Redang (Malaysia)


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General tourist information

Redang Island, Malaysia

Redang (Redang Island) is an island off the east coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea, 45 km from Kuala Terengganu (Redang on the interactive map of Malaysia). It is the largest (42 km2) in the eponymous archipelago of 9 islands, which also includes the islands of Lima, Paku Besar, Paku Kecil, Kerengga Besar, Kerengga Kecil, Ekor Tebu, Ling and Penang. All of them are part of Redang Marine Park National Park.

The first people to come here were the Bugis people (Indonesia). Their descendants still live today in the only village with a hundred or two inhabitants.


Redang Island, Malaysia

Redang is a famous island resort with wildlife. Even the airport and hotels do not interfere with the impression that it is" on the edge of the Earth". People come here to sunbathe on the clean sands of the beaches and swim in the azure sea. This place is suitable for both relaxation and outdoor activities. At the same time, Redang is not a place for economical tourists: instead of campsites and guest houses, there are quiet but expensive hotels Taaras, Redang Kalong, Amannagappa, Mutiara with Teluk dalam, Teluk Kalong beaches, etc.

In addition to relaxing on the wonderful beaches, Redang offers guests a lot of entertainment, but also from the category not for backpackers: diving, boat trips, fishing, etc.

There are more than 20 dive sites. Diving can be done from May to September, as well as snorkeling. The transparency of the water here is simply excellent. You can see the largest single coral on the planet Mashrum Coral in the form of a huge mushroom. At the end of summer, shell-less turtles migrate. There are also sea turtles, sea Pikes, Rays, crabs, spongy corals, etc.

Windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking, beach volleyball, soccer and fishing are also possible, but not less than two miles from the shore. Trekking along the Redang trails is possible. At night you can sit in beach restaurants with a rich menu and real music, as well as in bars and restaurants of hotels.


Redang is not a wild and unpopulated region, but all the infrastructure is concentrated in just two small areas, while the rest of the territory is occupied by tropical forests. The main tourist area is Pasir Panjang Beach on the East Coast. There is everything for a comfortable stay, but the whole situation boils down to the fact that most of the time you will spend within the hotels, because there is simply nowhere to go.

There is no abundance of restaurants and inexpensive cafes, and you will have to eat only in hotel restaurants. Their menu is full of local, Indian, Chinese and European dishes of crab, oyster, squid, lobster and rice dishes. You can eat meat "Satey", soup "ekor", vermicelli "Mi Java", etc. A lot of exotic fruits (rambutan, durian, etc.). salads, desserts and juices are prepared from them. But for everything you have to pay a lot, budget food can not be found here.

Nightlife on the island is reduced to gatherings in hotel restaurants, at best with karaoke. If you want to have fun, you will have to make your party on the beach.

Weather, seasons on the Redang

There are two seasons on the Redang:

High season (dry season), lasts from June to October. This is the best time to visit: not too high temperature, almost no precipitation.

Low season (monsoon season), falls in November-may. Constant monsoon winds create high waves on the sea, precipitation is frequent, the sky is often overcast, especially from November to February. During this period, tourist life on the island is almost completely frozen, hotels, restaurants and entertainment are closed. Starting in March, you can already come to the island, hotels begin to work.

Seasons on the Redang by month, when it is better to go

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov. Dec

*best time to visit;
acceptable time to visit;
not recommended time to visit

Hotels in Redang

Redang Island, Malaysia

There are very few hotels on the Redang, and they are all expensive. It is impossible to find a budget vein here.

The most famous hotel is Berjaya on the shore of the lagoon with its beach. There is a chalet among flowering gardens, a diving club, a bar, etc. Laguna Redang Island Resort is designed for families with children. Not bad and Spa Hotel Sari Pacifica Hotel. Poor guests go to Redang Bay Rersort and Mutiara.

The best beach is Teluk dalam, followed by Pasir Pajang and Teluk Kalong. There are hotels along these beaches. Teluk Dalam is divided in two: Kecil with Taaras hotel and Besar with no accommodation yet.

Pasir Panjang is a famous beach with Tanjung Tengah Center. Hotels are built along it. Discos, karaoke on the beach and rich cuisine are liked by many. Teluk Kalong is three beaches divided by rocks of stone. Resorts nearby offer a quiet holiday without the hustle and bustle.

You can find and book a hotel on Redang Island through the search form. The search is carried out in the popular search engine in Southeast Asia, Russian language and Russian language support are present. Also, many hotel options are offered by one of the world's most popular search and booking engines

Redang hotels on the map

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How to get there

The island is home to a small airport (RDN) operated by Berjaya Air. The airline operates flights to the island from Kuala Lumpur, but at the moment they are not carried out. You can also fly to Kuala Terengganu airport, from where you can then reach the island by boat.

By bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terenganu you can get from 35 ringgit, 7-8 hours on the way. Buses depart from TBS station (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) in the morning and evening.

Upon arrival in Kuala Terenganu, you need to get to the Merang Pier, which is about 30 kilometers from the city, or to the Syahbandar Pier (located right in the city, 15 minutes walk from the bus station).

From the Merang Pier depart at 09:30 (back at 12:00) boats cost 40 ringgit, a journey of 40 minutes. Arrive at Pasir Panjang Beach.

From SyahBandar jetty, boats depart at 09:00, 10:30 and 15:00 (return 7:00 , 11:00, 13:00), the cost is 50 ringgit, the journey is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Arrive at Pasir Panjang beach and Kampong Jetty.

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Transportation on the island is almost nonexistent. The only paved road in the center of the island connects the airport, the marina on the coast, two resorts. But to get to other resorts and beaches, including Pasir Panjang beach, you need to rent a boat or make a march along the trail through the jungle for an hour and a half. There is not even a water taxi, as on other islands, and boats for movement must be ordered through the reception of hotels or look for them at the docks.

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