How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi

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The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and the country's most popular tourist island, Langkawi, are separated by a little more than 400 kilometers in a straight line (Langkawi on the interactive map of Malaysia). This is the most popular route to the island, since most international flights to Malaysia, including from Russia and CIS countries, arrive in Kuala Lumpur, and from there tourists get to Langkawi by plane, train or bus. The most practical way is air travel, since it takes only one hour in time, and the cost competes with moving by bus or train. In addition, to get immediately after arrival from Kuala Lumpur airport, you first have to go to the city center, from where you can already take a bus or train. After that, you will have to cross to Langkawi by ferry. Read more about all the ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi or back below. And here are also articles on ways to get to Langkawi from other places:

By plane

Langkawi Airport

On the island of Langkawi is located Langkawi International Airport, where flights from the capital are operated almost every hour, about an hour on the way. Flights are operated from the main Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA, and from the old Sultan Abdul AzizShah (formerly Subang). It is best to fly from KLIA, as budget airlines are based there, and flights are operated more often. AirAsia, Firefly, Malaysia Airlines, and from the old Malindo Air airport fly. Round-trip ticket prices start at $ 25 when purchased in advance. The average price for a round trip flight is $ 50.

The cheapest flights to Langkawi on arbitrary dates can be viewed and booked here: cheapest flights to Langkawi, and you can find and book flights for the dates you need using the search form:

Check prices for low-cost flights from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi:

Upon arrival at the airport in Langkawi, you will have to take a taxi to the hotel, since public transport on the island is not developed (see more about Langkawi Transport, what to use). Directly at the airport, at the exit from the arrivals hall, there is a taxi service Langkawi (Taxi Service Langkawi). Go to the counter and name the place where you need to get. You will be told the price, and after you pay, you will be given a completed ticket with the car number and destination. When you leave the airport, find a car with this number (this helps to make a special person on the street), sit down and give the ticket to the driver. It should take you right to the door of the hotel. The driver does not need to pay anything.

You can also order a taxi transfer online through the search form, and the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign:

How does the transfer booking works  see more >
Transfer findingFind the route
Online bookingBook your transfer online
Meeting by the driverThe driver meets you at the airport or train station
Tourist transfers

Taxi fare from Langkawi Airport to resorts, for reference:

Direction Tariff in ringgit
Port Langkasuka 12.00
Cenang Beach 20.00
Underwater World 20.00
Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort 20.00
Langkawi Holiday Villa 22.00
Tengah Beach 22.00
G. Quach (Kuah Town) 30.00
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall 30.00
Jetty Point Compleks and Port 30.00
Pantai Kok Beach 30.00
Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort 26.00
Datai Beach 60.00
Datai Golf Club 60.00

By train

There are no trains to Langkawi, but it is possible to get there with a transfer from the train to the ferry. To do this, you must first take a train to the coastal cities of Alor Setar (Kuala Kedah) or Arau (Kuala Perlis), and from there sail to the island by ferry. However, you still have to get to the ferry by taxi or bus. Trains to AlorSetar and Arau run frequently, up to 7 times a day. The journey is 5 hours. The cost per seat starts from 73 ringgit (about $ 17, see currency exchange rate of Malaysia). Trains depart from the main railway station of Kuala Lumpur - KL Sentral. Read more about trains in Malaysia.

It is more convenient and a little more profitable to get through Alor Setar. From there, from the railway station to the ferry pier in Kuala Kedah, you can take a taxi for just 15 ringgit ($4-5). Ferries depart every 30 minutes from 07: 00 to 19: 00; the journey time is 1 hour 45 minutes; the cost in one direction is 23 ringgit.

If you go to Arau, then from the railway station to the pier Kuala Perlis can be reached by taxi for 24 ringgit. Ferries to the island from this Pier also depart every 30 minutes from 07: 00 to 19: 00; The Journey is 1 hour 15 minutes; the cost one way is 18 ringgit.

You can always check the schedule and cost of ferries to Langkawi on the carrier's website -

By bus

Similar to moving by train, from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi you will have to go with a transfer to the ferry through Kuala Perlis, but conveniently, the buses arrive in the city at the bus station within walking distance from the ferry, so you do not have to take a taxi.

Buses from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis depart from TBS bus station. Flights are operated several times a day; the journey is about 7 hours; the cost is from 50 ringgit (about 11 dollars). Further, from the Kuala Perlis Pier, ferries depart every 30 minutes from 07:00 to 19: 00; the journey time is 1 hour and 15 minutes; the cost in one direction is 18 ringgit.

You can find and book a bus or train ticket to Kuala Perlis using the search form:

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By car

If you rent a car to travel around Malaysia, then you can cross to the island on it. To do this, from Kuala Lumpur you need to get to the city of KualaPerlis, from where the ferry LangkawiRoRo departs, carrying cars as well. Goes 1 time a day on a schedule that can be specified on the official website. The cost for a car - from 130 ringgit. You can check the schedule and book on the carrier's website -

Bus and train schedules to Kedah (continue by ferry to Langkawi)

Такси Кедах - Кедах ₽ 1,132–10,179 20 м. – 50 м.
  •   Комфорт 2 чел.
  •   Микроавтобус 6 чел.
  •   Автобус на 35 мест
  •   Комфорт 2 чел.
  •   Микроавтобус 6 чел.
  •   Автобус на 35 мест
Такси Кедах - Лангкави ₽ 1,132–4,524 30 м. – 50 м.
  •   Комфорт 2 чел.
  •   Микроавтобус 6 чел.
  •   Автобус на 35 мест
  •   Эконом
  •   Эконом
  •   Микроавтобус 6 чел.
  •   Автобус на 35 мест
  •   Микроавтобус 9 мест
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