The currency of Indonesia (Bali). Exchange rate. Plastic cards, receipts

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Indonesian Rupiah exchange Rate

The average cost of one ruble is 250 rupees. To quickly convert the amount in rupees into rubles in your mind, simply multiply the sum of thousands of rupees by 4.6 (more precisely by 4.58). For example: 10 thousand rupees * 4.6 = 46 rubles.

Биржевой курс обмена (индонезийская рупия) на сегодня ()

  • 100 000 рупия (IDR) = 569,56 рублей (RUB)
  • 1 доллар США (USD) = 15 965,00 IDR
  • 100 рублей (RUB) = 17 557,30 IDR
  • 1 евро (EUR) = 17 362,40 IDR

Реальный курс обмена валюты *

  • 1 доллар США (USD) ≈ 14,70 - 14,90 IDR
  • 1 евро (EUR) ≈ 16,66 - 16,88 IDR

* - Расчет реального курса обмена произведен с учетом комиссий, которые удерживаются обменными пунктами и банками за обмен. Он может быть и выше расчетного, но если вам предлагают курс обмена ниже этого, это повод задуматься о поиске другого места для обмена.

Калькулятор валюты*
График изменения курса валюты
* Калькулятор пересчитывает суммы исходя из официальных мировых курсов валют. При обмене валюты в обменных пунктах курс будет незначительно отличаться в зависимости от комиссии обменного пункта
Включить виджет валюты*

* - При включенном виджете, курс обмена выбранной валюты будет отображаться в правом сайдбаре на каждой странице сайта, пока вы его не отключите сами.

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The currency of Indonesia

Photos of Indonesian banknotes

The currency of the country is the Indonesian Rupiah (Indonesia Rupiah, IDR currency code). On price tags, banknotes and coins it is designated as Rp.

1 Indonesian Rupee = 100 senam

International designation : IDR, domestically - Rp.

Denomination of banknotes in circulation: 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000 and 100,000 rupees.

Face value of coins in circulation 500, 100, 50, 25, 10.

What currency to take to Bali?

Coins of Indonesia

In tourist areas, you can pay in US dollars, but they will accept them from you at a not very favorable rate, so it is always better to have local currency with you. Preference is given to hundred-dollar bills issued after 2000, however, hundred-dollar banknotes of the AB and CB series issued in 2001 are practically not accepted, and the CA, CD and CF series (2001), as well as DX and DH (2003) are accepted at a noticeably less favorable rate (for fear of getting a fake). For banknotes with a face value of less than $ 50, or having traces of long use, the rate is also noticeably lower than for new banknotes. It is most profitable to carry 50 or 100 dollars or euros with you, because the rate on them is more profitable than on "trifle".

Euros may refuse to be accepted for payment at all (but not for exchange). European currency is exchanged everywhere, as well as dollars.

Where to change currency in Bali?

There will be no problems in exchanging dollars or euros in Bali or in other tourist places in Indonesia. The exchange is offered by banks, official exchange offices, as well as unofficial exchangers in all kinds of shops.

The most profitable real exchange rate (so as not to cheat) is in banks. Banks are usually open from 08:00 to 15:00. In order not to be deceived (or rather, to minimize the likelihood of deception), we recommend changing money at a bank or official exchange offices operating with or from banks.

Currency exchange is very popular in official or unofficial exchange offices, which can be found almost at every turn. But in such places there is always a chance to be deceived, and it is very big. If you change money in an unofficial exchanger, then they will almost certainly try to deceive you there. Prerequisites for deception is an inflated exchange rate. Usually, such an inflated rate includes a commission that can reach 30%, but it is not announced to the tourist until your money is in the hands of the money changer. After that, it is almost impossible to cancel the exchange and return your money. But even if you make sure that there are no hidden commissions in the exchange rate, they will try to deceive you during the very process of transferring money. Traditional "wringing" of money is popular here, and sometimes there are even calculators that are considered wrong, of course, in favor of money changers.

To minimize fraud in exchangers, never give your money in advance, even for allegedly checking for forgery, recalculate the money received in front of the money changer right on the table, double-check the amount of the exchange on your calculator.

Each exchange office should give you a check. If they don't give, ask. You will need a receipt at check-out for a return exchange.

Bank cards

Before traveling to Indonesia, you must notify your bank that you will use the card in Indonesia, otherwise it may not work, or it will be blocked after the first operation. You can notify the bank by calling the hotline indicated on the card or by visiting the office.

Plastic credit cards American Express, Visa, Diners, Visa Electron, Master Card, JCB are widely used. They are accepted by hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and shops. Money is debited without commission when paying by card.

Withdrawing money from a plastic card using benefits is not much inferior to exchanging cash in dollars or euros if you withdraw cash from ATMs in banks, but most often you will lose a small commission: from 15,000 to 100,000 rupees will be retained by the bank that owns the ATM + your bank's commission for withdrawing cash from a third-party the bank. Ideally, you should withdraw money from an ATM of an international bank from a card issued by it, for example, Citibank. In this case, there will be no commission at all. Also, Citibank ATMs have the smallest commission when withdrawing from other cards. List and addresses of Citibank ATMs - There are also good ATMs where the commission is minimal or absent at all: Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Bank Central Asia (BCA).

ATMs are quite common (especially in large cities and in Bali), but it's better to use an ATM at the office of a large international bank. It is better not to withdraw money from an ATM of a small and unknown bank, as you can get on a predatory commission. Usually in one operation you will be able to withdraw from 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 rupees. It is more profitable to withdraw the maximum amount, since the ATM fee is deducted for the operation and not for the amount.

Traveler's checks

Traveler's checks are quite common and you can safely use them on your trip, especially in tourist areas, including on Bali. The most common, "American Express", are accepted almost everywhere. The course on them is slightly less profitable than when exchanging cash, but the security is higher.


There is no official tip in Indonesia, and the service fee is almost always included in the bill. But traditionally, if you liked the service, it is customary to thank the service staff with a tip, leave a little more over the bill in a restaurant or cafe, leave a reward to the taxi driver.

Usually in restaurants, the tip amount can range from 5 to 10 percent of the bill amount, but you should not leave more than $ 3. You can give 500 - 2000 rupees to the porter, 3,000 rupees to the driver, 4,000 - 5,000 rupees to the guide. In a taxi, when traveling by the meter, you can round up the fee to thousands up.

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