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Batu or Batu (Batu) is a small town and mountain resort 15 kilometers from Malang in east Java (Batu on the map). Batu is rarely visited by foreign tourists, but Indonesians themselves often go here on vacation to relax in a cooler climate, because the resort is located at an altitude of almost 1 kilometer. It is surrounded by mountain peaks and volcanoes, and is popular as a place from where trekking walks and serious hikes to nearby volcanoes and mountains begin. There are also several hot springs, temples, apple plantations around, and in the city itself you can visit one of several museums. And there are also several amusement parks and a water park, although they are unlikely to surprise European tourists, and they will rather be interesting to local tourists.

In general, we can say that Batu is more interesting than the neighboring larger city of Malang, and if you have already reached Malang, then you should definitely go to Batu for at least one day. If you can afford to stay here for a few days, then be sure to poison yourself to one of the volcanoes or hike in the mountains.

The entire infrastructure for a stay of several days in Batu is available. There are plenty of hotels here, including family hotels, as well as hostels for independent travelers. But Batu is considered an expensive resort for the local rich, so the prices here are high, at least higher than in neighboring Malang. During weekly weekends, holidays, school holidays, a lot of families come here to rest, it can be difficult to find a free room. You can book a hotel in Batu on the websites:

You can find a hotel by its location in Batu on the map:

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How to get to Batu

Batu is located somewhat away from the highways, and therefore you will have to get to it with a transfer. The nearest major cities are Surabaya and Malang, but local transport can only be reached from Malang (see Malang and how to get there) and Kediri. It is best to get through Malang. In general, Batu is often considered just a suburb of Malang: the distance between cities is 15 kilometers, and there is no border as such.

From Malang from Landungsari bus station (station on the map) During the day, fixed-route taxis, called miko here, depart without a schedule based on occupancy. The fare is 7000 rupees, 30-40 minutes on the way. In Batu, the bus arrives at the bus station in the city center (station on the map), from where you can get to the desired location in the city on foot or by taxi. Also, fixed-route taxis run around the city and the surrounding area, the fare in which costs from 3,000 to 5,000 rupees.

You can also rent a motorbike in Malang, and use it to get to Batu, and then continue your trip around the neighborhood on it. There is no motorcycle rental in Batu itself, you can only negotiate with one of the locals.

Sights of Batu, what to see

There are enough sights in Batu for a few days of stay. Some of them can be viewed on their own, and some are available only accompanied by guides. We are talking about hiking in the mountains and volcanoes. Theoretically, if you are an experienced tourist, you can do some routes yourself, but it is highly discouraged to do this. Usually tourists hire a guide from among the locals, and go hiking for three days and two overnight stays to the peaks of Arjuna and Welirang (one tour), or climb Mount Panderman. But here are the places that you can visit in Batu on your own, indicating their opening hours, cost, and position on the map:

  • Angkut Museum

    Museum Angkut (Transport Museum Plus) is a whole entertainment complex based on the Museum of transport. This includes the Museum of Transport (a large collection of cars, other cars, and even an airplane), the museum of miniatures (copies of famous buildings from around the world), the museum of movie star studios, and a floating market where you can have a tasty meal. Also located separately here is the D'topeng Kingdom Museum – a museum of masks and artifacts. Perhaps this is the best museum in all of East Java.

    🕐 Working hours: Friday-Sunday from 11:00 to 20:00; Monday-Thursday from 12:00 to 20:00.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 100,000 rupees.

    🚶 How to get there: the museum is located at Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No. 2 (museum on the map).

  • Songgoriti Village

    Songoriti village is a real village on the outskirts of Batu, and at the same time something like a theme amusement park. Here you can just walk through the streets, see Hindu temples, visit a water park with a swimming pool, and relax in one of the hot springs.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: free of charge, access to the pool and hot springs for 10,000 rupees is additionally charged.

    🚶 How to get there: the village is located on the outskirts of the city (village on the map). If desired, you can get there on foot (2 kilometers from the center), or take a green shuttle bus from the center from the bus station.

  • Taman Rekreasi Selecta Park

    This is a landscape park founded by the Dutch in 1930. Here you can just walk around the flower garden, swim in the pool with simple slides, ride horses, have a picnic or have lunch at a restaurant. Also from here the route starts to Coban Talun Waterfall, two kilometers on foot. The road to the waterfall is quite difficult, but worth it. Near the waterfall there is a campsite (Indian camp) where you can stay overnight. The waterfall can be visited separately from the park.

    🕐 Working hours: 7:00 – 18:00.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 30,000 rupees; entrance fee to the waterfall 5000

    🚶 How to get there: the park is located five kilometers from the center (park on the map). You can get there by orange route taxis from the bus station.

  • Jatim Park 2 and the secret zoo

    The amusement park Jatim Park 2 (or Jawa Timur Park 2) is a large recreation area that includes the excellent Batu Secret Zoo, wildlife Museum, Eco Green Park theme park. There is also an amusement park. This is a great place to relax with children, you can spend the whole day here.

    🕐 Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price Zoo and Museum – 120,000 rupees; Eco Green Park – 70,000 rupees.

    🚶 How to get there: the park is located on the outskirts of Batu (park on the map). You can get there by yellow fixed-route taxis with the designated route of BNS and Secret Zoo.

  • Cangar hot spring hot springs

    Hot springs with a communal pool, and a separate pool for women. There are always a lot of people. There are hot springs around Batu and it's nicer, but there are very picturesque places around these springs: you can take a walk through the surrounding fields and trails on the slopes of the mountain.

    🕐 Working hours: 07:00 – 16:00.

    💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 5000 rupees.

    🚶 How to get there: The springs are located 20 kilometers north of the city (hot springs on the map), you can take orange shuttle buses from the bus station.

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