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On Tioman you will not find temples and mosques, historical monuments and museums. There are even no tourist attractions such as water parks or cable cars. Of course, you can find some water activities on the beaches, but the most interesting thing on the island you will find under water or in the depths of the island: the main attractions of Tioman are its rich flora and fauna, natural landscapes and underwater beauty.

Tioman Island is part of Pahang Nature Park (Reserve), and its nature is very carefully protected. It is home to several very rare species of animals, including Panda, long-tailed macaque, black giant squirrel, red flying squirrel, mouse deer and many others that you will be able to see in their natural habitat and in close proximity.

Movement by Transport on the island is difficult due to the lack of roads, so to explore the sights on the land of the island will have to stock up for hiking. You can make trekking trips yourself, or you can join a group or hire an individual guide. If you are not the most experienced "tracker", we recommend that you refrain from independent hikes, or at least use easy and proven routes.

Attractions on land:

Mukut Waterfall

Even beginners can take a trekking route to the village of Juara, where there are clean desert beaches and a turtle reserve. A dirt road starts in the village of Tekek and runs through the entire island from the west coast to the East, where Juara is located. To overcome this route, you can take a trip by Jeep, which is also very interesting. If you still decide to go hiking, set aside at least a whole day for it. Depending on the degree of preparation, the journey in one direction can take up to 4 hours, and the length of the route is 7 kilometers.

In the south of the village of Juara is a nursery of sea turtles (Juara Turtle Project), designed to preserve their endangered population. Here you can not only look at these reptiles, but also if you want to stay overnight here for 100 ringgit per room.

Fans of rock climbing can conquer the Mountain "Dragon's Horn" (Dragon's Horn). So far, only a few people had climbed to the top. The starting point for conquering the mountain is the village of Mukut. (the mountain is called Gunung-Nenek-Semukut).

In the dense green jungle, where you can take walks on trekking routes, during which you will get acquainted with the rich plant and animal life of the island. There are a lot of picturesque waterfalls on the island, mainly in mountainous areas, access to which is also possible only on foot. For hiking in the jungle and mountains, we strongly recommend the use of qualified guides, which can be found in any village and hotel.

Attractions on and under the water:

Underwater life around the island is no less interesting and diverse. Rarely any place can boast of water visibility up to 35 meters, and Tioman can. And it reveals to divers and snorkeling enthusiasts all the diversity of its underwater life.

Tioman is part of the so-called Coral Triangle in the South China Sea, and there are a huge number of coral species here, including soft and hard corals, and even aliconarian and Acropora corals.

To get acquainted with the underwater attractions, you can hire a boat with a guide (you can also be a diving instructor), or rent a kayak and swim yourself near the shores of the island. Kayak rentals are available everywhere.

The easiest way to start exploring the underwater life of Tioman is to visit the Marine Park. This is a small area on the coast in the village of Tekek, in which you can freely go snorkeling. This place is ideal for beginners in snorkeling who are not yet ready to shell out money for sailing a boat to places rich in underwater life and are ready to limit themselves to a free initial experience. There is a lot to see underwater, and most importantly everything is very easily accessible right from the shore. The coral reefs here are quite modest, and the situation at the bottom is artificial, but all kinds of fish here are simply "in bulk". The store offers equipment rental for 12 ringgit per set.

If the Marine Park is not enough for you or you are far from getting to it, then you can swim with a mask and even scuba dive on almost every beach in Tioman.

For a more serious study of the underwater world, it is better to rent a boat or book diving (complete with boat and guide).

By boat you can swim not only in the Tioman waters, but also "wind up" on one of the nearby small islands, where underwater life is even more interesting. Among these islets stand out the tiny island of Renggis (Renggis Island), which is located just a few minutes from Tioman and is perfect for snorkeling. Also very close is the island of Tulai (Tulai Island). Much further, about an hour by boat, is the island of Paya (Raua Island), which is perfect for diving enthusiasts.

If you have visited Tioman and want to share your history and useful information about it with other travelers, we will be glad to see your information with us on the forum about Tioman and then add it to the site pages about this island.

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