How to get to Malacca and city transport

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By plane

Malacca there is a small International Airport Malacca International Airport, but oddly enough, it does not accept local Malay flights. ie you can not fly here either from Penang or Langkawi, and in general, from any other cities in Malaysia. At the time of writing, the airport accepted flights only from Indonesia, as well as private aircraft.

The airport is 10 kilometers from the city center (see the location of the airport on the map of Malacca) and you can reach it by city bus number 65 (from the Malacca Sentral Bus Station). The trip will take just over 20 minutes.

More often, Malacca is reached through Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where most international and local flights arrive.

You can find and book flights to Kuala Lumpur through the search form below, and you can pick up and book The Cheapest Flights for any dates here: cheapest flights to Kuala Lumpur.

Prices for flights from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur:

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Minimum prices for flights from Russia to Kuala Lumpur:

If you arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) or the terminal of budget airlines KLIA2, then it is very convenient to get from there by bus. There are at least five daily flights to 09:00, 11:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 21: 00. Travel time 2 hours 30 minutes. Ticket price: adult-from 21.90 ringgit; children - from 16.50. check the schedule and book tickets online with support in Russian here -

If you can not get on a direct bus, you will have to go through Kuala Lumpur (with a transfer to another bus at the bus station in KL), or take a taxi. For information on how to get to KL, bus stations and companies, see section about Kuala Lumpur.

A taxi ride from the airport to Malacca will cost about RM160. It is better to order an official taxi at the counter at the airport. You will be given a ticket with which you will already go to the taxi rank. To save money, order a budget taxi. Some taxi drivers try to" rip off " gullible passengers double the amount, saying that they will have to go back from Malacca empty. This is a trick of taxi drivers, and nothing more than what you paid for the ticket, you do not have to pay. You can also book a transfer in advance through the search form so that when your flight arrives, your driver is waiting at the airport:

How does the transfer booking works  see more >
Transfer findingFind the route
Online bookingBook your transfer online
Meeting by the driverThe driver meets you at the airport or train station
Tourist transfers

By bus

Malacca station bus

Intercity and international buses depart and arrive in Malacca at the main city bus station Melaka Sentral (Melaka Sentral Bus Station on map). Buses arrive from Kuala Lumpur, KL International Airport and other cities in Malaysia, as well as from Singapore.

The most frequent buses go to Malacca from Kuala Lumpur. The bus to Malacca takes 2-3 hours, the ticket costs from 10 ringgit. Departure is very frequent, approximately every 15 minutes. Departures from Kuala Lumpur are most frequently carried out by from TBS bus station and also from Puduraya. You can check the schedule and book tickets on the website -

Also in Malacca you can easily get by bus from other cities in Malaysia. For example from Penang (from Georgetown)the bus to Malacca departs several times a day, costs 50 ringgit, the journey takes 6-8 hours.

As mentioned above, buses arrive and depart from Melaka Sentral Bus Station. This is a new large bus terminal, which is also the terminus for Malacca City buses. Therefore, to get from here to the city is not difficult. City buses are located on the opposite side of the terminal from the intercity stop. Bus number 17 goes from here to the historical center of the city, and then winds further through the city. Travel to the historical center costs 1.5 ringgit, 20 minutes in time. Payment is made to the driver, you need to call him a place. If you're going downtown, you can name a street or place like "clocktower" and the driver will drop you off in the heart of the historic district.

If you want to take bus number 17 from the city to the bus station, there is one feature: if you take the bus at the same stop where you arrived, it will take you around the city for another hour until it takes you to the bus station. Much faster (in 20 minutes) you can get there if you go through on Jonker street and take there immediately on the return bus number 17 to the bus station. The stop is marked with on the interactive map of Malacca.

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How to get to Malacca by train

There is no railway through Malacca, but the nearest railway station is Tampin, only 30 kilometers away. The station is located in Pulau Sebang (Tampin railway station on the map), and the main branch of the Malaysian railway runs through it, stretching south to Singapore and North to Bangkok.

You can get from the railway station to Malacca by bus or taxi. The cost of a taxi is unreasonably high for such a short route (about MR50), so it is better to use a bus, the fare on which costs a little more than RM4.

You can view the schedule of trains in Malaysia and book a ticket on the website

Transport of the city. What to move on?

Malacca double decker bus

Public transport in the city is not developed, so you will either have to fork out for a taxi, or rent transport, or explore the city on foot. There are several bus routes of the Panorama Melacca system, and sometimes you can use them.

In Malacca, the construction of the monorail was completed in 2010, but due to technical reasons, its opening was postponed indefinitely.

Taxis are very common in the city. It is preferable to use a taxi with a meter, but not all taxis are equipped with it and not all taxi drivers willingly turn it on before a trip.

A great and inexpensive way to get around the city is by bike. It can be rented almost anywhere, and some hotels even offer a bicycle as a free addition to your stay.

Bus routes in the city are not very developed, but they all start from the Melaka Sentral station (Melaka Sentral Bus Station on map). So if you arrive in Malacca by bus, right at the station you can transfer to the city bus and go to the hotel.

There are also Hop-on-hop-off buses in Malacca. They are called Panorama Bas London here, and they say that the buses here are really from London. These are double-decker buses that run along a certain route with a 10-minute interval, making stops at the locations of attractions. Using only these buses you can explore all the sights of the city. The cost of tickets for one day is RM5 or RM2 depending on the type of bus. More information here -

Malacca cycle rickshaw

A special type of tourist transport in Malacca is bicycle rickshaws. In general, bicycle rickshaws can be found in Malaysia almost everywhere, but such as here – nowhere. Drivers of these units in Malacca garishly decorate them with colorful ribbons, fringe, hung with LED flashlights, speakers and so on. In general, they do a real "pumping", so that bicycle rickshaws at night look like a UFO strumming music, and not a bicycle. Anyway, this is one of the most interesting and pleasant ways to see the city, especially its historical center.

For long-distance travel around the city, bicycle rickshaws are not very suitable, but for a trip along a tourist route or romantic walks (bicycle rickshaws can easily accommodate two people) you can not think of anything better. The largest concentration of bicycle rickshaws is observed in the center of the historic district. From them there is simply no passage, so you do not have to look for them for a long time.

The cost of bicycle rickshaw rides is fixed throughout the city and does not bargain. A walk of one hour costs 40 ringgit, half an hour – 20.

Also an excellent option for a trip to Malacca will be to rent a transport. Driving in Malaysia requires an international driving licence (IDP). These are such rights, made in the form of a booklet in several languages, which are issued in addition to the usual national rights. They are only valid when presented in conjunction with your National (Home) rights, so do not forget to also take them with you on a trip to Malaysia. To obtain an MBA, you do not need to take any exams, you only need to pay a fee of 1600 rubles. It is most profitable to do this on the website of the state service.RF, there the cost will be 1120 rubles.

In Malacca itself, finding a car in arenau is not easy, there are few rental offices. But you can take a car at the airport of Kuala Lumpur or in the KL itself, and come to Malacca on your own. It is best to search and book a car for rent over the Internet using the search form and price comparison from different rental companies:

Найти автомобиль в аренду в Куала-Лумпуре

Bus and train schedules to Malacca

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