Mangrove tour Kilim Geopark Langkawi

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Kilim Geopark

Mangrove tour refers to excursions that introduce you to natural landscapes and Wildlife Langkawi. This is one of the tours that you should definitely make during your vacation on the island.

The tour takes place in the kilim Geo Park Reserve in the eastern part of the island. Traditionally, the route of excursions takes place by boat along the winding Kilim River on the territory of the Reserve, which covers 100 square kilometers. The tour includes several stops with a visit to interesting places that, except during such excursions, can not be visited. This is a Bat Cave, a fish farm, a crocodile cave (but crocodiles are not there now, they say they lived there before). On the way to these places you will see mangroves, make a stop for feeding red-brown Eagles, and if you are lucky, you will see rare exotic inhabitants of the animal world. The tour takes 3-4 hours, and together with the gathering of the group and the transfer from the hotel will take about 6 hours.

Since this is one of the most popular sightseeing tours on the island, you can buy it at any travel agency or hotel. Excursions cost from 90 ringgit. The cheapest include transfers and boat trips without any information support. But it is much more interesting to pay a little more ringgit (from 120), and get a full tour with a guide who will tell you in detail and interestingly about the wildlife of the geopark.

🕐  Working hours: tours are held during the day.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: the price of the Tour starts from 90 ringgit (see currency of Malaysia and its exchange rate).

🚶  How to get there: the easiest and cheapest way to visit Geopark Kilim as part of a group tour, which are cheaper to buy in hotels or travel agencies. It is also possible to reach the kilim Jetty by yourself (kilim Jetty on the map), where boaters are always waiting to offer you a boat ride with a capacity of 10-12 people on a standard route lasting about 2 hours, cost from 300 ringgit. Another option is to hire a boat in the area of Tianyung Ru Beach (Tanjung Ru)in the bay opposite the Tanjung Ru Resort.

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