Temple of snakes in Penang

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Temple of snakes

Temple of snakes or Snake Temple (Snake Temple) - this is one of the most famous, and perhaps the most unusual temple in Penang. But it is not interesting for its architecture or beauty. The story goes that the temple was built on the site of the House of a very devout man, the Buddhist priest Chor Su Kong, who gave shelter in his dwelling to all animals, including poisonous snakes. In 1850, a temple was built on the site of the house in memory of the priest, and since then snakes have settled in it, which still live in the temple. They say that on certain holidays according to the Chinese calendar, an unprecedented number of snakes crawl here, filling every corner of the temple, while the rest of the time there are several dozen individuals living here.

For the safety of tourists, poisonous glands have been removed from the snakes that constantly live in the temple, you can take pictures with them and take them in your arms. At least, as the local abbot says, not a single case of bite has yet been recorded.

There is also a small snake museum next to the temple, available to visit for a fee. To be honest, the museum is very small, it is a sad spectacle of snakes tortured in small dirty aquariums, a few turtles in a pond, a couple of monkeys in dirty cages.

🕐 Working hours: from 9: 00 to 18: 00.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entrance to the temple is free, entrance to the museum is 5 ringgit adults, 3 ringgit children.

🚶  How to get there: The Snake Temple is located in the south of the island on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Street near the airport (Temple of snakes on the map). You can get here on buses 102, 305, 306, 401 and 401e, which depart from KOMTAR stations in downtown Georgetown. You need to get off at the stop opposite the Osram building (at the stop of the same name). If you miss, you can get off at the airport terminal, but you have to walk 2 kilometers, so it's better to ask the locals where to get off.

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