Siargao Island

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General information

Siargao Island (Siargao Island, also Syargao, pronounced Shargau) is located in the southeast of the Philippine archipelago, 800 km from the capital Manila (Siargao on the map). This is a fairly large island, its area is 416 square kilometers, and the dimensions are 35 by 30 kilometers. For comparison, the famous island of Boracay measures only 7 kilometers in length, and a little more than 500 meters. About 94 thousand people live on Siargao.

Siargao is part of the province of Northern Surigao (Mindanao island group), which, by the way, is quite far from the rest of the popular resorts of the Philippines. It has eight villages and the same number of municipalities. The largest and most developed village is called General Luna (General Luna, General Luna). There are no cities on the island, large hotels, large chain stores and fast food – too. But there are a lot of tropical forests (mangroves and palm thickets) and a clean Coast with a rich underwater world.

In general, its landscape Siargao is markedly different from other Philippine Islands. Nowhere else are there so many palm trees (coconut, first of all). They are literally everywhere here-beautifully framing the coast and becoming thicker as you move inland.

It is in this place that the huge Philippine depression encounters the vertical Barrier Reef. Therefore, serious waves regularly go to this island, creating excellent conditions for surfers.

Holidays in Siargao
Holidays in Siargao

Holidays in Siargao

First of all, Siargao is one of the ideal surfing destinations in the Philippines. Suitable waves for beginners on the local coast are available throughout the year, and skilled surfers can fully enjoy their favorite outdoor activity from August to November.

There are many surf spots on the island, the most popular of which is Cloud 9.without exaggeration, it is known to surfers all over the world. Local instructors are real virtuosos: they can easily ride the board on the waves even standing on their heads.

In addition to surfing, the island has excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving, fishing and rowing (you can always rent a kayak or kayak, and go on a mini-trip to some secluded lagoon). To successfully swim, dive or surf on your own on Siargao, you need to adapt to the local tidal schedule. Here they are very strong, and the ocean at low tide goes far.

There is a misconception that the tides change cyclically at the same time during the day. In fact, everything is much more complicated, and the water level depends on the position of the sun, the moon, the terrain and many other factors. Therefore, it is never possible to say unequivocally, for example, that there are tides on Siargao in the morning and ebbs in the evenings. To determine the level of Tides, you need to use special calculated charts-forecasts:

График приливов и отливов на острове Сиаргао
00:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0000:0006:0012:0018:0021/02/2024 / ср22/02/2024 / чт23/02/2024 / пт24/02/2024 / сб25/02/2024 / вс26/02/2024 / пн27/02/2024 / вт0.75 м. / 2.5 ft.-0.83 м. / -2.7 ft.
График приливов и отливов на острове Сиаргао подробно ⧉

Otherwise, Siargao is an exceptionally peaceful resort. Everyone here gets up early, and goes to bed early. All establishments on the island by 22-23 hours are already closed, and there are no night parties here.

Residents are friendly and good – natured, not intrusive (which is important) - they do not persistently offer their services. Cleanliness is also on top of them: garbage from beaches and public places is removed quickly enough.

After a few days of living on the island comes the feeling that you are at your dacha, and around you are distant relatives or nepotists: the locals begin to recognize and greet with a smile, like an old acquaintance. Good people and a good atmosphere. If you want to be in the thick of events, enjoy a fun tourist life and entertainment, and you are more interested in beaches than surfing, then it is better to choose other resorts in the Philippines, for example, go to . Boracay or Panglao.

Beach at low tide

Siargao Beaches

Without difficulty in Siargao you can find a secluded place on an unnamed beach covered with clean light sand. This is because the "package" tour industry is not developed here, and people visit the island mainly on their own, "savages".

But there are excellent public beaches on Siargao. From the point of view of a civilized tourist, there is no infrastructure for them either. But for someone who wants to take a break from civilization – it's just a dream. Here are some of the best and most famous beaches on the island:

  • White beach or General Luna Beach / White Beach or General Luna Beach

    This is the main beach of the village of General Luna, and in general the main beach of the island, since it is here that all the tourist infrastructure and hotels are concentrated (General Luna Beach on the map). It is a beautiful and spacious sandy beach for a calm and relaxed stay.

  • Magpupungko Beach

    Located near the village of Pilar (Magpupungko on the map). This is another beautiful beach and at the same time a kind of natural attraction. The peculiarity of this place is natural baths in coral stones. After low tide, water remains in them, forming unusual places for swimming. Here you can also do good coastal snorkeling. You will have to get here by rented transport or a local taxi.

  • Sugba Lagoon Beach

    This is the calling card of Siargao, and a kind of natural attraction, a must-visit. This is a place of wondrous natural beauty-such as happens only on advertising brochures. The purest turquoise water, palm groves on the cliffs surrounding the lagoon-the landscape here is Heavenly. Here you can swim, sunbathe, rent a kayak (300 pesos / hour), swim with a mask.

    Sugba Lagoon is on a small nearby island (Sugba Lagoon on the map), which can be reached by boat for 2000 pesos from the port of Del Carmen.

Hotels and areas to stay in Siargao

There are many accommodation options on Siargao, but do not expect an abundance of star hotels with pools, spacious rooms, and good service. Options for hotels equated to four stars and with their own territory, there are only a few, basically the accommodation is a simple guest house or their local variety – Homestay, with basic amenities, hostels, and private housing.

The most budget accommodation options for one person in a hostel cost from 300 pesos (5.37 USD, see currency and money of the Philippines), which is inexpensive even by Philippine Standards. Among the ultra-budget options, there is even a place for your own tent or accommodation in a tent at a campsite on the shore from 100 pesos (1.79 USD). A room for two in a Homestay or guest house with a shared toilet and bath will cost from 700 pesos (12.54 USD), and for a comfortable room with its own bathroom and air conditioning, get ready to pay from 1500 pesos (26.87 USD).

The main tourist area and the most convenient area for accommodation - Town General Luna (General Luna, General class on the map). The tourist area is stretched along the coast along the beaches, but for the most part it does not matter where to choose a hotel, as long as it is not too far from the beach and from the center, because everywhere you can get on foot. But if you are primarily interested in surfing, it makes sense to be located closer to the spot Cloud 9 (spot on map).

In addition, there are several hotels along the shores on the remote beaches of Siargao, and even a few accommodation options in the middle of the jungle in the center of the island in the Pilar area. Accommodation in them also has a place to be, but you will find yourself far from any civilization, even you can eat only in the restaurant at the hotel or by ordering dishes from the owners of the Homestay.

You can book accommodation in a hotel or hostel on the island of Siargao through one of the sites or the search form:

Map of Siargao Island with hotels, beaches, transport

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, Organic Maps and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

☞ Показать карту
Легенда / показать ⏷

Infrastructure on the island

On Siargao, instead of large hotels – establishments of a bungalow type or 1-2 storey guest houses, there are no large and comfortable hotels at all. Instead of shopping centers and supermarkets – village shops, markets. The roads between the villages are good, smooth-concrete or gravel. No buses, just jeepneys and tricycles. You can rent a moped (on any of them special loops are adapted for transporting surf boards).

The internet on Siargao is nominally there, but it is, to put it mildly, not fast, periodically disappears and works intermittently. For posting in social networks and communicating in messengers will go, but for remote work is unlikely.

Food in local cafes is tasty and inexpensive. Everywhere barbecue chicken, pork, vegetables, sausages and sausages, blue marlin, shrimp and other seafood. Naturally, fish is represented in all possible forms. Garnish #1 is rice. Very tasty and inexpensive fruits are sold. An excellent variety of mango-it is not green or orange, but pure yellow. Pineapples are unusually sweet. All establishments prepare very tasty cool fresh drinks, smoothies and shakes of fresh fruit.

There are no travel agencies in the usual form for package tourists, inexpensive group excursions are not sold. And to go with an excursion on the island, strictly speaking, there is nowhere. In the few offices selling tourist services, you can buy ferry or plane tickets, find out schedules, rent a motorcycle or hire a guide/transport/boat for an individual tour. But all the same you can get directly from the drivers of tricycles on the street, or boaters on the shore, only cheaper. But do not forget to bargain everywhere and compare prices, they are sometimes called at random.

For surfing, you can rent a board, there are individual instructors (more expensive) and group training (cheaper). For snorkeling, you can rent a mask and a tube for 100 pesos. Many dive shops offer equipment for rent for self-diving off the coast, and organize boat tours for diving off neighboring islands. On the beaches there is a rental of kayaks, SUP boards (puddleboard).

There are several ATMs on the island, at least in the settlements of General Luna and in the area of Dapa Ferry Terminal. But most of them only issue amounts up to 10,000 pesos, and all withhold 250 pesos Commission in addition to your bank's Commission. You can pay with a card in few places, besides, sometimes a commission of 5% is added to the cost, check before payment.

There are plenty of cash exchange offices, but the rate is less favorable than on large islands. If possible, change money at Manila airport upon arrival (there is a very good course), or in Cebu City (if you arrive through Cebu-Mactan airport). However, at the Cebu airport itself, it is better not to change money, since the course is bad. A good course can be found just 5 minutes drive or 20 minutes walk from the airport (see where it is profitable to change money at Cebu Airport).

Курс обмена валюты (филиппинский песо) на сегодня ()

100 песо (PHP) = 166,68 рублей (RUB)
1 доллар США (USD) = 55,82 PHP
100 рублей (RUB) = 59,99 PHP
1 евро (EUR) = 60,41 PHP
Калькулятор валюты*
График изменения курса валюты
* Калькулятор пересчитывает суммы исходя из официальных мировых курсов валют. При обмене валюты в обменных пунктах курс будет незначительно отличаться в зависимости от комиссии обменного пункта
Включить виджет валюты*

* - При включенном виджете, курс обмена выбранной валюты будет отображаться в правом сайдбаре на каждой странице сайта, пока вы его не отключите сами.

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Attractions and entertainment, what to see

There are almost no attractions on the island, except for numerous surf spots with wooden piers that stretch from the shore into the ocean. All more or less interesting places on the island are natural beauty and attractions.

On your own, you can go for a ride on a motorbike or bicycle to the inner part of the island, take a walk through the jungle. You can also go kayaking on the Maasin River, which flows among the picturesque tropical thickets. Another natural attraction of the island is Taktak waterfall. More must-visit places: a walk on the islands and in the Sugba Lagoon.

Group inexpensive excursions to local attractions in Siargao are not yet found, mostly individual tours are offered or you have to hire a boat or transport yourself. But recently the situation is changing, and there are many options for group and individual sightseeing tours that can be ordered online. You can do this on a verified site Klook, or choose from the most popular options:

Найти экскурсии онлайн (с отзывами)

And now a little more about the most interesting places on Siargao, and what to do:

  • Siargao Surfing

    Siargao Surfing

    As has been mentioned many times, Siargao is the best place to surf in the Philippines. Local waves are perfect for those who are just going to get on the board, and for experienced. According to the seasons, you can start learning at any time of the year, but for experienced surfers the best time is from August to November. Boards can be rented everywhere, the price starts from 300 pesos if you rent for one day, and from 200 if you rent for a week or more. Of course, everywhere you can and should bargain. Simple surfing lessons for beginners cost from 1000 pesos. There are also package tours that include delivery from the hotel to the training site, free internet in the camp, a board, equipment, and even a detailed analysis of mistakes on video. One of the most famous and authoritative schools is Kermit. They have site, you can book training in advance, costs from 2900 pesos for a full day, cheaper for a few days. But it is no problem to find low-cost tuition or advanced schools on the spot. By the way, if you make friends on the beach with one of the instructors and drink beer with him, they are happy to then give a good discount on training. And here you have map of the best surf spots in Siargao. We remind you that the most convenient area for placement and the best spot is Cloud 9 (Cloud 9 on the map).

  • Siargao diving


    To be honest, diving is far from the main feature of the island, and it is better to go to other places in the Philippines, for example, to the islands of Apo, Malapasca, Mactan, Moalboal, or even Boracay to get acquainted with underwater life. But if you find yourself on vacation on Siargao, you can dive here. Dives with a certificate are offered from 1200 pesos for one, and from 1800 for two dives. You can dive without a certificate (more expensive), or undergo training with its receipt here.

  • Siargao snorkeling

    Underwater life of Siargao

    You can swim with a mask and tube on almost any beach, and all this is free. Renting a mask and tube costs from 100 pesos, another 50 are asked for fins and a life jacket, but they are optional and rather even interfere. It is even better to come with your mask and tube. But the most beautiful and amazing views of underwater life can be obtained during excursions to the islands and lagoons. These are separate snorkeling tours, and traditional excursions to Island Hopping and the lagoons of Sokhoton Bay.

  • Island Hopping

    This is one of the most popular excursions on the island, really. You can ride around the islands only on a hired boat, and if you are traveling alone, it is better to find fellow travelers. For a boat they ask from 2000 pesos, accommodates up to 6 people, because the more like-minded people you gather, the cheaper the Walk will cost. True, sometimes boatmen ask for more money for more people. But in any case, it will be more profitable in the group. In addition, you will have to pay for access to the islands, which is further discussed.

    You can also buy ready-made island tour online. Such a tour includes all expenses for the tour, you do not need to pay anything extra.

    So, a typical walk around the islands includes three nearby islands, relaxing on the beaches, snorkeling, and lunch. For everything you have to pay extra, the cost of hiring a boat is not included. The walk takes half a day. You will visit:

    • Guyam Island

      A tiny private island with a white sandy beach, like a picture of the Bounty. It can be visited during the day during an organized or independent walk around the islands, or stay overnight in one of the wooden houses or in your tent, of course, for money. The entrance fee to the island is 30 pesos per person. Guam Island on the map.

    • Daku Island

      Daku is the largest of the three islands. There is a sandy beach, a small fishing village, cafes, and accommodation options. Usually it is on Dhaka that they stay longer to dine on fresh seafood. The entrance fee to the island is 100 pesos for the entire boat. Daku Island on the map.

    • Naked Island

      The tiny sandy island of naked (Naked Island) is completely without vegetation, just a sandbank in the sea. Here you can sunbathe and swim, nothing else. The island is bare on the map.

  • Taktak Falls

    A small waterfall, and is very far from the tourist area of General Luna. Especially it is not necessary to go to it, too far, but if you ride around the island on rented transport in search of secluded beaches and new impressions, you can look. Admission costs 50 pesos. Taktak waterfall on the map

  • Sohoton Cove

    Beautiful bay and National Park on the neighboring island of Bucas Grande. There are beaches, beautiful lakes, grottoes and caves. You can only go with boat tour that will cost from 3000 pesos per person, but it includes three other islands from the Island Hopping walk. Sohoton Bay on the map

  • Sugba Lagoon Beach

    See above in the section about beaches.

Weather in Siargao, tourist seasons

As in all the Philippines, Siargao has a rainy season (low season) and a dry season (high tourist season), but their period is very different from the rest of the resorts. And you also need to take into account the specifics of recreation and the importance of winds, which form ideal waves for surfing.

So, if you are going to Siargao just for a beach holiday:

  • The high season (dry season) runs from March to October. This is the best time to visit Siargao. There is little rain at this time, the sun almost always shines. The ideal time for rest and peak season inside the high season is March-May.
  • The low season (rainy season) lasts from November to February. This is not the recommended time for a beach holiday, there are often rains, clouds, thunderstorms.

But for the period from June to December there is also the so-called typhoon season, i.e. it turns out that it overlaps part of the dry season and the rainy season. During the typhoon season, the Philippines is often hit by tropical storms and hurricanes, and in addition, Siargao is on the path of their passage and formation. Typhoons bring a lot of trouble and destruction, can declare evacuation, sea and air traffic is suspended. Usually bad weather lasts 1-3 days, but bad weather happens quite often, for example, in 2019 there were 27 tropical storms, 17 typhoons, and 10 powerful typhoons with victims.

If you prefer surfing, then the situation with the seasons is quite different. In general, the winds blow here all year round, but it is believed that for beginners the best period is March – May, and this, by the way, is the best beach season. For experienced surfers looking to tame the toughest waves, the best season is from August to November. And in September, the World Cup of surfing is held here, amateurs and professionals of this sport come from all over the world.

Read more about the seasons in the Philippines and when it is better to go here...

Seasons on Siargao by month, when it is better to go

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov. Dec

* best time to visit;
acceptable time to visit;
not recommended time to visit

Средняя температура on Siargao по месяцам
янв фев мар апр май июн июл авг сен окт ноя дек 25° 25.4° 25.9° 26.6° 27.5° 27.3° 27.2° 27.4° 27.3° 26.8° 27.2° 26.8°
Осадки on Siargao по месяцам
янв фев мар апр май июн июл авг сен окт ноя дек 678.9мм 461.9мм 361.3мм 210.6мм 125.3мм 147.7мм 158.6мм 150.8мм 170.2мм 254.8мм 417.7мм 608.7мм

Current weather in Siargao and forecast

How to get to Siargao

Siargao Island is located in the northeastern part of the country (Siargao on the map), you can get here by ferry or plane. We recommend using airplanes, as it is much faster and not much more expensive (sometimes even cheaper) than if you get by ferry. But, unfortunately, air traffic is very limited, flights are operated only from Cebu and Manila, so it is faster and cheaper to get from some places by ferry.

Whichever way you choose, keep in mind that the weather may interfere with your plans. The fact is that the high tourist season in Siargao partially coincides with the typhoon season from June to December. At this time, during severe tropical storms and typhoons, transport links may be interrupted for 1-3 days. In order not to miss your flight home from Manila or Cebu International Airport, it is best to move closer to the airport 3 days in advance, otherwise you may be trapped on the island. You should not count on the weather forecast, since an alarm usually appears a couple of days before their formation, and sometimes even on the same day.

Philippine A/C Cebu Pacific aircraft

And now more about each of the ways to get to Siargao with a schedule and prices:

  • By plane

    • Via Sayak airport to ostrvo Siargao

      On Siargao there is a small local airport Sayak (Sayak Airport, IATA code - IAO, Sayak airport on the map). It has domestic flights from Manila, Cebu, Clark and Davao. Flights are operated by a / c Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Skyjet.

      If you have any problems with purchasing tickets on the websites of local airlines, read How to solve them here – solving the problem with error 444 on the Cebu Pacific website.

      From the Russian Federation and other countries, you can get to Siargao with transfers through the international airports of Manila or Cebu. There are no direct flights to these airports, you will have to make transfers, so in the end you will have at least three flights to Siargao. To make the flight cheaper, it is best not to buy a ready-made flight to Siargao, but to buy separate tickets to Manila or Cebu, and a separate ticket to Siargao.

      Minimum prices for flights to Siargao airport:

      Купить от 6181 ₽ Себу ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) Прямой
      Купить от 12665 ₽ Манила ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) 1
      Купить от 32560 ₽ Катиклан ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) 1
      Купить от 30798 ₽ Пуэрто-Принсеса ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) 1
      Купить от 44991 ₽ Тагбиларан ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) 1
      Купить от 32282 ₽ Бушуанга ⇄ Сайяк (Сиаргао) 1

      Minimum prices for flights from Moscow to Cebu:

      Купить от 81009 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 28.02.2024 28.03.2024
      Купить от 54643 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 15.03.2024 10.04.2024
      Купить от 50392 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 05.04.2024 20.04.2024
      Купить от 50340 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 13.05.2024 08.06.2024
      Купить от 51043 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 03.06.2024 09.06.2024
      Купить от 76664 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 28.07.2024 19.08.2024

      Minimum prices for flights from Moscow to Manila:

      Купить от 65156 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 28.02.2024 18.03.2024
      Купить от 58772 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 25.03.2024 15.04.2024
      Купить от 54479 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 10.04.2024 18.04.2024
      Купить от 48378 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 29.05.2024 12.06.2024
      Купить от 48423 ₽ 2 пересадки Лого авиакомпании 05.06.2024 12.06.2024
      Купить от 63466 ₽ 1 пересадка Лого авиакомпании 28.07.2024 20.08.2024

      From Siargao airport to the main tourist area in the town of General Santos can be reached by minivan hotels, which depart after the arrival of each flight. But these are not regular minibuses, and the price for them is not set, so you need to negotiate with the driver, on average they ask for 300 pesos (5.37 USD). You can also go to the main road and catch a tricycle there, the trip will cost from 400 pesos (7.17 USD) for 3-4 passengers, 45-60 minutes on the way.

    • Via Surigao airport

      But there is another way to get by plane – through Surigao airport (do not confuse the name). It may even be cheaper and more convenient in some cases.

      Surigao airport (IATA code - SUG) is located on the neighboring Big Island of Mindanao (Surigao airport on the map). It is served by flights from Manila and Cebu A / C Cebu Pacific, and they are more frequent than Siargao.

      Minimum prices for flights to Surigao airport:

      Купить от 14169 ₽ Манила ⇄ Суригао 1

      From the airport on a tricycle you will need to get to the port of Surigao Ferry Terminal for 50 pesos (0.9 USD), 5-10 minutes on the way (port of Surigao on the map). From there, large RoRo ferries and small passenger ferries leave for Siargao Island. They depart from different piers in the port, but Everything Is Close, you can walk from one to the other on foot. Including Eva Macapagal Passenger Terminal is located here. Just tell the tricycle driver that you need the nearest ferry and he will take you to the right Pier. Details about these ferries, their schedule and cost are below...

  • By ferry

    If you really need to save money, and you have a lot of free time, you can get to the island of Siargao by ferry. But there are no ferries from long-distance destinations, so the route in most cases will pass through the city and Port of Surigao (Surigao Ferry Terminal, port of Surigao on the map) on the island of Mindanao, and in more rare cases through the Socorro Feeder Port on the small island of Bucas Grande. In general, if you arrive by ferry in Surigao in the morning, you can easily transfer to the ferry to Siargao Island, but if you arrive after 15 hours, there is a chance that you will have to spend the night in Surigao until the next morning.

    See also about ferries in the Philippines and how to use them in separate instructions.

    High-speed passenger ferry

    Ferries on Siargao stay at the port of Dapa-Dapa Ferry Terminal (DAPA port in Siargao on the map). When you arrive at Dapa Ferry Terminal, you will be offered to drive to the tourist area of General Luna on a tricycle from 250 pesos for 3-4 people, or by motorcycle taxi for 200. If this option is not suitable, you can walk 5 minutes to the local parking of tricycles and jeepneys, from where you can leave for 20 pesos, but you may have to wait until the transport is full.

    Ferry schedule from Surigao to Siargao (to DAPA port)

    • Montenegro Shipping Lines. Large RoRo ferries, can transport / 4 hours on the way | departure at 05:00 and 11:00 | back from Dapa at 05:00 and 11:00 | cost-360 pesos (6.45 USD).
    • Evaristo and Sons Sea Transport Corp. There are large RoRo and high-speed passenger trains / 3 hours and 1.5 hours / departure to 04:00, 06:00, 10:00, 13:00, 15:30 | back from Dapa to 06:00, 9:30 , 10:00, 13:00, 15:30 | cost 150 (2.69 USD) and 300 pesos.
    • JP Shipping Lines. Large passenger ferries | 2.5 hours / departure at 05:30, 11:30 | return from Dapa at 05:30, 11:30 | cost 280 pesos (5.02 USD).

    Also see schedule ferries to Siargao available for online booking here...

    In turn, Surigao can be reached from several major cities and islands of the Philippines, but for tourists the most relevant route is Cebu-Surigao. This is a long-distance route, costs from 750 pesos, and different categories of tickets are available, including sleeping places and separate cabins. On the way from 9 minutes.

    The Cebu-Surigao route is used by ferries of at least the following companies:

    • Starlite Ferries. Departure from Cebu at 10:00 / return from Surigao at 21:00 / cost-from 750 pesos (13.44 USD).
    • Cokaliong Shipping Lines. Departure from Cebu at 19:00 / return from Surigao at 19 | 00 / cost-from 825 pesos (14.78 USD).
    • Medallion Transport Inc. Departure from Cebu on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00 / return from Surigao on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 20:00 | cost – from 825 pesos.

    Also see schedule of ferries to Surigao available for online booking here...

    Obviously, late flights by Cokaliong or Medallion Transport are best. Then you will arrive in Surigao early in the morning, and you can transfer to the first or second morning flight to Siargao Island. If you use Starlite Ferries, you will have to spend the night in Surigao.


There is no regular public transport on Siargao. Between more or less large settlements, the port, and the airport run tricycles, dlzhipni, habal-habal (mototaxi) and minibuses, but their movement is not reliable, they go very rarely and as they please. However, it is the cheapest way to get from the airport or port to the tourist area in General Santos or back, the trip will cost from 20 pesos for short trips, and up to 300 pesos for travel by minivan from the airport. But keep in mind that tricycles and even jeepneys may want to take you as a taxi, so it's better if possible to get into a passing and already filled with locals transport.

Motobike in the Philippines

If you want to actively move around the island, it is best to rent a transport-a low-power scooter (moped, Motobike). Without problems, you can find motorbikes with brackets for carrying surfboards. There are a lot of rental offices in the General Santos area, they ask for 450 pesos per day (8.06 USD), but really bargain or find for 350 (6.27 USD) at prices in 2023. For a month you can rent for 8000 (143 USD). Theoretically, for rent you need rights with Category A (Russian ones are also accepted), but there are almost no police on the island, so most tourists ride without rights at all. Learn more about renting motorcycles in the Philippines, what rights you need, how much gasoline costs other questions here...

It is also possible to rent a car independently or with a driver, but the price is very high even by Russian and European standards.

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