Malacca attractions - what to see

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Church of Christ in Malacca

Attractions in Malacca abound. There are a huge number of museums, churches, temples, old houses, fortresses. There are also some entertainment, such as a zoo, a cruise on the river, an observation tower. And the entire historical center of the city was included by UNESCO in the list of world historical heritage in 2008.

In the vicinity of Malacca in the state of Malacca there are many more interesting places, such as a crocodile farm, a tropical fruit farm, hot springs and much more.

The greatest concentration of Malacca's attractions is in its historical center (Chinese District). You can explore everything there on foot, especially if you stay in a hotel in the area. Also a good option is to use the services of bicycle rickshaws, which offer their services and ride tourists along the most interesting route. With their help, you can drive the entire route in one hour (their services cost 40 ringgit per hour), and then on foot you can see what you did not have time for that hour.

Separately, it should be said about the museums of Malacca. There are just an incredible number of museums here. Walking through the historical center you will come across museums at every turn, and all of them are devoted to different topics: the Museum of people, the Museum of Islam, the Museum of stamps, the Army Museum, the Maritime Museum. Everyone can find a museum to their taste here, but below on this page we give a description and location of the most interesting and popular museums. Admission to some museums is free, some for 1 or 2 ringgit, and others for 15.

In general? it takes 2-3 days to get acquainted with the main sights of Malacca. To see everything, including outside the city, it will take at least 5 days.

Temples, mosques, churches

  • St Paul's Church

    St. Paul's Church

    This is one of the oldest churches in Malaysia, but, unfortunately, only ruins remain of it, and now it is a historical monument, and not a functioning church.

    It was originally built in 1521 by the Portuguese. Like most historic buildings in Malacca, the church has changed hands and names several times during its existence, and in the period from 1567 to 1596 it even managed to be a fortress. Its last owners, the British, made a storehouse for gunpowder from the church in 1824.

    Today it is an important historical monument, which is carefully protected. The church is located on the hill of the same name, on the slopes of which you can also see ancient European graves, and in the church itself there are old tombstones from graves that could not be preserved. The climb up the hill is not too laborious, it takes no more than 5 minutes even for the elderly, and it is definitely worth it to climb here. In addition, it offers a beautiful view of the city and even the Strait of Malacca is visible. Learn more about the Church of Saint Paul and photos here...

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: around the clock.

    🚶   How to get there: the church is located on St Paul's Hill in the city center in the historic district, accessible on foot church on the map of Malacca). The ascent to the top begins both from Jalan Kota Street and from the Porta De Santiago gate.

  • Christ Church Melaka

    Church of Christ in Malacca

    Christ Church in Malacca, built in 1753 to commemorate the centenary of the capture of Malacca, is one of the city's most recognizable and photographed sites. It is also the oldest Protestant church in Malaysia.

    Rarely any publication or website about Malacca is complete without a photo of this place. The reason for this popularity is the central location of the church and its spectacular appearance. The building is built of red brick, brought here by ships from Holland. It, along with the former building of the residence of the Dutch governor (Stadthuys) and the city clock (Clock Tower), is located in the heart of the historic district of Malacca.

    Inside the church you can go, if you want to sit on a bench. At the entrance, church paraphernalia and souvenirs with symbols of Malaysia and Malacca are sold, the money from the sale of which goes to the maintenance of the church. There are also several old Dutch graves. Despite the fact that inside at the entrance there are signs asking not to take photos, this warning applies mainly to the place of sale of church goods and souvenirs. Read more about Christ Church in Malacca and photos...

    🕐  Working hours: the church is open to all from 09:00 to 17:00 daily. Services are held at 08: 30( in English), 10: 30, 16: 30 and 17: 00.

    💵  Entrance fee / tickets price: free, donations in the form of buying souvenirs are welcome.

    🚶   How to get there: the church is located in the heart of the historic quarter church on the map) and, along with the Stadthuys building, city clock and Dutch Square, is an important landmark and starting point for many routes. Bus number 17 from Malacca bus station stops here.

  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

    Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

    Among the many other temples in the Yonker Street area, this temple stands out for being credited with being the oldest temple in Malaysia (built in 1645). The temple is large and beautiful, almost always filled with believers and tourists.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free. For 3 ringgit you can hire a guide to the temple.

    🕐 Working hours: during daylight hours.

    🚶   How to get there: the temple is located in the Yonker Street area on the parallel Street Jalan Tukang Emas, 25 temple on the map of Malacca).

  • Kampung Kling Mosque (Masjid Kampung Kling)

    Kampung Kling Mosque

    Passing by this building you will hardly guess that this is a mosque. Meanwhile, the Kampung Kling Mosque is one of the oldest in Malacca. Originally built by Indian Muslims, a wooden mosque was built here in 1748, and in 1872 it was rebuilt from Stone. Perhaps the fact that this is an Indian mosque, influenced its architecture. This place could well be perceived as a temple with a pagoda than a mosque with a minaret, since square-profile minarets are very rare.

    What is good, the mosque is open almost always in the daytime, and anyone can enter it, observing, of course, the norms of decency and rules of behavior in the mosque. You need to be clean, be sure to take off your shoes, do not talk loudly, and do not go where you are not supposed to. During prayers, non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: during daylight hours.

    🚶   How to get there: the mosque is located in Yonker Street on the parallel Street Jalan Tukang Emas, 25 mosque on the map of Malacca).

  • Saint Francis Xavier's church

    Church of St. Francis Xavier / View photos in 3D

    This French church was built in 1856 in honor of the prominent 16th century missionary Saint Francis Xavier. It was built on the site of an old Portuguese church. It is one of the largest and most beautiful churches built by the French in Malaysia.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: the church is open Monday 9: 30-17: 00; Tuesday-Friday 9:00 - 17:30; Saturday 9:00 - 13:00 and 17:30 - 19:00; Sunday 8:00 - 0:30 and 18:30 - 19: 00.

    🚶   How to get there: The Church is located in the historic district on Jalan Laksamana street church on the map of Malacca).

Historical, other

  • Famosa Fortress (Famosa, Porta De Santiago)

    Famosa fortress in 3D / View photos in 3D

    Famosa fortress in Malacca is known by two names-Famosa and Porta De Santiago. This place is considered one of the important attractions of Malacca, although, frankly, many will be disappointed by what they see. Today, from this Portuguese fortress there are only ruins of the gate, and then restored, and a few ancient cannons. However, there are always a lot of tourists near these ruins, so even taking pictures of them without tourists is very difficult. This is not surprising, since these ruins are among the most recognizable in Malacca, a kind of calling card. Read more about the fortress of Famosa and photos here...

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: around the clock.

    🚶   How to get there: the fort is located in the center of the city in the historic district, you can get there on foot Fort on the map).

  • Dutch Sqaure and Queen Victoria fountain

    Dutch Square

    The small Dutch Square is located in the heart of the historic city center. On it are the Church of Christ, the Red building Stadthuys, the clock tower (see below). In the center of the Square is the Queen Victoria fountain.

    It is impossible to miss the Square, since it, along with all the sights on it, is located at the intersection of any hiking routes through the historical center. In the evenings, the Square is very densely filled with tourists who just sit and relax or take pictures at the fountain. Also here in the evenings a lot of souvenir shops open, and constantly scurry strumming music and gaudily decorated bicycle rickshaws.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: around the clock.

    🚶   How to get there: located in the very center Fort on the map). Bus number 17 stops here when driving from the Malacca bus station.

  • Stadthuys building and Museum of history and Ethnography

    Stadthuys building and fountain in 3D / View photos in 3D

    The Stadthuys building is one of Malacca's most notable architectural landmarks. The Red stucco walls of Stadthuys, together with the Church of Christ, the city clock and the Youth Museum building, form Malacca's most recognizable district, practically the heart of the historic district around Dutch Square.

    The building was built in 1660 on the model of another famous city hall building in one of the cities in Holland. The original existed only until 1796, and we can see a copy of it in Malacca today.

    🕐 Working hours: from 9: 00 to 17: 30 on weekdays, from 9:00 to 21: 00 on weekends.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entrance to the Museum of history and Ethnography 5 ringgit adult / 2 ringgit child.

    🚶   How to get there: located in the heart of the historic quarter Stadthuys on the map).

  • Jonker Street

    Yonker Street in the evening

    Yonker Street is Malacca's most popular tourist street. It is part of the historic city center and one of the main streets for hiking trails. It starts from the bridge over the river in the center and stretches for about 500 meters.

    Along the street there are a large number of museums, temples, mosques, other historical places. Most of the buildings along the street are interesting for their architecture. The street is also known for its antique shops, some of which have more than 300 years of history. There are also many cafes and restaurants, there are hotels and hostels. If you manage to stay in a hotel in this part of the city, then consider yourself lucky. Attractions are also located on the streets of Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Jalan Tukang Emas, which run parallel to Jonker.

    Unfortunately, Yonker Street is not yet a pedestrian zone. Cars rush along the street, although it is very narrow and practically without sidewalks, so it is somewhat inconvenient to walk along it. But on Friday and Saturday evenings, part of Yonker Street and parallel streets become pedestrian, as the night market begins to work here. If you get to Malacca on one of these days, then visit Yonker Street in the evening is just a must.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

    🕐 Working hours: around the clock. There is a night market on Friday and Saturday evenings

    🚶   How to get there: Yonker Street starts from the bridge over the river in the center of the historic district Yonker Street on the map of Malacca).

  • District Little India (Little India)

    This area is located north of the historic center and stretches along Jalan Bandahara Street. There are no outstanding historical places here, only the area itself can be interesting. It is very traditional and colorful. Here you can find several Indian temples, look at the daily life of the Indian quarter. In general, nothing special, an ordinary Indian district. Here you can also find several hotels At Reasonable Prices.

  • Hoe Kee Rice Balls Restaurant

    The queue for the restaurant in the early morning

    This place, perhaps, would be more appropriate to refer to the section of restaurants, rather than attractions, but the fact is that for most European tourists this place remains an attraction that they simply photograph and do not go inside. Restaurant Hoe Kee Rice Balls is the most famous dining room in Malacca, where they prepare the local traditional dish Chicken Rice Balls, which is essentially chicken with rice and differs from the usual only in that the rice is served in the form of balls. The place is so popular, especially with local tourists, that every morning there is a huge queue to get to this uncomplicated place. If you decide to join this queue, then you will have to get up early and come here in the morning to take the queue and stand in it for an hour or more. Very much the queue grows closer to noon, and after lunch the institution closes.

    Don't expect the main course here to be anything fancy. In addition, the atmosphere of the institution is far from a restaurant for tourists, but rather a simple cheap eatery for locals. Honestly, in our opinion (the authors of the site), the fame of this restaurant far outstrips its actual value.

    🕐  Working hours: the restaurant opens early in the morning and is open until lunch

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entrance to the restaurant is free, the cost of meals is comparable to the cost of similar dishes in most inexpensive restaurants and cafes in the city (from 10 ringgit per person)

    🚶  How to get there: the restaurant is located next to the bridge at the beginning of Yonker Street restaurant on the map of Malacca)

  • Sultan's Palace (Sultanate Palace Melaka)

    Palace of the Sultan in Malacca

    Palace of one of the famous Malay sultans-Sultan Mansur Shah (Mansur Shah's), who ruled in the XV century. In his time, the palace was destroyed by lightning.

    In order to preserve its cultural identity, it was recreated according to the ancient chronicles of the 16th century and built in 1985. Traditional materials and construction methods were used for its construction. According to local assurances, the palace is made of wood, without the use of nails. The exposition of this house-museum contains several rooms with traditional costumes, weapons, jewelry, household items, musical instruments, paintings and dioramas. The building is surrounded by a small park.

    🕐 Working hours: daily, 09.00-17.30.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-2 ringgit, children-0.5 ringgit.

    🚶   How to get there: east of St. Paul's Hill, Jalan Kota St on the map of Malacca)

Museums Of Malacca

  • Maritime Museum

    Malacca Maritime Museum

    This is one of the most noteworthy museums in Malacca, not only for its content, but, above all, its appearance: one of the buildings of the museum is made in the form of a huge ship – a copy of the existing ship of the XIV century called Flor de la Mar, owned by the Portuguese. On one of its voyages en route to Portugal, the ship sank off the coast of Malacca. According to the surviving descriptions, a copy of the ship was built and opened to the public in 1994 as a museum that tells about the Portuguese period of Malacca.

    The museum is divided into the main one – the ship itself, its decks, holds, the captain's cabin, and a small one-story building next to it (with a separate entrance). In the expositions of the museum complex, models of ships, ancient maps, chests, bronze figures of the crew, paintings with marine subjects, marine fauna and much more are recreated. Read more about the Maritime Museum of Malacca and photos here...

    🕐 Working hours: daily, 09.00-17.00; Friday-Sunday, 09.00-20.30.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-6 ringgit, children (7-12 years old) - 2 ringgit, children under 7 years old-free.

    🚶  How to get there: located a little south of the historic center, can be reached on foot on the map of Malacca)

  • Proclamation of Independence Museum

    Armored vehicle near the museum building in 3D / View photos in 3D

    The museum contains exhibits and information about an important historical stage of Malaysia – the struggle for independence of the state and the period of its receipt. Documents, photographs, weapons, mannequins of political figures and other items are displayed in the halls, armored vehicles are near the building.

    🕐 Working hours: Sunday-Thursday, 09.00-17.00; Friday, 09.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00; Monday, holidays and holidays - closed.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free, photo-prohibited

    🚶  How to get there: the museum is located just a few dozen meters from the famosa fortress on the map of Malacca)

  • Museum Of People (Peoples Museum)

    Museum of people

    The museum contains information about the cultural aspects of the life of different peoples. The emphasis, of course, falls on the inhabitants of Malaysia. Traditional clothes, houses, occupations, ethnic groups inhabiting Malaysia and much more are all exhibited here. The museum occupies 4 floors, the exhibition halls are very spacious and informatively furnished.

    An exhibition of beauty may seem interesting. This exhibition tells about how different peoples and at different times interpreted and interpreted the beauty of man. It is worth saying that this exhibition is not for the faint of heart, since beauty in some peoples is expressed in the form of human injuries.

    On the ground floor there is an exhibition of meteorites, where you can see meteorites from Russia.

    In general, this museum is recommended to visit.

    🕐 Working hours: daily, 09.00-17.30.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-3 ringgit, children (from 6 to 12 years) - 1 ringgit.

    🚶   How to get there: the museum is located in the historical center on Jalan Kota St on the map of Malacca)

  • Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

    A traditional house-museum belonging to a Chinese-Malay family, and introducing the history and culture of the ethnic group. The history of the family begins with the XV century, when their descendant sailed to Malaysia from China for trade and, having married a Malaika, stayed. The House, acquired in the XIX century, exhibits objects and furniture of the Dutch and British period, a lot of antiques, jewelry, traditional clothes, photographs, recreated the interior of the rooms, there is a small garden. Guided tours can be arranged for visitors by appointment.

    🕐 Working hours: Monday-Thursday, 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.30; Friday-Sunday, 09.45-16.30.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-15 ringgit, children-10 ringgit.

    🚶   How to get there: the museum is located in the historic center on Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock St on the map of Malacca)

  • Architectural museum

    This museum clearly demonstrates the architectural trends in the construction of Malay houses and other buildings throughout history and contains models of buildings, tools, materials and mechanisms used in construction.

    🕐 Working hours: Monday-Thursday, 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.30; Friday-Sunday, 09.45-16.30.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-15 ringgit, children-10 ringgit.

    🚶   How to get there: the museum is located in the historical center on Jalan Kota St on the map of Malacca)

Malacca Entertainment

  • Malacca Tower Taming Sari Tower

    Tower Of Malacca

    Menara Melakka or Tming Sari Tower is a lifting observation deck 110 meters high. Unlike most other viewing platforms on the towers, here tourists do not go up by elevator to the site, and the site itself rises from the ground to the top, though only to a height of 80 meters, not 110.

    The main interest for tourists here is to climb and see Malacca from a bird's eye view, which offers a truly stunning view. You can visit the observation deck both in the afternoon and in the evening with the arrival of Dusk. The duration of the attraction is 7 minutes. Also at the foot of the tower, the youngest can ride toy ponies or round spring cars for an additional fee.

    🌐 Website:

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-20 ringgit / children (up to 12 years) - 10 ringgit.

    🕐 Working hours: daily from 10: 00 to 22: 00.

    🚶  How to get there: the tower is within walking distance from the historic city center tower on the map). The tower is visible from almost everywhere, so you can just move in its direction.

  • Melaka Duck tour

    Duck tour Malacca

    Sometimes on the streets of Malacca you can see unusual cars that resemble a bus, a boat. In fact, these are amphibians that I ride tourists on the"Duck Tour". Why it is so called, We do not know, but we know what this tour is. In general, this is a rather interesting entertainment trip, which includes riding around the city, descending and swimming on the water. Children from such tours are simply delighted. Unfortunately, the duck tour does not include trips around the historic district and swimming on the river. Launching and swimming take place on the big water (through the Strait of Malacca).

    🌐 Website:

    🕐  Working hours: tours start according to boat occupancy from 09:00 to 18:00.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: the cost of the tour for adults-45 ringgit, for children-27

    🚶  How to get there: to get on a duck tour, it makes no sense to look for tickets at travel agencies or ask them at hotels. You can safely come to the Office of Duck Tours and right there buy a ticket and go on a trip. The Duck tours office is located next to the Menara Melacca Tower on the map)

  • Melaka River Cruise

    Malacca River Cruise

    This spectacular river cruise takes you down the Malacca River in capacious boats past local attractions: old warehouses, historic buildings, churches, bridges and a traditional Malay village. The undoubted advantage over other attractions is a long departure time (until 23.00), which will allow you to see how the city changes during the day. The journey starts near the Maritime Museum and continues to the Spice Garden and then back, lasting about 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the marina or booked at The Information Center office. There are also group tours (from 600 ringgit). Given that this is a river journey, the possibility of its implementation at times depends on the water level in the river.

    🌐 Website:

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-15 ringgit, children-7 ringgit.

    🕐 Working hours: 9.00 – 23.00

    🚶  How to get there: to get on a duck tour, it makes no sense to look for tickets at travel agencies or ask them at hotels. You can safely come to the Office of Duck Tours and right there buy a ticket and go on a trip. The Duck tours office is located next to the Menara Melacca Tower on the map)

  • Oceanarium (Coral Wonderland Melaka, Melaka Oceanarium)

    Malacca Aquarium <

    Located on the 4th floor of Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall shopping mall in close proximity to numerous museum buildings and expositions centered on Jalan Cota St.

    This aquarium is one of the first parks of its kind in Malaysia with the longest coral aquarium. It contains more than 1000 different specimens and species of sea creatures and corals, and allows you to get to know them better (some representatives of marine fauna can be touched). There are pools with sharks, seahorses, fish, arthropods, corals, etc., you can see the entire life cycle of a frog, participate in quizzes. All aquariums have a detailed description of the creatures contained in them.

    A trip to the aquarium will be interesting primarily for children.

    🕐 Working hours: temporarily closed!

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-40 ringgit, children (from 3 to 12 years) - 30 ringgit, children under 3 years-free. Malacca Tourist Information Centre you can find booklets about the aquarium with a coupon for a 20% discount on tickets.

    🚶   How to get there: Jalan Merdeka St., in the Megamall Building Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall Oceanarium on the map of Malacca)

  • Planetarium (Melaka Planetarium Adventure Science Centre)

    Malacca Planetarium

    Melaka Planetarium is located about 13 km from the historic city center to the Northeast in the center of Melaka International Trade Centre.

    This scientific and educational center introduces its visitors to the fascinating world of space, astronomy. It will allow you to see a model of the Solar System, spacecraft and satellite, as well as learn about advanced technologies in the field of astronautics.

    In the 3D space theater equipped with the latest technology, educational films on scientific topics are shown. Time to visit the 3D Theater: weekdays– 10.00, 11.30, 13.00, 14.30, 16.00, 17.00, weekends– 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00.

    🕐  Working hours: daily, 09.00-18.00

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Adult-10 ringgit, children-8 ringgit, children under 7 years-free.

    🚶   How to get there: Hang Tuah Jaya St., on the territory of Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) Planetarium on the map of Malacca)

  • Ferris wheel (Eye on Melaka or Eye on Malaysia)

    The Malacca Ferris wheel used to be located in Kuala Lumpur but has since been moved to Malacca. Unfortunately, in 2010 it stopped working and was dismantled. However, still many guidebooks and maps indicate this place as one of the attractions. We just make it clear that you are not looking for this landmark: it is no longer in Malacca.

Attractions around Malacca

Around Malacca in the state of the same name there are many interesting natural places and attractions. These are the Hot Springs Gadek Hot Spring and Jasin Hot Spring, a huge Zoo - Zoo & Night Safari and crocodile farm, Botanical Garden – Melaka Botanical Garden and a large amusement park Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, protected areas – Paya Laut Recreational Forest, Sungai Udang Recreational Forest, beaches along the southeast coast-Pengkalan Balak Beach, Tanjung Bidara Beach, Museum of traditions – Museum of Custom and Tradition, Golf Club - Orna Golf. For those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is proposed to live in small villages, participate in the rural life of local communities – Ayer Limau Familia, Seri Tanjung Familia, Tambak Paya Familia, Kampung Pulai Familia, etc.

It is most convenient to visit most of these places with the help of excursions, which can be purchased at the Malacca Information Center (the position of the center is marked on our map of Malacca) or in hotels.

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