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Jember is a large city in the eastern part of the island of Java in Indonesia (Jember on the map). Its population is more than 300 thousand people, and it is the third largest city in this part of the island. For tourists, this is primarily an important transport hub, and nothing more. There are no attractions, tourist infrastructure, entertainment for tourists here. You can only see the remains of colonial architecture in Jember, and drive around the city's surroundings among the green plains to get acquainted with non-tourist Indonesia, and admire the views of nearby mountains and volcanoes.

Most often, tourists get to Jember on their way to Ijen volcano or to the national Park Meru Betiri National Park known as a place of protection of the sea turtle population. On the beach of this national park, almost every night all year round, you can watch the laying of eggs by turtles. This is one of the few places in this part of O. Java, where you can find rental motorcycles/motorbikes to continue their independent journey to the Volcano Ijen, Bromo, and to other attractions.

In Jember it is convenient to stop for an overnight stay at the hotel before continuing on the way to these attractions. Hotels in Jember can be booked through the most popular hotel search engine in Southeast Asia, or through the booking system

You can find a hotel by its location on the map:

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How to get to Jember

The city is located on the railway connecting Surabaya and Banyuwangi, and you can get here by train from Jakarta and Yogyakarta with a train change in Surabaya, as well as from Bali Island with a ferry transfer Take the train to Banyuwangi. Trains run very often, about 10 flights a day. The railway station is located right in the city center, and the hotels from it can be reached on foot (railway station on the map). Learn more about trains in Indonesia, how and where to buy tickets and check the schedule here.

The main bus terminal for long-distance buses Tawang Alun is located 5 kilometers from the center (station station on the map). Buses arrive/depart here from Surabaya (2 times a day, 5 hours on the way), Malang (5 times a day, 5 hours) and Banyuwangi (2 hours on the way).

From the Arjasa bus stop 8 kilometers from the city center (station station on the map) buses depart/arrive according to occupancy from Situbondo. On the same buses you can get to Bondowoso, then in turn get to the Ijen volcano.

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