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General information

Russia (Russia) is the largest country in the world by area, very attractive for tourists from all over the world. Russia is located in two parts of the world at once: Europe and Asia. The conditional border of the division of the country into two parts, differing in natural, economic and ethnographic characteristics, runs along the mountain chain of the Urals. Of the population of 144 million people, 70% live in European Russia, the remaining 30% live in Asian Russia.

Russia offers its guests the harsh beauty of nature, architectural creations, historical sights, diversity of cultures and religions, modern entertainment centers and affordable shopping. The country's tourism potential is much wider than many popular tourist countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, European countries and many others can offer. Of course, you can hear a lot of criticism about the level of tourism development in Russia, but most of these claims are unfounded and biased, especially when it comes to the cost of recreation.

Surely everyone has heard more than once that holidays in Russia are more expensive than abroad. But if you approach this issue objectively, then you will see that this is not the case at all. A simple comparison of the cost of tours from Moscow to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and tours abroad will confirm this. And in general, if we compare the prices of food, transport, fuel, tourist entertainment, it turns out that the Russian Federation in this regard is even cheaper than the Southeast Asian countries and Turkey, which are considered a model of cheapness, not to mention the European countries. Although it is worth saying honestly that due to the vast size of the country for Siberia and the Far East, a vacation in the southern resorts of the Russian Federation will cost more than a trip abroad to Asian countries.

Amanauz Gorge in Karachay-Cherkessia

Where to relax in Russia, resorts

The tourist geography of Russia is very extensive, while you can find something interesting in almost any corner of the country. But the most tourist-developed and saturated part is European. Although it is much smaller than the Asian one, it is here that most of the beach resorts, resort towns with historical attractions, and natural attractions and reserves accessible to a wide range of tourists are concentrated. In the Asian part, the infrastructure is much worse developed, and most of the attractions are natural wild places that are not so easy to get to, but many of them are unique and stunning in their beauty.

  • European part

    The infrastructure and road network developed in this territory will guarantee an easy and pleasant journey. There are many man-made attractions, modern entertainment centers, trendy shops, restaurants, beauty salons. And all this, by Russian standards, is not very far from each other, which makes the European part an excellent place for simple road trips.

    There is a wide range of souvenir products. Products that have been created by folk artisans for centuries are popular: gzhel, Gorodetsky toy, Vologda lace, dishes for Khokhloma. Fans of expensive and elite shopping will successfully spend money in exclusive stores, in Moscow GUM and TSUM.

    One of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia is invariably the capital - Moscow. Every Moscow tourist program includes visits to Red Square, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theater, and a walk along the Arbat. In Moscow parks Tsaritsino, Kolomenskoye, Sokolniki, Izmailovsky, Gorky, you can have fun and breathe fresh forest air. In the summer of 2015, an aquarium was opened in the capital. Nightlife is bustling in the city center, cafes and clubs entertain visitors until dawn.

    St. Petersburg has the status of the second capital of Russia. In terms of the number and quality of hotels, museums, cinemas, restaurants and exhibitions, it does not lag behind Moscow. Countless bridges decorated in different styles and colors make the former Leningrad fabulous.

    In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg, there may also be other sightseeing destinations: the ancient shopping center of Russia - Nizhny Novgorod; exotic capital of Tatarstan – Kazan; the only Buddhist region in Europe, Kalmykia; incredible beauty of the mountainous regions of the Caucasus, etc.

    In the European part of Russia there are also the most popular resorts for summer beach holidays. These are the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the resorts of the peninsula Crimea.

    Crimea is a suitable resort for families with children. Warm sea, healthy air, fresh fruits will benefit any kid. In addition to couples, lovers of active pastime will also like to relax in the Crimea: hiking trails to mountains and caves are laid on the peninsula, equestrian bases, diving and snorkeling centers are organized.

    The Taiga Karelian region should be visited twice. For the first time in winter, to ride with the wind in a dog sled and celebrate the New Year in a cozy hotel in a pine forest. The second is in the summer to curb the numerous mountain rivers on catamarans or kayaks.

    The Caucasus is a popular region of Russia for skiing and mountaineering. For centuries, people have been coming here for health resorts and treatment with mineral waters.

    The Urals attracts tourists with a network of hiking and equestrian routes, extreme types of tourism, trips to cities and monuments associated with the development of the country's mining industry.

    Our guides to the European part of the Russian Federation

  • Asian part

    The territory lying east of the Ural Ridge belongs to Asian Russia. Rail and road connections are well developed in the southern regions. Elderly people or couples with children are going there. But it is better to go to the extreme north only for experienced and unpretentious tourists.

    The eastern part of Russia is distinguished by the immense wealth of natural resources. Metal ores and the purest precious stones are mined here, from which jewelry of excellent quality is obtained. Given the lack of transportation costs, the cost of jewelry is low.

    One of the few ecologically clean and untouched places on Earth is the Russian Arctic. For an astronomical sum of hundreds of thousands of rubles for most people, anyone can see with their own eyes the virgin tundra surrounded by an endless icy ocean. This direction of tourism is new, few people can boast that they have reached Franz Josef land on an icebreaker.

    Speleology, horseback riding and eco-tourism can be done in the Altai Mountains. The region has stormy and full-flowing rivers suitable for rafting.

    Lake Baikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to exploring picturesque corners, it is worth visiting the village of Old Believers and seeing how our ancestors lived many centuries ago, because their way of life and lifestyle is completely repeated by this religious community.

    Kamchatka and the Kuriles are an area of active volcanic activity. You can see the Valley of Geysers from the air by taking a helicopter ride. Extreme sports are developed: climbing volcanoes, trekking, mountaineering, rafting on mountain rivers.

    Sakhalin has a low population density. Mostly Japanese tourists come to see the nature that has not been changed by man and go diving.

    The area of the territory and natural conditions make it possible to develop all types of tourist destinations in Russia. The development of infrastructure and road networks will contribute to an increase in the number of tourists in the coming years.

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