Bohol Island, Philippines

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General information

Bohol Island (Bohol Island, Bohol) is an island and province of the same name in the central part of the Philippines in the Central Visayas region, aka Region VII (Bohol Island on the map of the Philippines). It is the most popular tourist island in this region, and yes, it is more popular than Cebu island. They go to Bohol for an excellent beach holiday, a developed tourist infrastructure, and, of course, in order to see with their own eyes the main business card of the Philippines – The Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

However, it is worth noting one objective thing: the island of Bohol itself is not very touristy, and there are few beaches on it. Therefore, most tourists stop for rest not on Bohol itself, but on the small island of Panglao, which is located off its southern coast, and is connected to it by two automobile bridges. It is on it that the most popular resort in all of Central Visayas is located – Alona Beach.

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Resorts in Bohol

The following resorts and cities are located on the island of Bohol:

  • Panglao Island (Panglao Island on the map). It is a small island connected to Bohol by bridges. Here are the main beaches and resorts of Bohol, including the famous Alona Beach.
  • Alona Beach (Alona on the map). This is one of the best beaches and resorts in Central Visayas, and definitely the best in Panglao and Bohol. It is here that most tourists and vacationers go.
  • Tagbilaran / Tagbilaran city (Tagbilaran on the map). It is the largest city and capital of the island. There are many hotels, a seaport, a developed infrastructure. But tourists by and large have nothing to do here: there are no beaches, no iconic sights. But Tagbilaran is convenient to use as a stopping place before/after departure by ferry or bus to other parts of the island. Bohol, or as a base for exploring the southern part of the island on local or rented transport. In the city, you can easily find rental motorcycles immediately upon arrival at and near the pier.
  • Anda (Anda on the map) a relatively new developing resort with the best beaches in Bohol (but not in Panglao). It is still very poorly developed, suitable for lovers of peace and quiet beach holidays.
  • cabilao island (Kabilao Island on the map). A small island, only 5 kilometers across. First of all, this is a place for lovers of diving and snorkeling, but it is also suitable just for a beach holiday, there are several resorts of the average price category. But keep in mind that the situation here is very calm, a real wilderness.
  • balikasag island (balikasag Island on the map). A tiny island, and at the same time a marine reserve. It is located 6 kilometers from the southern coast of Panglao Island. It is visited in the form of a day excursion for diving and snorkeling. You can see soft and hard corals, sea turtles, Barracudas, sponges and a myriad of colored fish. Also here you can stay in the only hotel Balicasag Island Dive Resort.
  • Pamilacan Island (Pamilakan Island on the map). Another tiny island, just over a kilometer across. There are several hotels, beautiful sandy beaches, but most of all it is interesting as a habitat for dolphins and whales. To see them, it is not necessary to settle on the island, you can do a day tour from Alona Beach in Panglao or from the city of Baclayon (Baclayon) in Bohol.
  • Baclayon town / Baclayon (Baklayon on the map). The town on the southern shore of the island is only 6 kilometers from Tagbilaran. There are several hotels, a beach, a marina to Pamilakan Island and a couple of attractions (18th century church and Museum). The only reason to stay here is to go to the island of Pamilakan, although you can just as well get from other resorts in Bohol. The resort has a good website with information on how to get there and so on, you can also book tours to Pamilakan Island -
  • Jagna / Jagna (Jagna on the map). A small town on the Eastern Shore. For tourists, almost nothing is interesting except that there is a pier connecting Bohol by ferry with the islands of Camiguin (Camiguin) and Mindanao (Mindanao). There are some easy accommodation options in the city.
  • Talibon (Talibon on the map). The city is in the North. It is unremarkable for tourists and serves only as a transshipment point, since there is a seaport here. It is convenient to arrive here from Cebu City, if you plan to continue your trip to the center of the island in Danao (Danao), to the beach resort of Anda (Anda), or to the Chocolate Hills in the city of Carmen (Carmen) bypassing Tagbilaran.

Beaches in Bohol

Bohol is a Big Island, but there are not as many beaches on it as many tourists and travelers expect to see. Most of the coast of the island is rocky, and even very prone to low tide. Objectively, there are very few good places for swimming, as well as developed resorts with infrastructure.

In the Russian travel blogger space, there is a misconception that the tides depend on the time of day. In fact, this is not so, and it is never possible to say unequivocally, for example, that at a particular resort there are tides in the morning and ebbs in the evenings. To determine the level of tides on Bohol, special calculation algorithms based on statistical data are used.

График приливов и отливов на острове Бохол (Бохоль)
00:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0018/02/2024 / вс19/02/2024 / пн20/02/2024 / вт21/02/2024 / ср22/02/2024 / чт23/02/2024 / пт24/02/2024 / сб0.86 м. / 2.8 ft.-0.76 м. / -2.5 ft.
График приливов и отливов на острове Бохол (Бохоль) подробно ⧉

The best and most popular beaches of Bohol are actually not on its coast, but on the island of Panglao, which is the main tourist center of the province of Bohol, and is connected to the Big Island by two bridges. It is on Panglao that the most popular and developed tourist resort is located-Alona Beach, and if you are first on the island and are not specifically looking for places away from the trampled tourist trails, then it is best to choose Alona as a holiday destination. But if you are looking for something special, then there are such beaches and resorts. Read review of beaches in Bohol here...

Usually the coast on Bohol looks like this
And so on Alona Beach

Wherever you decide to stay in Bohol, you can book hotels or apartments on these trusted sites:

Map of Bohol with beaches, hotels, attractions, transport

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, Organic Maps and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

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Bohol weather, tourist seasons

Bohol Island is a year-round resort, it is always warm here. Seasons here are determined not by temperature, but by monsoon and rainy periods, which is why it is customary to allocate two or even three seasons. But since the weather in these periods differs slightly, for recreation on the island it is enough to know only the period of low and high seasons.

  • The high tourist season runs from November to May. This is the driest time of the year, there is little precipitation, plenty of sun, and not too hot temperatures within 28°C. Especially good are the months from January to May, precipitation at this time is minimal. This season, the maximum number of tourists comes to Bohol, accommodation prices are rising.
  • The low tourist season runs from June to October. It is considered a wet season with increased rainfall and very uncomfortably hot temperatures reaching a maximum of 40°C. But this is not a reason not to go to Bohol. Relax at this time can be great, the rains are actually very short.

The best time to observe Dolphins and whales is from March to June.

Seasons on the island of Bohol by month, when it is better to go

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov. Dec

* best time to visit;
acceptable time to visit;
not recommended time to visit

Средняя температура Bohol по месяцам
янв фев мар апр май июн июл авг сен окт ноя дек 26.9° 27.1° 27.8° 28.4° 29.2° 28.8° 28.3° 28.6° 28.5° 28.3° 28° 27.6°
Осадки Bohol по месяцам
янв фев мар апр май июн июл авг сен окт ноя дек 141мм 97.3мм 113.3мм 79мм 85.3мм 153.5мм 147.7мм 121.1мм 116.7мм 175мм 176.2мм 171.7мм

Current weather on Bohol (Tagbilaran) and forecast

How to get there

Landing on Panglao Island

Since 2018, Bohol can be reached by plane through the new Panglao International Airport, which is located on the island of Bohol. The old Tagbilaran Airport is no longer operational, all flights have been transferred to the new one. So far, the only international flight to the new airport is from Seoul, but there are many flights from other cities in the Philippines, in particular many from Manila and Cebu. From Russia and other CIS countries, international flights with a transfer here are not yet performed, so you need to buy a ticket separately to Manila or Cebu, and then domestic flights to Panglao.

Cheap flights from Moscow to Cebu:

Купить от 81009 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 28.02.2024 28.03.2024
Купить от 54643 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 15.03.2024 10.04.2024
Купить от 50392 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 05.04.2024 20.04.2024
Купить от 50340 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 13.05.2024 08.06.2024
Купить от 51043 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 03.06.2024 09.06.2024
Купить от 76664 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 28.07.2024 19.08.2024

Minimum prices for flights from Russia to Tagbilaran:

Купить от 80352 ₽ Москва ⇄ Тагбиларан 2
Купить от 88598 ₽ Санкт-Петербург ⇄ Тагбиларан 3
Купить от 121164 ₽ Екатеринбург ⇄ Тагбиларан 4
Купить от 71270 ₽ Владивосток ⇄ Тагбиларан 3
Купить от 74186 ₽ Иркутск ⇄ Тагбиларан 3
Купить от 115771 ₽ Самара ⇄ Тагбиларан 5
Купить от 93074 ₽ Новосибирск ⇄ Тагбиларан 4

Another way to get to Bohol is by ferry. Bohol has several marinas connected by a regular ferry service to Cebu, Mactan, Dumaguete, Siquijor Island, Mindanao Island, Camiguin Island.

Learn more about all the ways, how to get to Bohol, and how to navigate around the island here...


Bohol jeepney

You can move around the island on intercity buses, jeepneys or tricycles, car taxis, rented transport.

Jeepneys ply the cities and suburbs, and are mainly concentrated in the city of Tagbilaran and its surroundings, the fare costs from 8 pesos. Tricycles work like taxis and can be found anywhere, but the prices are quite high compared to non-tourist places in the Philippines, so you should bargain. There is a car taxi, but it is almost twice as expensive as in Manila, for example, and does not work on meters. More precisely, a taxi here should work on meters at a standard adjustable price of 40 pesos for boarding, 13.5 pesos for 1 kilometer of travel and 2 pesos for every minute of travel. But it is almost impossible for tourists to force a taxi driver to turn on the meter, they offer only fixed prices. Applications Grab and JoyRide do not work on Bohol yet.

A great way to move around the island for sightseeing are guided tours. They are offered by on the beaches of Panglao Island, mainly on Alona Beach. A trip with a group tour is even cheaper than if you go on your own by taxi or tricycle.

Learn more about transport on Bohol here...

Attractions, what to see

Chocolate Hills

The main attraction of Bohol is its stunning and diverse nature. There are many waterfalls, ecoparks, caves and of course the hallmark of the island of Bohol and the Philippines in general – the famous Chocolate Hills. Interesting places can be counted more than a dozen, but, objectively speaking, not every attraction will be interesting to tourists. For example, there are several ecological parks that are a place to relax in the forest or near the lake, and are hardly worth it to break away for them from beach holidays or excursions to the islands. Or, for example, there are several reserves of tarsiers, and it is enough to visit only one of them.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about historical sights. There are few of them, mostly churches and towers of the colonial period, but, unfortunately, as a result of a powerful earthquake in 2013, many of them were severely damaged, and others were destroyed almost to the ground. Some of them are still being restored, and some are completely rebuilt, and are unlikely to be of interest to tourists in the future.

So that you do not waste time in vain, we have traveled and collected information about the most worthwhile sights of Bohol, indicating their opening hours, costs, and ways to get to them here...

You can also see the options for excursions in Bohol with reviews available for online booking on one of the verified sites:

Найти экскурсии онлайн (с отзывами)

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