Langkawi Pebble Beach

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Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach) is located in the north-west of the island .Pebble Beach on the map). It is not clear why it has the name "Pebble", there are no pebbles there. On the contrary, it is a beautiful sandy beach, and completely wild and deserted. The sand here is very yellow, perhaps the yellowest of all the beaches of Langkawi. The sand here is clean, but in that place under the trees, where the water does not reach, there is already a real dump of construction and other debris.

It is quite possible to call it a secret beach, because not everyone knows how to get to it, even local taxi drivers. The fact is that just behind the beach are the golf courses of The Datai hotel, and, of course, the presence of strangers here is not welcome. But if you do not arrange a party on the shore and climb in a fun frenzy on the golf course to play a little, then you will not be interested.

So, to get to Pebble Beach, you can get here by car or motorbike, leave it by the road and go down to the beach through dense bushes and trees, which is not easy to do. But there is an easier way. At the place where the Old Road branches off from the new one (it is located opposite the position of the beach marked on our map), there is a small gap in the road fence, where you can squeeze only on a motorcycle. Immediately behind it is an old asphalt road, which will lead you directly to the beach. Just do not go far, otherwise you will attract the attention of hotel security.

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