Kuala Lumpur taxi

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Kuala Lumpur taxi

As usual, taxis are the most convenient and relatively cheap form of transport, but not always the fastest due to the constant traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur. The city is "worth it" on weekdays from 7:30 to 10:00 and from 16:30 to 20:00, and at this time short distances can be reached faster on foot. how to get there. In fact, you can completely see all the sights of Kuala Lumpur, even without ever using a taxi. But if you are short on time and have no desire to understand the intricacies of local urban transport, taxi rides will help save a little time.

Taxi fare in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur taxi

The cost of a taxi differs in the colors of the cars, although in principle there is no difference between the cars and the service:

  • The cheapest are orange-white and red-white cars: landing in them and the first kilometer costs 3 ringgit (0.63 rub, see Malaysia money and exchange rate), for the next kilometer 1 ringgit. Thus, a trip within the city center for 3 kilometers on the meter will cost 5 ringgit (about 1.3 US dollars).
  • Blue taxis are almost twice as expensive: landing and the first kilometer are 6 ringgit, for each subsequent kilometer 2 ringgit.

You will also have to pay extra for large luggage (about 1 ringgit), a phone call (2 ringgit), travel on toll roads. If you stand in traffic, the counter ticks on time, but much slower. For a trip at night - from 12 to 6 in the morning, and sometimes even for two or more passengers, in addition to the meter readings, 50% is paid. i.e. if the meter has RM 10, RM 15 will be charged.

In general, this whole counting system should not worry you much. Just choose cheaper orange or red taxis, do not settle for a fixed-price trip, and pay for a trip at night in one and a half, not double. And it is even better to use taxi ordering through Uber or Grab applications, as practice shows, it is more reliable and even cheaper.

Taxi fare from Kuala Lumpur airport

Kuala Lumpur airport taxi

From Kuala Lumpur airport, bus and railway stations, it is best to take an official taxi at a fixed cost. And the thing is that in these places it is very difficult to find a taxi driver who is ready to take you to the city on the meter (they are not allowed to work like that here). It is best to order a car at the counter at the airport or in advance via the Internet, so as not to get on the wiring of taxi drivers.

From the airport you can leave by two types of official taxi:

  • Budget (budget) - from 65 ringgit (13.66 USD)
  • Premium (premier) - from 100 ringgit (21.01 USD).

A trip from the city to the airport will cost less than 20 percent, i.e. about 50 ringgit.

You can also book an online tourist transfer from the airport. It is more expensive than a taxi, but the service is higher: you are met at the airport with a sign, taken to a predetermined Place/Hotel without the problem of the language barrier. What is good, you do not need to change money at the airport and pay on the spot, everything can be paid in advance online. Check prices and book transfers from the airport to the city center or other cities/resorts in Malaysia through the search form:

How does the transfer booking works  see more >
Transfer findingFind the route
Online bookingBook your transfer online
Meeting by the driverThe driver meets you at the airport or train station
Tourist transfers

Which taxi in Kuala Lumpur, tips for using

Kuala Lumpur taxi

Taxi Kuala Lumpur is considered one of the cheapest among the capitals of Southeast Asia, and at the same time one of the worst. It's not just about dirty car interiors and generally poor state of transport, but also about drivers who are rude, impolite, and almost always try to cheat when calculating or refuse to turn on the meter. A 2008 survey found that 70% of tourists in Kuala Lumpur were tricked by taxi drivers.

Many taxis of various companies, as well as private traders without a license, constantly run around the city. Of course, it is recommended to use an official (branded) taxi. There are at least two reasons for this: the chance of being subjected to fraud or miscalculation in such taxis is less than that of private taxis; when traveling in private taxis, you, as a passenger, will not be insured in case of an accident. Read the review of one of the tourists about the taxi ride in the section Safety to be prepared for possible trouble.

All taxis (with the exception of private companies) use meters, but drivers under various pretexts try to offer a trip at a fixed price. It is better to refuse such offers, unless you know the route well and the cost of the trip along it according to the meter. The offered price without a tag is always several times higher than the cost of a trip using the tag. Otherwise, why would drivers offer such a price-after all, not at a loss. Therefore, insist on a trip with a meter, and if the driver does not agree, look for the next taxi.

To order a taxi in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia in general, you can use the Grab-taxi app. This app works in almost all Southeast Asian countries instead of Uber. Uber does not work in Malaysia. The price for trips is the same as for trips using the tag.

Using Grab is as easy as Uber: you set the point of departure and destination, and immediately get the cost, after which you place an order. Payment is made at the end of the trip in cash. You can also pay online using a card linked in the app, but we do not recommend that tourists do this. It is better to install the Grab application in advance at home, and for ordering you can use mobile internet with a local SIM card or free Wi-Fi at airports, cafes, hotels.

How to use the Grab application and instructions can be found on the example of its use in Thailand here...

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