Independence Square in Jakarta

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Independence Square or Freedom Square (Merdeka Square) is one of the iconic points in Jakarta for tourists. It is located in the very center next to the main railway station of the city of Gambir, within walking distance also tourist area along Jalan Jaksa street with inexpensive hotels and an area with shopping centers. Here (nearby) is the National Museum and several other small museums, the presidential Palace, the Istiklal Mosque and the Cathedral.

This is one of the few places in the city where there is space for walking, and there is no shortage of it, which is very important for Jakarta. On an area of about 1 square kilometer there are green spaces, a lot of palm trees and other trees, including rare exotic plant species. There are paths on which locals like to do morning and evening runs, and rare stone benches are installed along them, there are illuminated fountains. There are also monuments on the territory, and the main city Monument of Independence with a history museum at the base. However, it is still impossible to call Independence Square a full-fledged park and a place to relax.

Independence Square in Jakarta

🕐 Working hours: around the clock.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free of charge.

🚶 How to get there: located in the very center of the city next to Gambir station (Independence Square on the map). From the tourist area on Jalan Jaksa Street there are 2 kilometers on foot.

Panorama of Independence Square

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