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General information about Tangalle

Пляж Тангалле The Tangalle Beach

Tangalle (also Tangalle, Tangalle) is one of the largest cities in the South of Sri Lanka on the Indian ocean, a popular beach resort (Tangalle on the map of Sri Lanka). Sometimes to Tangalle, the suburbs or the beaches, will include the nearby town of Dickwella, Kudawella beach (Kudawella) and others.

Tangala is one of the most beautiful beach locations in the South, with the resort though well known, is never overrun with tourists. The beaches here are very beautiful and very desolate, and sometimes you might think that on a long coast anyone except you. But this is one of the most unfortunate of places for swimming because of the constant big waves is perhaps the most undulating in the South. This is just the perfect place for those who want only to enjoy the ocean and doing nothing, but active people here may seem very boring.

Conventional urban infrastructure Tangalle well-developed. There are Internet cafes and ATMs, several banks where you can exchange money. Official exchange offices (they usually have a higher rate than the banks) us Tangale was. Shopping here is no, but to buy the most necessary and simple gifts can be in the supermarket, in one of the many stalls or markets. There is even a electronics store in the city center near the clock tower.

Тангалле In the coastal area of Tangalle quietly like in the village

While purely tourist infrastructure is poorly developed. Hotels abound here, but that's a separate tourist area there. Restaurants and cafes for tourists a bit (mostly in hotels). Cheaper to eat in a cafe for locals, but will have to spend time to find places with good quality food and service. Travel agencies on the street a little, just a unit, so for travelers, tourists most often seek help from the hotel staff. The services of guides through hotels often represent just the tuk tuk driver who knows the way to interesting places and is able to link a few words in English.

Entertainment apart from the beaches there are almost no. You can go diving or Snorkelling, but the conditions for standing waves is not the best. Also popular pastimes are boating on the canals or in the lagoon. Another entertainment in Tangalle is turtle-watching, because here is one of the few places in Sri Lanka where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. You can see this on the Rekawa beach (Rekawa beach) a few miles East from the centre of Tangalle. Watch the turtles need in the evening or at night, in the dark. That's when they come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand. You can even buy special night tours from 1000 rupees (see the rupiah), and, if not lucky to see turtles, the money is returned.

Attractions in Tangalle virtually no. Here you can see except that some old buildings in European style, built by the Dutch (this is the courthouse, old hotel, the residence of the magistrate, an old Fort, now a prison). Of the natural attractions here you can see the Rekawa Lagoon (Rekawa Lagoon), where you can go for a walk on the boat, and several small but beautiful lagoons.

Outside Tangalle visit Yala national Park, Adavale and other cave temple, Mulkirigala, Madunagala hot springs and other places in the South. By bus you can go to Galle or Matara and see the sights. Also on the bus to Dikvella and visit the interesting temple Wewrukannala Raja Maha Viharaya.

The Beaches Of Tangalle

Пляж Тангалле In Tangalle almost always wave

As we already mentioned, the beaches of Tangalle are among the most beautiful in the South, very long and deserted. Despite the fact that the beaches are one of the largest cities in the South, being on the shore don't even think you're in the city, but rather in the village. And it is impossible once again not to mention that the bottom of the failed bathing places because of the constant waves, even in high season. If you are essentially swimming in the calm waters, it is better to look for a more sheltered from the waves, like the beach of Mirissa, Dikwellaor Unawatuna.

In Tangalle has several beaches (see map below). The main beach, the closest to the center - Medicate (Medaketiya). It is concentrated the largest number of hotels and guesthouses, less developed infrastructure and proximity to the city centre. Further to the northeast, interrupting the sandy line, begins the beach, medilla (Medilla). He's even more wild and quiet and more beautiful. Both beach plus the Rekawa beach stretching for almost 6 kilometres.

A couple of kilometres from the city centre to the West is the beach of Goyambokka (Take), and a little further on the beach Paricatuba (Pallikaduwa). It is also a peaceful place, but with expensive hotels, offering a whole vacation on-site.

In the heart of the city there is no beach, the shore is busy with fishing piers.

Hotels In Tangalle

Отели в Тангалле Hotels in Tangalle

Hotels in Tangalle abound. Most of them located in a quiet coastal area, where you do not get the noise and bustle of the city centre and the main road Tangalle Road (Matara Road). The room rate at the hotel for two starts from $ 15 without air conditioning, from $ 20 with air conditioning. You can find cheaper accommodation in the form of a Guesthouse or rooms in the homes of local residents (from 1500 rupees in the bargain). The bulk of the budget hotels are concentrated on the beach Medicate (Medaketiya).

Find and book accommodation in Tangalle can on these sites or via the search form. All sites have Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, numerous real guests reviews. And in Agoda and Booking are bonus system:

The hotels and the beaches of Tangalle on the map

Tangalle map hotels on the entire screen.

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Weather in Tangalle, seasons, when to go

In Tangalle, you can relax all year round. With rare exceptions, there is almost always Sunny and always hot. However, in the low season for fans to make big waves pose serious challenges.

High season runs from November to April. At this time, the low rainfall and the calm sea, even though at this time there.

Low season is from may to October. At this time, though, and you can relax and sunbathe, swim in the sea because of the waves can be very difficult and even dangerous.

The tourist seasons in Tangalle months*

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Tangalle and forecast

  • 09 Oct
    RH. 82%
  • 09 Oct
    RH. 83%
  • 09 Oct
    RH. 91%
  • 10 Oct
    RH. 71%
  • 10 Oct
    RH. 86%
  • Oct 11
    RH. 89%
  • Oct 11
    RH. 78%
  • Oct 11
    RH. 86%
  • 12 Oct
    RH. 72%
  • 12 Oct
    RH. 78%
  • 12 Oct
    RH. 89%
  • 13 Oct
    RH. 59%

* forecast is based on the local time. Data received If the dates are outdated, please refresh the page using F5+Ctrl.

How to get to Tangalle

Usually arrive in Tangalle via the Colombo international airport, which is located about 220 kilometers from the resort. But in recent years, there is another possibility – Mattala international airport (Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, Hambantota International Airport also). So far it performs domestic flights by local airlines from Colomboand internationally from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. But to get to the resort from here it is possible only by taxi, no public transport there.

If you arrive in international airport Colombo, Bandaranaike, there best be reached by taxi. The trip will cost $ 140 and will take almost 3 hours.

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

If you have the time and desire to save money, you can get to from the airport and much cheaper, but will have to spend almost a whole day travelling by bus or train instead.

In General, the trip would look like this:

By bus: from the airport need to get to the bus station Colombo (by taxi or bus No. 187 (details how to get from the airport to Colombo here), then transfer to a direct bus to Tangalle (actually it's a bus to Kataragama, on the road 6 hours and cost 300 rupees). But this bus only runs 1 time per hour, so you can take the bus to Galle or Matara and from there catch a bus to Tangalle. With all these transplants bus change occurs at bus stations, so getting lost is difficult. To locate the bus stations, you should seek help to drivers or local residents.

However, one should take care not to run into all sorts of rogues, who bred tourists at the stations. So, in Matara has a whole gang of tuk-tuks that tell tourists that there is a special Express bus to Tangalle, which is much faster but not recovering from the station. And while the hapless tourist would expect that a non-existent bus, it throw an expensive trip to Tangalle by tuk tuk and offer a "good hotel brother."

By train: From the airport take the train to the railway station in Colombo by taxi or again bus No. 187, and then buy tickets for the next train to Matara. We recommend you to buy tickets not the cheapest 3rd class, and at least a second, because trains are sometimes Packed, and do a four-hour trip to the local third grade – extreme one. The third class ticket worth 130 rupees, second 230, the first 420. Train to Matara is not less than seven daily, the schedule can be found on the website:

On arrival to Matara from the railway station you can walk to the bus station, and there take already on a bus to Tangalle, or take a tuk-tuk for about RS 1000 and one hour.

Transportation in Tangalle

Public transport, except buses on the main road Matara Road, not here. You can move by foot or by tuk-tuk. On arrival at the main bus station in the centre of the main beach Medicate is quite possible on foot, but before midilli foot will already be far away, have to take a tuk-tuk.

Rent motorbikes here are not common, just outside rental offices't be found, but some of the hotels offer rental. Cost about $ 10 per day.

Find car rental in Sri Lanka

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