Satun-Langkawi Ferry

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Satun-Langkawi Ferry

You can get to the island of Langkawi in Malaysia by several routes, but the most popular way for tourists is through the city of Satun in the south of Thailand. There is a port in Satun from where international ferries depart for Langkawi. These are comfortable speed boats that cover the distance to the island in an hour and a half for a very reasonable cost. The salon has air conditioning, there is a TV.

Ferries depart daily three times a day as scheduled:

  • from Satun 09:30, 13:30 and 16:00
  • from Langkawi 09:00, 13:00 and 17:15

Travel time-one and a half hours.

The cost of the ferry (in April 2017):

Adult Children (3-11 years old) Children (up to 2 years)
One way 35.00 ringgit (350 bath) 28.00 ringgit (280 baht) 12.00 ringgit (120 baht)
Round trip 70.00 ringgit (700 baht) 56.00 ringgit (560 baht) 24.00 ringgit (240 baht)
Ferry lounge

This is an international flight, and so when departing from Satun and arriving in Langkawi, you will need to go through passport and Customs Control, and before that, fill out an immigration card.

Ferry tickets are purchased at the port ticket office. You can check the schedule on the website

Port of Satun

Satun, port

Ferries from Satun depart from Tammalang Pier, 12 kilometers from the city (tammalang pier on the map). There is a terminal with a waiting room and the minimum necessary infrastructure. There is a currency exchange of Thai baht for Malaysian ringgit with a good rate, although if necessary you can exchange currency, including dollars, at the port on Langkawi.

Getting to the port of Satuna is easiest using a comprehensive transfer, which is offered in travel agencies at popular resorts in Thailand. Prices for such a transfer are quite a bit higher than for a regular regular bus, but it is convenient that you are picked up from the hotel or travel agency, and all transfers up to the pier itself are organized. There are several transfers, but all of them as a result will take you to the place. Upon arrival at the port, you will need to purchase tickets yourself and take the ferry.

It is also possible to get to Satun by yourself on regular bus services or by train, Read more about how to get to Satun here...

Langkawi Port

Langkawi Port

On Langkawi, almost all ferries arrive at the main port in Kuah Town (port on map). This is a large international port with all the necessary infrastructure. If necessary, you can exchange currency or withdraw money from an ATM, book hotels, rent a car. At the exit from the port there is a rental of motorcycles/motobikes at good prices. You can get from the port to the resorts and beaches of Langkawi by taxi or rented transport here. There is no public transport on the island. Read more about how to get to Langkawi here...

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