Taman Sari Water Castle / Taman Sari Water Castle in Yogyakarta

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Taman Sari Water Castle is another complex of historical buildings in Yogyakarta along with Kraton Sultan's Palace, and, in our opinion, much more interesting. If you choose what to visit from these two places, we would definitely recommend the Water Castle, although in fact it will not be difficult to get around both of these places for half a day, and you will not even need transport, everything is nearby.

The Taman Sari complex of water palaces was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono the tenth (Hamengkubuwono X) in 1758 as a place for the rest of the sultan's family, including his numerous wives. But judging by the strong walls and protective bastions surrounding the water castle, it could also be used to preserve the sultan's family in case of a siege.

So, Taman Sari Water Castle consists of many historical and architectural buildings scattered in the historical part of Yogyakarta. Now they are in the middle of residential buildings, houses of local residents, and as a result, Taman Sari does not have a separate territory. Immediately after paying the entrance fee, you will enter the main complex, and after leaving it, go for a walk along the narrow streets and look for other places. You will have to go around the sights yourself, armed with a booklet with a description, which is issued at the entrance when buying tickets. The map is not attached to it, but there are names and photos of objects, and in fact it will not be difficult to find everything you need, especially if you arm yourself with a navigator/smartphone with Google maps or popular offline maps like Organic Maps, OSM, etc. There are also signs and maps on the billboards, and the complex is even covered with a free network WiFi.

To make it easier, you can hire a guide for a tip. Guides, by the way, will get you constantly at the entrance to each of the objects. Moreover, under the pretext of just getting to know each other and chatting, they will follow you and tell you along the way and show the way, and at the end they will ask for a tip for escorting, 40-50 thousand rupees is enough (2.57 USD). But if you don't need their services, it's better to say right away that you don't need a guide.

The complex of the water castle includes 21 objects. Among them is the famous Sumur Gumlung underground mosque. Sumur Gumlung is not visited on its own, you need to buy a shared ticket and visit it using it. Tickets, by the way, are not checked at all facilities.

The main complex

🕐 Working hours: 09:00 – 15:00, Seven days a week. After 15 hours, you can continue to visit the sights outside the main complex.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 15,000 rupees(0.96 USD, see currency and money of Indonesia, exchange rate), permission to take photos – 3000 rupees.

🚶 How to get there: Tamansari Water Castle is located in the center of Yogyakarta, a 10-minute walk from Kraton Palace (Tamansari on the map). The main entrance is inconspicuous, marked with a sign from Jalan Taman Street. Further, after inspecting the main complex in search of other objects, you can only move on foot through the narrow streets of the district, it is best to use a navigator or smartphone with offline map applications, or a guide.

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