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General information

Sihanoukville (Sihanoukville, The City of Sihanouk, Sihanouk City or Krong Preah Seihanu) – a city on the south coast Cambodia 230 kilometers from the capital Phnom Penh. It is washed by the waters of the South China Sea. The name of the city is pronounced with emphasis on "a" and not on "u".

Sihanoukville is a very small and young city. The population of the city is slightly more than 100,000 people, and the city began its history in the 50s of the last (XX) century. Sihanoukville got its name in honor of King Sihanouk, under whose rule it was built.

Sihanoukville is known among tourists as a developing beach resort with excellent clean beaches and islands. While it is still a very small, little-used and unpopular resort by tourists (and, frankly, the only beach resort in Cambodia), but in the future it is predicted to become the most popular resort in Cambodia, and the most daring promise that Sihanoukville will be Cambodian Pattaya. Well, we'll wait and see.

In the meantime, Sihanoukville is not particularly popular with Russian "packers", and independent travelers have a chance to visit an exotic place that is not spoiled by tourists. Of course, with legendary Pattaya this place is not comparable in popularity, infrastructure, entertainment and quality of rest. But, the spirit of real Asia and its natural beauty are still preserved here.

In comparison with the same Pattaya, and indeed with any other beach resort in Southeast Asia, there are a number of other advantages here: since the resort is not particularly popular, prices here are probably the lowest in all of South Asia (it is among beach resorts where prices are always higher than not beach); and again, due to the low popularity, even in the highest season, there are not many tourists, and the beaches are mostly clean and deserted.

Crazy night discos and entertainment like "Pattaya" you won't find it here. But it's also impossible to say that it's rustic here: there are a sufficient number of bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, there are several exotic cultural and natural attractions, and, of course, a lot of hotels, the main advantage of which is fantastically low prices. On the islands you can do excellent snorkeling and diving.

Summarizing: this place, first of all, is ideal for a relaxing family holiday; "doing nothing" on the beaches and nearby uninhabited islands; snorkeling or diving.

The only drawback of Sihanoukville is that getting here from Russia is not so easy (apparently, that's why there are so few package tourists from Russia). To do this, you will have to make several transfers, but nothing is impossible for a real traveler.

About weather, seasons, hotels, attractions, about how to get to Sihanoukville and other tourist information, read in in this section.

Weather, seasons in Sihanoukville

Sinanoukville is located in a hot tropical climate zone. It is hot and sunny here all year round, the temperature drops below 20 degrees only on the coldest nights of the year, and almost always above 30 during the day.

There are only two seasons during the year: the dry season is the best time to visit and the high tourist season; the rainy season is the low season.

Dry season (high season) lasts approximately from November to May. During this time there is almost no precipitation, the sun shines almost all the time. The period from November to February during the dry season is considered an ideal time to visit, since the absence of rains is added to the easily tolerated lower temperature. From March to May, the temperature rises and it gets very hot.

Rainy season (low season) runs from June to October. It is very hot at this time, but frequent torrential rains are added to the unbearable heat. Fortunately, the rains are short-lived. Rest during the rainy season is considered less pleasant.

If you have the opportunity to visit Sihanoukville, you should not give up this opportunity due to the fact that it fell during the rainy season. Even at this time, you will have a great rest and tan, just your beach vacation will be interrupted from time to time by short-term torrential rains. Well, if you have a choice when to visit Sihanoukville during the year, it is best to choose the dry season from November to May, and ideally from November to February.

Seasons in Sihanoukville by month, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

*the best time to visit;
acceptable time to visit;
not recommended time to visit

Current weather in Sihanoukville and forecast*

Sihanoukville time

The time in Cambodia and Sihanoukville is +4 hours ahead of Moscow time in summer and winter.

Current time in Cambodia*
Разница по времени с городами:
Москва: +4 Самара: +3
Казань: +4 Нижний Новгород: +4
Екатеринбург: +2 Новосибирск: 0
Иркутск: -1 Владивосток: -3
* - если время неверно, обновите страницу Ctrl+F5:

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