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Logo of the GO KL system

Free bus routes in Kuala Lumpur were launched in December 2013 and are called GO KL CityBus. There are four routes (as of 2018) and they vary in colors. They run new and comfortable (air-conditioned) buses that stop at every stop of the city buses that are on their routes. Of course, such a "freebie" is also used by local residents, therefore, during peak hours (on weekdays from 7:30 to 10:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00), buses are packed like city buses in the good old Soviet times, and most of the passengers are far from tourists. However, these buses are still a great alternative to taxis and paid city Metro. Their advantage is also that they cover areas and attractions that are not always possible to reach by Metro.

The only real problem of the new system for tourists is the lack of complete and reliable information about routes, since the system has only just begun to work. Some information about some routes can be found on free maps, but it is difficult to understand the names of stops and where they are located, as well as the principle of operation. To always have their traffic pattern at hand, you can download a map of their movement to your smartphone in pdf format here. Also in the description of each attraction of Kuala Lumpur, we indicated by bus which color line you can get to them.

GO KL CityBus bus on Kuala Lumpur Street

Buses and bus stops

As already mentioned, the buses on the routes are air-conditioned and comfortable, go quite often and stop at all city stops. It is very easy to recognize such buses by the GO KL CityBus logo, as well as a sign with an inscription on the windshield or on a light board in front of the bus above the driver indicating the line so as not to confuse the buses.

The stops where such buses stop are also indicated by a sign with the GO KL logo, which indicates the name of the line (color) and the name of the stop. Some stops are even equipped with an electronic scoreboard, which indicates the time after which a particular bus will approach, including paid city buses. It is very convenient.

Electronic scoreboard at the stop in Kuala Lumpur


As of 2018, there are four GO KL bus routes in operation: . Until May 2014, there were only two routes, so the information on the free maps and even at the stops reflected only these two routes. In fact, it is already possible to use all four routes. All routes are circular, intersecting in several places with each other (you can change from one line to another at one stop). The maps show the directions of buses along the route.

The lines (routes) are not numbered, but differ in colors: green line, Purple Line, Blue Line, and red line.

An up-to-date map of all routes is available for download in PDF here, we recommend downloading it to your smartphone. Also in the description of each attraction of Kuala Lumpur, we indicated by bus which color line you can get to them.

Official website and additional information -

Purple Line traffic pattern
Green Line traffic pattern

Route opening hours

  • Monday-Friday: 06:00-23: 00
  • Saturday-Sunday: 07:00-23: 00
  • Bus frequency from 5 to 10 minutes

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