Rawa Island (Malaysia)

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View of the bungalow at Rawa Safaris Resort

Rawa Island is a small tropical island in Malaysia, part of the Seri Buat archipelago, located 16 kilometers off the east coast of mainland Malaysia (Malacca Peninsula) and close to Tioman islands (Rawa Island on the map of Malaysia).

The island is very small (only 1 kilometer), surrounded by clear blue waters of the South China Sea, covered with dense green jungle and framed by rocky cliffs mixed with beaches.

Entertainment on the island except for beach and sea (snorkeling, beach volleyball, windsurfing, sailing, fishing) is practically no, historical or cultural attractions too. Once here, you will be like on a desert island. At your disposal will be your room or bungalow on the shore, almost your own beach and a whole island with a jungle, where you can go hiking to get acquainted with its nature. In general, this is an ideal place for a quiet and secluded holiday away from civilization.

There are only two hotels here: Rawa Safaris Resort, and Alang's Rawa. It is impossible to say that these are cheap hotels: the cost of one night starts from 260 ringgit (currency of Malaysia), which is approximately equal to 2600 rubles. Moreover, you will not find much luxury in hotels. You have to pay for the very situation on the island, and not for the service in hotels. The cost of food in hotels is also very high.

Weather and seasons on Rava island

You can relax on the island of Rava all year round, it is always warm and cozy. From November to March there is a rainy season, and in some months hotels can even close, which is better to know in advance.

How to get to Rava island

View of Alang's Rawa bungalow

Rava island can only be reached by boat. The closest port on the mainland is the city of Mercing. how to get to Mersing can be found here.

From the port of Mersing, several boats and ferries depart daily to Rava island, but during the low season (from November to March), the number of flights decreases to 1-2 per day. In any case, it is better to take care of booking tickets for the flight in advance or at least find out the schedule so as not to wait long at the pier. You can book tickets on hotel websites. A private shuttle service is also available.

In addition, local travel agencies and hotel websites can purchase a package tour to the island, including transfers, accommodation and meals. But the prices for such tours are not cheap.

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