itself, it is very good: long and wide, in high season it is carefully cleaned in the morning. There is no infrastructure here at all, only a small restaurant at the beginning of the beach. You can hide from the sun in the shade of coniferous trees, change clothes only in the bushes. In the water area there are several beautiful islands with amazing beaches and Views, where you can swim on a rented motor boat.

    A taxi ride to Tanjung Ru from Pantai Chenang will cost from 42 ringgit, about 40 minutes on the way. Rented transport can be left on the site next to the cafe.

  • Pantai Kok Beach

    Pantai Kok Beach

    Pantai Kok Beach is located in a secluded area in the east of the island, close to Telaga Harbour Pier, Oriental Village and cable car, in a sheltered bay (Pantai Kok on the map). It is considered one of the best beaches in Langkawi.

    There are all conditions for the highest quality and expensive holidays, but only if you have a lot of money. Nearby is the famous Berjaya Hotel - Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort and Spa with its own private beach in the Bay, and hotel The Danna, both five stars. Near the mountain, on top of which is the most popular attraction and entertainment of the island – the sky bridge (Skybridge), which can be reached by cable car. Unfortunately, there is practically no infrastructure in the area of this beach, all life takes place only on the territory of hotels.

    As for the beach itself, it is beyond praise: the sand is clean, the water is transparent, and the landscapes are fascinating. But for swimming it is not very suitable because of the stones at the bottom, so be careful. There is no infrastructure on the beach, not even a rental of sun loungers. But nothing prevents you from coming to Pantai Kok on your transport, and settle on an air mattress in the shade of coniferous trees and palm trees. What is convenient, you can drive to the beach on a dirt road almost to the very edge of the water, which is what the locals use, arranging picnics here. Learn more

  • Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach) is located in the north-west of the island .Pebble Beach on the map). It is not clear why it has the name "Pebble", there are no pebbles there. On the contrary, it is a beautiful sandy beach, and completely wild and deserted. It is quite possible to call it a secret beach, because not everyone knows how to get to it. The fact is that just behind the beach are the golf courses of The Datai hotel, and, of course, the presence of strangers here is not welcome. But if you do not arrange a party on the shore and climb in a fun frenzy on the golf course to play a little, then you will not be interested.

    So, to get to Pebble Beach, you can get here by car or motorbike, leave it by the road and go down to the beach through dense bushes and trees, which is not easy to do. But there is an easier way. At the place where the Old Road branches off from the new one (it is located opposite the position of the beach marked on our map), there is a small gap in the road fence, where you can squeeze only on a motorcycle. Immediately behind it is an old asphalt road, which will lead you directly to the beach. Just do not go far, otherwise you will attract the attention of hotel security. Learn more

  • Burau Bay Beach

    Burau Bay Beach

    Burau Bay Beach is located in the west of Langkawi just after Pantai Kok in a cozy quiet bay .Burau Bay on the map). This beach is private, accessible only to guests of a five-star hotel Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort and Spa. You can also get here if you are willing to pay for water activities on the hotel beach (jet skiing), or if you visit the hotel restaurant. Also through the nearest forest there is a path to the beach, but it is very difficult to find it without knowing.

    Near this beach there is no infrastructure, all life is only on site. In walking distance is the attraction Oriental Village and cable car.

  • Datai Beach (Datai Bai)

    Datai Beach

    Datai Bai Beach is located in the north-west of Langkawi in complete seclusion and away from civilization.Datai Bay on the map). But only residents of five-star hotels can get here The Datai and The Andaman. The passage on the road here is blocked by barriers, everything is surrounded by impenetrable jungle, and the guard does not sleep.

  • Shark Bay Beach (Teluk Yu)

    Shark Bay Beach, plant view

    This beach is located in the north of the island and adjoins the unusual Black Sand Beach Pantai Pasir Hitam .Beach on the map). This is not a tourist area, there is not even a tourist area nearby. All that is here is a narrow sandy strip and, surprisingly, a small beautiful promenade. As a place to relax is not very interesting, except that you can stop here to rest during a trip along the ring road of the island, but for some reason in the high season there are a lot of locals. The name of the beach is not due to the presence of sharks in the water area, but because of the sculptures of sharks decorating the embankment. Nearby is the Craft Complex of Langkawi, and in the West "picturesquely" flaunts the only large industrial enterprise of the island-a cement plant.

  • Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

    Black sand beach

    Black sand beach is in the north next to Shark Bay .black sand beach on the map). This is more of an attraction than a place for swimming. It is notable for the fact that the sand here is really black. And, unlike other places where black sand is volcanic, here it is of this color for a completely different reason – it has too high an iron content. Unfortunately, swimming here is not very pleasant because of the dirty water and garbage on the shore, which no one cleans.

  • Beach near the airport

    Beach near the airport

    In the area of the airport there is a beach 200 meters long (Beach on the map). There is no infrastructure here, only in high season a couple of stalls with drinks and food open. But the sand here is clean, the water is clear, and very small waves. But the most important thing is that at a time when Chenang and Tengah are full of people, there is no one here. In general, this is a good place where you can come to buy during the day, especially if you have a rented transport and you like to look at the planes taking off and landing. But to settle for the entire period of rest in hotels nearby is not worth it, you will die of boredom.

  • Sand Skull Beach

    Sand Skull Beach

    In the northern part of the island is a very beautiful and secluded beach Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, also called the beach of sand skulls (Skull Sand Beach).Beach on the map). There are no hotels nearby, and you will have to get here by taxi or rented transport. Despite the remoteness and isolation, it is not so deaf. Near the beach there is a conditional promenade, changing booths, trays with food and drinks, gazebos for picnics. In addition to the fact that the beach is clean and beautiful, there is another feature: on this beach in the evenings monkeys have got into the habit of swimming. Therefore, do not leave your belongings unattended, monkeys can easily steal the contents of your pockets, bag or even clothes (see how to behave with monkeys, precautions).

  • Beach Padang Matsirat (Pantai Padang Matsirat)

    Padang Matsirat outside hotels

    The beach and Padang Matrisrat area is close to the airport (Beach on the map). This is one of the developed areas of the island (or rather, the village), but not for tourists. There are several hotels right by the shore, but a normal beach holiday is possible only in a few hotels near the only private beach. Perhaps someone will like this place, especially since one of the hotels Langkawi Lagoon offers accommodation in a chalet above the water. But it is worth going outside the hotel, as the dull village atmosphere appears, and rustic in the literal sense, and there is no beach outside at all.

  • Burau Bay Beach

    Burau Bay

    Burau Bay is located near Pantai Kok in a secluded bay (Beach on the map) owned by the hotel Berjaya Langkawi Resort. Access to it is in every way limited by the territory of the hotel, and therefore you can get by staying at this hotel, ordering something in a restaurant or buying water activities, or making your way along the trail through the forest. The trail is marked on "folk" maps in the app or OSM.

Langkawi beaches and hotels map

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

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