What to bring from Malaysia? Shopping and souvenirs

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A very popular souvenir from Malaysia is a souvenir figurine of the Petronas Twin Towers. You can buy anywhere, but the easiest way is in the homeland of the towers, in Kuala Lumpur. Towers are sold in different sizes and at different prices, averaging from 9 ringgit (currency of Malaysia)for a simple small one and up to several hundred for large clock towers and gilding. The cheapest figures of towers, worth several tens of ringgit, are made in China and upon closer inspection it can be seen that they are very roughly made, without small details. More expensive towers are made in Malaysia and are very much superior to Chinese in quality upon close examination. Keep this in mind when choosing towers and do not be surprised at such a large price spread for seemingly identical figures at first glance.

You can bring any other souvenir with the image of Petronas: a fridge magnet, a keychain, Cup holders, napkins and much more.

Another symbol is "Menara"Tower. In the same way as with Petronas, all kinds of figurines and souvenirs with her image are sold.

Formula 1 fans can bring attributes of the Royal races. Every year, not far from KL, one of the stages of the F-1 championship takes place, and the Malays are very proud of this.

The Malays are masters in the manufacture of various products and utensils made of tin and copper. This is considered their traditional craft. So you can bring some trinket made of tin or even something useful from kitchen utensils or to decorate the table. Also, the Malays create excellent wood products, carve various figures and figurines. Although, if you look closely, most of the cheap souvenirs are made in China and neighboring Thailand.

Fabrics: silk and batik. You can bring useful and beautiful silk products, such as a bedding set, a scarf, pajamas or a bathrobe, which will delight you for a long time with their softness and naturalness. And hand-painted batik fabrics will delight the eye with their bright colors.

Be sure to try to visit local food markets. There you can buy a variety of condiments and ingredients for exotic Asian cuisine. You can bring home any ingredients to prepare the famous Thai tom yam soup, national Malay dishes and much more.

Malaysia is a very multinational country, so you can buy souvenirs and products from any neighboring country in Asia: India, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. If you go to the National quarter, then you seem to find yourself in another country, and the assortment of souvenirs in the shops will be completely different.

Souvenir from Malaysia

You can buy inexpensive electronic and computer equipment, just approach this issue very carefully. Remember the warranty on the purchased equipment, which you most likely will not have at home.

Lovers of massage, aromatherapy and all sorts of cosmetics will like all kinds of oils, soaps, scrubs of incredible flavors that you can not buy at home.

In expensive shopping centers and boutiques you can buy clothes, bags and other "junk" of the most fashionable branded brands. Now it's no secret that almost everything is done in Asia, so by purchasing branded items here, you can save a little and, at least, do not buy a left fake. It is best to buy locally made products, as they are much cheaper than imported ones. Speaking of fakes. Counterfeit products are very common here, so in the markets you can buy "almost branded" things at ridiculous prices. The most popular fakes: watches, glasses, bags, clothes.

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