Langkawi cable car and sky bridge

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Suspension bridge

Of course, the cable Car (Cable Car) and the suspension bridge (Sky Bridge) should be included as a mandatory item in your stay on the island, as it is one of the most exciting entertainment and an iconic attraction. The famous suspension bridge can be seen on most guidebook covers of the island as one of its symbols, along with the eagle statue.

To make it immediately clear, we explain that the Sky bridge suspension bridge is located on the top of the mountain, where the cable car leads, and you can only get there by it. Therefore, these two attractions are visited only together, and in no other way, although the bridge is paid additionally.

Closed cableway from the station located at The Oriental village of Langkawi will take you to an altitude of 708 meters and a distance of 2.1 kilometers in 20 minutes. This cable car holds the record of the "steepest" in the world, in the sense that the angle of its ascent is the steepest, is 42 degrees. At the top you will have a breathtaking view from two observation decks (there is also a viewing platform a little lower at the transfer station) of the entire island and Archipelago. In good weather, you can even see the shores of Thailand and, as they say, even Indonesia, which, however, is very doubtful. On the observation deck there is a simple cafe, drinks, toilet.

When you see enough on the observation deck, you can go to the curved suspension bridge Skybridge. There is a road to it, you have to go down the steps a little, but the route is short and accessible to anyone. If you do not want to walk, then for an additional fee (15 ringgit) you can go down and up in the cabin. Entrance to the bridge is paid extra-5 ringgit.

This suspension bridge is an amazing engineering structure. It is located at an altitude of 700 meters, and with a length of 125 meters is suspended by cables on only one support. The bridge also offers spectacular views, but of the jungle and surrounding mountains. The bridge is really in the sky (Sky Bridge-Bridge in the sky or sky bridge), and sometimes hides tourists in the clouds.

Visiting tips:

It is best to visit the bridge and cable car in good weather, otherwise the views will be hidden behind clouds. If you are unlucky, and while you go upstairs, the weather will deteriorate, you can wait a little, as the bad weather on Langkawi quickly gives way to good. Keep in mind that the top is cooler by about 5 degrees. to get on the cable car, you will have to stand a fairly large queue, which is even in the low season. To avoid queues, you need to come here early in the morning to the opening or closer to sunset, after 16 hours, or buy tickets in advance on the official website, choosing a certain time. You can also buy an Express Line ticket, which will give you the right to board without a queue, but it costs twice as much as usual.

🌐 Website:

🕐  Working hours: from 09: 30 to 19: 00. several times a year the cable car is closed for prevention, you can find out about these periods on the official website

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price:

  • Cable car: adults - 30 ringgit / children (2-12 years) - 20
  • Bridge entrance: adult-5 ringgit / child-3

🚶  How to get there: the cable car station is in the Oriental Village (station on the map). The suspension bridge is at the top of Mat Cincang Mountain (Bridge on the map)

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