Hotels and districts of Jakarta where to stay

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Jakarta hotels where to stay

There are a huge number of hotels in Jakarta, but there is a shortage of budget accommodation options. By the standards of Indonesia, prices are high here, so if you are used to traveling with a backpack and staying in hostels and inexpensive guest houses, you either need to book in advance or count on accommodation in the middle price category. You can find a bed in a hostel from 100,000 rupees(6.46 USD, see Indonesian currency and exchange rate) dollars, a room with the most basic amenities for two will cost about 220,000 (14.22 USD), and for a clean room with the usual European amenities you will have to pay from 440,000 (28.43 USD).

Hotel Novotel Jakarta

When staying in some hotels, there is a peculiarity: theoretically, according to the law, unmarried couples m + w are not accepted to check into one room. In practice, this is very rare, but just keep in mind that questions may be asked if you have different surnames in your passports.

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Which area to stay in Jakarta

  • Jalan Jaksa Street

    The most budget and tourist area with hostels and guest houses is located in central Jakarta near Independence Square (Merdeka Square) and Gambir railway station. Jalah Jaksa Street is located here (Jalan Jaksa Street on the map), which can be safely called the tourist center of the capital. Hostels and hostels, currency exchange offices, travel agencies and ticket sales for transport are located along it and in the vicinity. Of course, this is far from the tourist area of Khao San Road in Bangkok, there is nothing even close to it in Jakarta. However, this area is convenient because it has everything you need for a tourist stay, the main attractions are nearby, as well as the main Gambir railway station of the city, where buses arrive from the airport and trains depart throughout the island of Java. And this is one of the few places in the city where you can find travel services on the street in travel agencies: selling tours, excursions, tickets, transfers. In general, if you don't know where to stay in Jakarta for the first time, go to Jalah Jaksa Street.

    Jalan Jaksa Street
  • Central Jakarta

    The central Dazhkarta is a very large area, in which, among other things, the tourist street Jalan Jaksa is located. But if the stop on this back street does not really attract you, you can pick up a hotel in another place in this area.

    The central district extends around Independence Square and slightly to the south (center on the map). Especially interesting is the place around the ring of the hotel Indonesia (Hotel Indonesia Circle or Jakarta Hotel Indonesia Circle), where many modern shopping malls and offices, chain restaurants of world brands are concentrated, and transport is well developed.

    Ring Hotel Indonesia in the center of Jakarta
  • Kota and Sunda Kelapa districts

    These areas are located in the north of the city closer to the shore, 7 kilometers from the center (Kota and Sunda Kelapa on the map). In our opinion, this is one of the best areas for tourists. This is the historical center of the city, and here are all the historical sights, several museums, and even a pedestrian alley near the heart of the historic district – Fatahilla Square. On the alley there is a chain of cafes and restaurants for tourists, in the evenings street performers give performances on the street and street artists work. There is also an evening tourist market near the square. The history of the area is connected with the colonial period, and you can see many buildings built by the Dutch. And it is worth objectively noting that the tourist infrastructure is developing in this area, new cheap hotels and hostels are opening, the popularity of this place is growing. It is best to settle here closer to Fatahilla Square and Jakarta Kota station.

    But if you stop here, you should be aware of some difficulties. First of all, there are no travel agencies inherent in travel agencies in developed cities, ticket sales, entertainment for tourists (not counting attractions). All tourist services will have to be asked either at the hotel reception or to organize everything yourself. The area is poorly adapted for walking: in some places there are simply no sidewalks, it is impossible to cross the road. And yet, the area is quite far from the railway station and the bus station to which buses arrive from the airport. Transport is represented here only by Transjakarta Busway buses and Jakarta Kota commuter train station, which are mostly useless for tourists.

    Walking alley in the area of Kota
  • Other areas

    You can stay in other areas of Jakarta, because there are hotels and guest houses everywhere, as well as other infrastructure. However, keep in mind that in this case, the main attractions of the capital will have to be reached by transport, with which there are problems due to eternal traffic jams.

To choose the right hotel location, use our interactive map with marked areas, attractions, transport, and hotels:

Jakarta map with hotels

You can download ⤓ points of interest, important transport points (bus stations, airports, etc.), districts and beaches from our map in KMZ/KML format. These files can be downloaded to the navigator or smartphone for use with offline or online Google Maps applications, Organic Maps and others that support this format, and use them to navigate and explore resorts.

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