Blue Lake

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Blue Lake in the Samara region - a unique natural formation, a natural monument of regional significance. Usually tourists do not go here on purpose, since it is far from Samara, and you need to get there by your own transport, or by intercity bus, and then walk a lot. But if you drive along the M5 Samar-Chelyabinsk highway through the Sergievsky District of the Samara region, you should definitely visit this place.

Blue lake is small-its diameter is about 50 meters, and the maximum depth is 28 meters. In the walls of the funnel of the lake there are passages leading even further inland. It is through these passages that hydrogen sulfide water comes from the depths of the Earth, giving the lake an unusual emerald-blue hue and an unpleasant smell of rotten eggs. At the same time, it is very transparent, and in sunny weather you can see the bottom. The water has a constant temperature all year round, about 8℃, and does not freeze even in winter. Another feature of the lake is the almost complete absence of life in it, which is why sometimes the locals call it "dead lake", but they believe that if you swim in the healing waters, you can cure all diseases.

Blue Lake

Nearby there are two more small Sulfur Springs: Lake Black is larger than blue, and a very tiny sulfur lake. You can swim in the lakes, but drinking water or using it for treatment is not recommended. On the Blue Lake there is a convenient entrance for swimming, but remember that the water is very cold. Usually here they just dip in for a few seconds, and immediately get out. Water from the lakes flows into the Shungut River. If you walk along the river towards the village of Staroe Yakushino, you can see two small waterfalls. If you want to have a picnic here and swim in warm water, just a few dozen meters away is an ordinary lake with a beach, which warms up very well on summer days.

On the way to the lake you can see another natural attraction – Mount Shishka (it is also high or Sul-Tu). Just do not confuse it with another mountain Shishka in Samara Luka National Park. It is also a natural monument of regional importance. It is small in height, but is notable for the fact that it does not grow any vegetation except grass, and in the summer months it looks like a beautiful green carpet. The thing is that the base of the mountain is an erosive limestone remnant from a higher mountain that once existed here.

🕐 Working hours: around the clock, it is better to visit during the day, in good sunny weather

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

🚶  How to get there the lake is located in the Sergievsky District of the Samara region, one and a half kilometers from the village of Staroe Yakushkino, and 120 kilometers from Samara (Lake on the map. An asphalt road leads to the village, and then one and a half kilometers along the dirt road by car or on foot. In summer, any car will pass here without problems, in winter it is problematic to drive a car. You can get there by public transport. To do this, you need to sit at the bus station, Samara region on intercity buses to Kamyshly, Klyavlino, Isakly or Leninogorsk, get off at the turn to Staroe Yakushino, and then on foot or by hitchhiking to the village and lakes 9 kilometers.

Mount Shishka is on the other side of the village and can also be reached on foot or by car via a dirt road (mountain on map).

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Blue Lake Panorama

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