Cebu Island attractions - what to see

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Attractions and entertainment on the island of Cebu are not many, and it is especially bad that they are all scattered at a considerable distance from each other over the vast territory of the island. Even in the capital of the island and province, Cebu City, there is not much to see, only a few historical sites and temples, nothing particularly remarkable.

However, there is one attraction for which tourists and travelers from all over the world are eager to get here. We are talking about the village of Tan Awan (Tan Awan) near the city of Oslob, known as the only place in the world where you can see whale sharks with a 100 percent probability in conditionally natural conditions. Whale sharks are visited independently or as a guided tour from Cebu City, Mactan, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bohol island and even from other more distant resorts in the Philippines. In addition, Cebu has several beautiful waterfalls, beautiful peaks with viewing platforms, there are hot springs.

The main tourist attractions in Cebu are snorkeling and diving. That's really what is in abundance here, so it's rich underwater life diving spots and places for snorkeling, where you can see myriads of colored fish, starfish, corals, sea turtles, schools of sardines, and of course the mentioned whale sharks. The best places for diving and snorkeling are Moalboal Resort, Mactan Island, Malapascua Island. Snorkeling in these places can be done on your own right by the shore, diving centers offer diving. And if you do not have a certificate, then on the island of Mactan you can study and get it for only $ 250, and this is one of the lowest tuition prices in the world.

You can get acquainted with the sights of Cebu island yourself. The cheapest and most convenient way to do this is by renting a low-power scooter (Motobike), which will cost from 250 pesos/day. To manage, you do not even need international rights, in the Philippines, National Military Vehicles of other countries are accepted, including Russian ones, but the presence of Category "A" is mandatory, otherwise there may be problems with the police. Read more about all the questions about renting transport in the Philippines Here...

If renting is not suitable for you, then in the popular resorts of Moalboal, Mactan and Cebu City, travel agencies and hotels offer individual and group tours. You can also pick up and book them in advance online, which sometimes comes out even cheaper. See the options for excursions on the island of Cebu, their description and reviews, and if you wish, you can book on these sites:

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Cebu attractions on the map

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, Organic Maps and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

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And here is a list and description of the most significant attractions of the island of Cebu, indicating the opening hours, cost, and ways to get to them:

Cebu City attractions / Cebu City

Cathedral Of Santo Nino

In Cebu City, there are very few attractions, all of them can be seen in one day. But in fact, this is the only place on the whole island where there are at least some historical sites. This is an old fort, several churches, the Cross of Magellan, and a couple of museums. Almost all of them are concentrated in the historical district of the city near the Seaport, you can even walk around them all by getting to this area. In addition to sightseeing in Cebu City, you can buy one-or multi - day excursions to other attractions on the island. Learn more about Cebu City attractions here...

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

This is the most famous and beautiful waterfall on the island of Cebu, and one of the must-see places to visit, especially if you will be vacationing in the resort of Moalboal. From the city of Cebu and from the island of Mactan it is also visited, but it is quite far to go, so it is usually included in the program of complex excursions with canyoning along the riverbed, or combined with a trip to the whale sharks in Oslob. It consists of many rapids that stretch along the riverbed, but the most visited and equipped are two with a height of 40 and 20 meters. At their foot there are large natural swimming pools, and around them is a tourist complex with a restaurant, picnic areas, and even a hotel with separate houses. Learn more about Kawasan Falls and how to get there here...

🕐 Working hours: from 08:00 to 17:00, It is better to visit in the morning on weekdays, because on weekends and in the afternoon a lot of tourists and locals come to rest.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Entry 45 pesos (0.78 USD), rent a life jacket for swimming-50, riding on a bamboo raft-300 (5.18 USD), rent a gazebo with a table-500 (8.64 USD), canyoning from 1500 (25.91 USD).

🚶 How to get there: located in the southern part of Cebu island, 120 kilometers from Cebu and 25 from Moalboal (waterfall on the map). It is best to get here from Moalboal on a rented motorbike or with a tour, but you can get there yourself by bus. For details on how to get there, see the full description at the link above.

Kawasan waterfall canyoning / Kawasan Canyoning

Kawasan canyoning

This is one of the most popular active activities on the island of Cebu, not counting, of course, all sorts of underwater adventures. Canyoning is the passage of a riverbed, usually rocky and with waterfalls, to make it more interesting. You will have to overcome small rapids of waterfalls and water slides, ascents and descents along stone walls on a rope, and even jump from a height of almost 10 meters. In general, the action is breathtaking and very interesting, especially if you consider that it will take place in the rainforest.

Canyoning takes place only under the supervision of instructors, you can not independently pass the route. Learn more about canyoning here...

🕐 Working hours: usually starts in the morning at 8-9 O'clock, but at your request can be held individually and later.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: depending on the place of purchase, the price of the excursion starts from 1500 pesos (25.91 USD, see currency and money of the Philippines).

🚶 How to get there: canyoning is carried out in the bed of the Matutinao River, on which the Kawasan waterfall is located. The start of the route is a little higher up the river (start on the map) and end at the waterfall. The easiest way to get here is with an excursion from Moalboal, Cebu City, Mactan Island, they are offered in all travel agencies and hotels. The cost is from 2,500 pesos from Moalboal, and 3,500 from Cebu City and Mactan Island. But you can get to the starting point yourself, and buy a tour on the spot for 1500 pesos, so it will be cheaper. On how to get there, see the link to the full description.

Osmena peak or mount Labalasan

View from Osmen peak

This is the highest mountain of the island of Cebu, its height is 1013 meters. In clear weather, the summit offers stunning views of the East and West Coast, the resort of Moalboal, and the beautiful green hills in the surrounding area. You can go up at any time of the day, but it is best to meet the dawn here. True, for this you will have to rise very early, and go here on your own on your own transport, there are no excursions with a meeting of the dawn. And some tourists even arrange an overnight stay in a tent on the camping site in order to meet the sun early in the morning. The Ascent is very simple, almost to the top there is an asphalt road. Learn more about Osmena peak here...

🕐 Working hours: around the clock.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entry 30 pesos (0.52 USD).

🚶 How to get there: Osmen peak is located in the southern part of Cebu island, 100 kilometers from Cebu and 35 from Moalboal (Osmen peak on the map). Almost to the very top there is a good asphalt road, and only the last 600 meters and 100 meters in height pass along the trail. At the beginning of the trail there is a checkpoint where the entrance is paid. You can get directly to the checkpoint only with an excursion, by rented transport or by bus with a taxi transfer. Peak excursions are offered in Moalboal and Cebu City, and usually include a visit to Kawasan Falls.

Whale sharks in Oslob / Oslob

Whale sharks

Oslob is a small town known throughout the world as one of the places where you can watch and even swim with whale sharks in their natural environment. To see them, you will need to buy a tour at The Briefing Centre on the shore in the village, this is something like a travel agency. Also, ready-made tours with delivery to Oslob are offered at the resorts of Moalboal, in Cebu, Mactan Island, from Dumaguete, Panglao Islands and Bohol. There are options with whale watching from a boat, snorkeling, and diving. The tour lasts 30 minutes. Learn more about whale shark watching in Oslob here...

🕐 Working hours: from 06:00 to 12:00.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: when buying a shark tour on site in Oslob, the cost is 500 pesos per observation from the boat (8.64 USD), 1000 for swimming in a mask and with a tube (17.28 USD), 1500 for diving (25.91 USD).

🚶 How to get there: the place of swimming with sharks is located in the village of Tan Awan (Tan Awan) in Oslob in the south of the island, 130 kilometers from Cebu (Oslob and swimming with sharks on the map). Most often Oslob is visited during the day without stopping for the night, because there is nothing to do there, but you can book a hotel there and spend the night to swim with sharks early in the morning before the arrival of large groups of tourists.

Getting to Oslob is easiest with sightseeing tours that are offered in Cebu and Mactan Island, in Moalboal, on Panglao Island and Bohol, in Dumaguete on Negros Island. For more information on how to get to Oslob yourself, see the link to the full description.

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Waterfall

This waterfall is considered the most beautiful in Cebu, and perhaps it really is. Several streams of water break down the vertical multi-level wall, separating and merging again into single streams along the way from above, forming an amazing natural picture. Even in the dry season, when water is scarce, it is beautiful and one of the few worth visiting on the island. At the foot there is a swimming pool where you can swim, and around the gazebo for relaxation, cafes, souvenir shops. Interestingly, Tumalog was opened only in 2012. Learn more about Tumalog Falls here...

🕐 Working hours: from 08:00 to 17:00, It is best to visit during the wet season from June to January.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entry 20 pesos (0.35 USD).

🚶 How to get there: located in the southern part of the island near the city of Oslob, so its visit is best combined with swimming with sharks in Oslob (waterfall on the map). If you stay in Oslob, you can get to it on a rented motorbike (rent from 300 pesos/day). Go from the place of swimming with sharks only 5 kilometers, from the center of Oslob - 15. You can also use a motorcycle taxi for 100 pesos one way, but you need to bargain up to this price.

Inambakan Falls


This is a real gem among all the waterfalls of Cebu. Unlike the popular Kawasan, always crowded with vacationers and tourists, Inambakan is almost always deserted, because it is still little known, besides it is difficult to get to it. But if you are staying in Moalboal, and you have a rented motorbike, then be sure to visit it. It consists of four large levels, and several small rapids and water slides between them. There are natural swimming pools, and at the topmost threshold you can jump into the water. Learn more about inambakan falls here...

🕐 Working hours: from 08:00 to 17:00.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entry 50 pesos (0.86 USD), parking-15 pesos (0.26 USD), guide (optional) - 50-100 pesos.

🚶 How to get there: located in the south of Cebu island, 52 kilometers from Moalboal, from where it is best to visit (waterfall on the map). You can get there only by taxi or mototaxi, rented transport, there is a good asphalt road. There are pointers along the way, but it's better to use the Navigator.

Montpeller Falls


Montpeller Falls-a very high single-stage waterfall with a pool at the foot. You can swim in the pool, but it is not equipped, so you have to swim at your own risk. Especially to this waterfall you should not go, but it is on the way to Osmen peak, so you can stop by. Learn more about Montpeller falls here...

🕐 Working hours: around the clock, during the day.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free.

🚶 How to get there: located 35 kilometers south of Moalboal, you can only get there by taxi or rented transport (waterfall on the map).

Cambais Falls


It is a double waterfall from a single rapid with a swimming and diving pool. It is equipped with paths and stairs, a gazebo, an official fee is charged. This place is not very popular, if you compare it with Kawasan, for example. But if you have your own transport and you are going towards Osmen Peak, be sure to look here, it looks very nice. If you wish, you can have a picnic and swim. Learn more about Cambais falls here...

🕐 Working hours: from 08:00 to 17:00.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 50 pesos (0.86 USD, see Philippine currency and exchange rate).

🚶 How to get there: located 30 kilometers south of Moalboal, you can only get there by taxi or rented transport (waterfall on the map).

Hot Springs Mainit / Mainit hot spring

Natural hot springs where you can swim. As of early 2021, they were closed, and there is no information about the resumption of work.

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