Trincomalee Beaches

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In Trincomalee, in general, very good and very long beaches. There are several of them here, all extended and publicly available, but very different from each other. There are equipped and with the possibility of staying in a hotel near them, and there are completely wild; there are clean and with clear water, and there are littered and crowded with fishing boats. In total, there are only three beaches in Trincomalee with tourist areas where you can stay in a hotel for a holiday: the city center or the beach in the Dutch Bay; Uppuveli Beach; Nilaveli Beach. For more information about on which beach / area to choose a hotel in Trincomalee, see here, and below on this page you will find an overview of all the beaches in Trincomalee and the surrounding area, including where you can go for a rest during the day, indicating how to get to them and the position on the map:

  • Uppuveli Beach

    Uppuveli Beach formally starts from the center of Trincomalee near the peninsula with Fort Frederick, and stretches continuously for 6 kilometers to the North ((On the map). This is another of the beaches of Trincomalee, where there are hotels and the opportunity to stay on vacation.

    However, it should be clearly understood that the tourist area of Upuveli is not the whole beach, but only a small compact area in the very north, formed by Sarvodaya road and its neighbors. Unfortunately, some travelers do not know this and make the mistake of choosing a hotel in an arbitrary location all along this beach. If you do this, you will end up on a muddy beach crowded with fishing boats, and even in an area of fishing shacks and village houses of poor locals in a Muslim area, for example. In order not to encounter this, you need to settle in the north in the tourist area.

    So, almost the entire Upuveli Beach-dirty and crowded with boats, stretches along a poor fishing village. A really clean and well maintained plot is just to the north in the tourist area of Uppuveli (tourist area of Upuveli on the map). Here the beach is cleaned, the water is also moderately clear. On the shore you can rent umbrellas and sun beds, some hotels provide them free of charge for their guests. There is little entertainment, but you can ride a jet ski, swim on a banana, swim on a boat to the nearest rocks or on an excursion to the Reserve to Pigeon Island for diving or snorkeling. In general, this part of the beach can be quite young: a lot of young people, evening parties and parties, beach bars, the most famous and party of which is Fernando's bar.

    Another more or less clean section of Upuveli Beach is located in the area of the Araliya Beach Resort Hotel, but the area itself is not at all tourist, but a fishing village.

    You can get to Upuveli Beach from Trincomalee bus station by tuk-tuk for 400 rupees, or by local bus to Pullmodai. The bus costs 20 rupees, runs from 04: 30 to 19: 30 every 30-60 minutes. After leaving the bus station, the bus travels through the streets of the city for a bit and then travels along the entire beach on Nilaveli road.

    Uppuveli Beach
  • Nilaveli Beach

    Nilaveli Beach is definitely the best in Trincomalee. It is located in the village of the same name and a tourist area with hotels and other accommodation options 15 kilometers from the city (Nilaveli on the map). The area itself is not as developed and compact as Uppuveli, but the beach here is definitely cleaner and more beautiful. This is the best place to stay in Trincomalee if a beach holiday is the most important thing for you.

    In the village itself, the beach has a length of about one kilometer, but stretches further out in both directions for many kilometers. It is impossible to call Nilaveli beach well-equipped: there are almost no umbrellas and sun loungers, no water activities. But there are several cafes and a diving center offering boat tours to the Pigeon Islands, dolphin watching and more. Along Nilaveli Beach roud street there is a small market of tents with souvenirs and beach goods.

    Getting to Nilaveli Beach is best by tuk-tuk (1000 rupees from the Center, 600 rupees from Uppuveli beach), or rented transport. But you can get there for only 30 rupees by bus to Pulmodai. But he does not call in the village and the tourist zone, and he will have to get off on the main road and walk another kilometer to the beach.

    Nilaveli Beach
  • Dutch Bay Beach

    This is the main city beach of the center of Trincomalee, it is called Public Beach (Dutch Bay Beach on the map). It is unexpectedly clean for the city center, almost 100 meters wide and a kilometer long. Even in spite of the central position, it is completely empty, only on weekly weekends or holidays there are vacationing locals.

    From the infrastructure there are only sun beds and umbrellas in the southern part of the will of the Trinco Beach hotel, and from entertainment they sometimes offer to ride a jet ski. There is no shadow. In the northern part, near Fort Frederick, there is a small pine grove where you can hide in the shade and even have picnics. This stretch of beach is called Koneswaram Beach.

    If you decide to stay in the center of Trincomalee, it is best to be closer to this beach, and ideally in one of the hotels on the first line.

    Dutch Bay
  • Manayahueli Bay Beach

    Manayaweli Bay, aka Sandy Cove Beach or Sany Bay beah is in a fishing Muslim neighborhood in downtown Trincomalee (Manayaueli Beach on the map). Its length is about 300 meters, but almost half, and the cleanest, is occupied by the military, it is impossible to enter it. Located in a cozy Bay, bounded on the edges by rocky headlands, and could be quite a wonderful place for a beach holiday, if it were not crowded with fishing boats and associated garbage. It can not be said that there is a dump, but still it is not the best place for a comfortable beach holiday. There is no infrastructure here. Near the rocks on the edges of the bay you can do a good amateur snorkeling.

    If you decide to visit here, from the center you will have to go around or go around the narrow streets of the hospital, and then along a very narrow street Sany Bay Road you will get to the only exit to the beach.

    Manayahueli Bay
  • Marble beach

    Marble beach is located 20 kilometers south of Trincomalee on the territory of a military base (marble beach on the map). It is available for everyone to visit for a nominal fee of 20 rupees per person + 20 rupees for a motorbike or 50 for a car. You can get to it only by rented transport or taxi, although whether it is worth it is a big question. On the way, you will first need to drive through the checkpoint where the payment is made, then drive a couple of kilometers to a spacious parking lot on a dirt road, and from it directly to the beach on foot 100 meters.

    The length of Marble beach is one kilometer, but most of it is closed, customers of the marble Beach Airforce Resort military Hotel rest there. The sand here is clean, the water too, the swimming areas are fenced with floats. There is a cafe and changing booths, a paid toilet. But there are no sun loungers and umbrellas, you need to come with your rug. Shade can be found under the trees.

    For some reason, among the locals it is considered the best beach, so a huge number of local vacationers and tourists come here for weekends and holidays, and there are almost no foreigners. And this is very bad, because the appearance of foreigners here attracts everyone's attention, and from those who want to get acquainted, talk, take pictures together there will simply be no end. Because of this, the rest here becomes very uncomfortable.

    Marble beach
  • Secret Sweat Bay Beach

    This beach is located, like marble beach, 20 kilometers south of Trincomalee, but is almost unknown among tourists and local vacationers. Getting to it is not easy: you have to go or follow the Navigator first through the village, and then through the forest on a terrible dirt road. You can only ride a motorcycle or bicycle, the car will not pass (Secret Beach Sweat Bay ().

    Thanks to the bad road, the beach is really hidden from the attention of tourists, there is never anyone here, except that sometimes fishermen appear. Therefore, by the way, on the beach there are a couple of dilapidated fishing houses and boats. And most likely it is thanks to the fishermen that the beach is very dirty, a lot of garbage on the sand. But under water the sand is clean, the water is very clear. Of course, there is no infrastructure on the beach and nearby, this is a completely wild place.

    If you do not pay attention to all the garbage around, then in general this is a bad place to be in complete solitude for lovers of sunbathing naked (but watch out for the possible appearance of fishermen), or for "Robinsons" with tents.

    Secret Sweat Bay Beach
  • Northern beaches

    To the north of Trincomalee, after Nilaveli, an endless stretch of sandy beach begins, only interrupted in places by fishing villages or estuaries (northern beaches (). These are absolutely wild and very beautiful places. Only occasionally near fishing villages on the shore there is garbage and boats, mostly they are clean. And if you find a good place, there will be shade under the palm trees.

    To come up with a better place for a secluded holiday away from civilization is simply impossible, the only problem is to get here. You can get there by taking a bus from Trincomalee to Pulmodai (Pulmodai) for only 30 rupees, and get off at any place you like. Almost along the entire route the bus goes along the coast, but still you should not go further than the village of Thiriyai, because there the road goes inland. But it is best to go to the northern beaches by tuk-tuk or rented transport.

    Northern beaches

Trincomalee Beach map

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