We solve the Error 444 problem on the Cebu Pacific airline website

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Cebu Pacific offers great prices for flights to the Philippines, as well as from neighboring Asian countries. For example, flight Manila-Cebu-Manila can be bought from 3400 pesos (58.74 USD, see the currency of the Philippines and its exchange rate), the same amount will cost a ticket to Cebu - Boracay (Caticlan airport) - Cebu. Even the local Philippines AirAsia cannot boast of such prices.

It is best to search and buy tickets directly on the airline's website https://www.cebupacificair.com/ by pre-registering on the partner site https://www.getgo.com.ph/ to collect bonuses for flights. The fact is that Cebu Pacific is not directly connected to world flight search engines like Aviasales, SkySkanner, Momondo and others, and therefore tickets for them are either completely absent from the search results, or are sold at a mark-up from intermediaries.

But, unfortunately, if you try to book tickets on the Cebu Pacific website, you will in most cases get ERROR 444, ERROR 404. ERROR 403, or just a blank screen. The site for some reason very often refuses to work correctly in other countries except the Philippines.

ERROR 444 on the Cebu Pacific website

But this problem can be solved.

First, try opening the site through another browser, or do it later, in a day or two. Sometimes the error can disappear. It is better to try to open the page immediately https://book.cebupacificair.com/ so that you don't have to repeat the search every time you start. If the specified page opens for you, then you can try searching and booking, success is already close.

If changing the browser and waiting did not help, then you need to connect heavy artillery. You can try installing a proxy program on your computer or device that builds your connection to the site through anonymous servers, thereby virtually changing your position. There are many such programs, you can download and use them for free for personal purposes.

But it is much more convenient and easier to use the anonymous Tor Browser. This is a popular browser that automatically builds a chain of connections to a website through anonymous servers. You can find and download it on the web for free, and it is installed and works for the user just like any other browser. Once installed and running, also try to open the https://book.cebupacificair.com/, not the main one. If it does not open, then you need to restart the browser, or build a new connection chain through the item New Circuit for this Site (key combination Crlt+Shift+L). If necessary, update the chain several times, you will get a normally working Cebu Pacific website.

A working Cebu Pacific website

Well, if nothing happened, then something is completely broken on the site, and in this case try searching through search engines-aggregators of air tickets, for example Aviasales.

Current minimum prices for flights from Russian cities to the Philippines:

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