Sunda Kelapa Jakarta Old Town Bike Tour

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Kota district and the old port area of Sunda Kelapa is one of the few places in Jakarta where it is more or less safe to walk or take buses. There are sidewalks and even a small pedestrian zone, although there are still no bike paths. Therefore, you need to be careful, especially in the port area, because there are huge trucks there.

The bike route includes visits to almost all more or less interesting historical and architectural places in this part of the city, and this is a large part of attractions throughout Jakarta. The movement starts from the historical center of the city, Taman Fatahillah Square, which houses several museums and the famous historical Cafe Batavia. After the historic district, you will head north towards the old port, and along the way you will see the old drawbridge, the Syahbandara Tower. Visit the maritime Museum and the old seaport itself. The route ends near the Batavia Marina seaport building.

The length of the bicycle route is 6 kilometers, and without visiting museums it can be completed in 3 hours. If you plan to visit some of the museums, it is better to lay the whole day. A special application for iDiscover Java smartphones has been developed for the movement. It works offline, you only need to download it in advance, and follow the map using the built-in GPS. Keep in mind that some smartphones will not correctly determine the position without a connected mobile Internet or at least a local SIM card.

Here are such bright bicycles

But not only the beauty and sights you will see during this walk, but also the real Jakarta with all its flaws, dirt and poverty:

But despite this, people are very friendly, and you will be able to communicate with any of them, they are happy to get in touch.

🕐 Working hours: it is better to complete the route during the day. Most museums are closed on Monday.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: Bike rental in Fatahilla Square costs 50,000 rupees (3.21 RUB, see Indonesian currency, exchange rate) for one hour, visiting museums along the route is paid additionally, from 5000 rupees (0.32 USD)

🚶 How to get there: Bike rental is located on Fatahilla Square right on the street (rental on the map). Then you need to follow the route using the iDiscover Java application or using a paper map that you will be given with a bicycle, or it can be found at hotel receptions. Also, this route can be done on foot, but it will take a whole day instead of 3 hours, besides, do not forget about the merciless heat.

Panorama along the route

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