Mount Penang

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Penang funicular

Mount Penang (Bukit Bendera or Penang Hill) – the highest peak of the island (833 meters), one of the most popular attractions of Penang, and also a mountain resort. A lift (funicular) leads to the top, but the bravest tourists can climb to the top on foot. From the top of Penang Hill offers the most wonderful view of the city and the island, there are viewing platforms, a recreation area with walking paths, paths and gazebos, a children's playground, an owl Museum, temples and mosques, a 250-year-old cast Cannon, an old cable car. Tourists climb the hill to walk there, have lunch in a cafe or food court, take beautiful photos and enjoy the views, especially beautiful at sunset, when dusk falls on the island and the city lights up. And some even decide to stay in a hotel upstairs. However, by and large this is not a full-fledged Recreation Area, and to consider this hotel as a place to spend the whole vacation is by no means worth it.

In addition to the mountain itself, a very interesting attraction is the hiking up the mountain. No funicular can replace walking along winding paths surrounded by rainforest, but the climb is quite difficult and takes 3-4 hours only one way. Do not forget to stock up on enough drinking water. One of the most convenient points to climb is nearby at Penang Botanical Garden.

🕐  Working hours: the funicular operates from 6:30 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 6:30 to 22:00 on weekends.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: access to the mountain itself is free. Funicular in one direction is an adult-17 ringgit, children (4-12 years) - 10 ringgit; in both directions an adult-30 ringgit, children (4-12 years) - 15 ringgit. Family tickets 2 Adults + 1 child - 65 ringgit; 2 adults + 2 children-70 ringgit.

🚶   How to get there: Penang Hill is on the outskirts of Georgetown (Mount Penang on the map). You can climb to the top by funicular or on foot:

  • by cable car. the funicular station is located in Air Itam village (funicular station on the map). You can get there by bus number 204, which departs from Weld Quay stations and goes through Komtar station every 25-40 minutes. You need to go to the final. You can also take the bus number 201 (departs every 15-30 minutes), or number 203 (every 17-35 minutes), and walk a little.
  • On foot. Not everyone can climb Penang Hill on foot. There are two routes: a trail and an asphalt road, both leading from Penang Botanical Garden. You can walk part of the way along the trail, and part along the asphalt. The trail is not very well marked, and in order not to get lost, it is better to have a navigator with you and use the schematic map that is given when buying tickets for the funicular. There are no difficult sections, almost everywhere there is a good trampled path through the forest, but you will have to go a lot, and even with good physical shape it will take about 4 hours. The road is very interesting, passes almost through a real jungle, and you can meet exotic plants and animals, most often monkeys. Alternatively, you can go up on the funicular, and go down on foot, which will take about 2 hours. Do not forget to take water on the road. And in any case, do not start climbing in the afternoon, otherwise you may not have time before dark.
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