What to choose, Bromo Volcano or Ijen

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Volcanoes Bromo and Ijen are the most visited tourist places on the island of Java. Tourists from all over the world rush to them to see amazing phenomena – an alien dawn on Bromo, or a mystical blue fire on Igen. Ideally, it is worth visiting both of these places at once, especially since they are located in the same part of the island of Java, and sightseeing tours are offered with visits to two volcanoes at once for 2 or 3 days.

But if there is no opportunity to visit both volcanoes at once, here is food for thought about which one to choose:

  • Volcano Bromo

    Bromo is known primarily for fantastic views that can be compared to alien landscapes. Indeed, a huge caldera with a diameter of almost 8 kilometers, the landscape of which was formed by the volcanic dust of an active volcano, is unlike any other place on our planet. Therefore, every year tens of thousands of tourists flock here to the mystical dawn.

    After meeting the dawn, you can go to the most active volcano Bromo, climb its slope to the edge of the crater, and look into the mouth. Of course, you will not see lava flows here, otherwise the volcano would be closed for visiting as active. But you will see a column of poisonous smoke rising from the depths of the vent. You can walk along the edge of the crater, which also offers wonderful views. In addition, at the foot you can see the small Hindu temple Pura Luhur Poten (but not to visit, it is closed to the public), and walk along the bottom of the caldera, which is called the "Sea of Sand".

    In our opinion (and we visited both volcanoes), the main advantage and difference between Bromo and Ijenom is that it is much more picturesque and easier to visit, since most of the route takes jeeps, and it takes quite a bit to climb the crater on foot.

    A detailed guide and description of the volcano Bromo here...

    Dawn on the volcano Bromo, Indonesia
  • Ijen Volcano

    Ijen cannot boast of such magnificent views, it is not so interesting to meet the dawn here. But he is known all over the world for his mystical blue fire. Of course, in fact there is nothing mystical about this fire, it's just that sulfur vapors are burning that are bursting out of the ground, but it's a fascinating sight. It is this spectacle that is the most important thing that attracts tourists here. Moreover, in order to get to the blue fire, you will have to climb a 500-meter-high path to the edge of the crater, and then descend into the crater 200 meters, where the sulfur mining site and the mystical fire, as well as the sulfur lake, are located.

    Not everyone can overcome this route, especially the descent into the crater. You need to be in good shape, and make your way along a steep rocky path. Therefore, many tourists, having climbed the crater, do not dare to go down, and are content with meeting the dawn at the top. But the views of dawn here are not at all as impressive as on Bromo.

    Given all this, we would not recommend going to Ijen if you are not confident in your abilities, and you do not have at least some experience hiking in the mountains.

    A detailed guide and description of the Ijen volcano is here...

    Ijen Crater

We hope this brief overview will help you choose the right place to visit. And if you have decided, you can buy sightseeing tours to volcanoes while on vacation in Bali or at the resorts of Java, or find and book them online on one of these sites:

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