Siem Reap and Angkor Wat - transport, what to use to get around

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In Siem Reap, public transport is represented in the form of private tuk-tuks, taxis, and motorcycle taxis. There is no state public transport in Siem Reap. You can also move within the city on foot, since the city is small, only the laziest will get from hotel to the market or cafe by taxi :=), unless your hotel is located somewhere on the outskirts.

In fact, the need to use transport in Siem Reap arises when you need to get to the airport, to the jetty of the "rockets" on the river, to the bus station and, of course, for sightseeing. As practice shows, it is most profitable for sightseeing to hire transport for a long time, i.e. for the whole day, and even better to negotiate a lease for several days at once and, of course, bargain. At the same time, you will not get much benefit from renting and driving on your own.

And now about each type of transport in a little more detail:


Siem Reap Tuk-tuk

Tuk-tuk in Siem Reap is a motorcycle converted into a taxi. To a two-wheeled motorcycle, among which, by the way, even Soviet-made motorcycles are sometimes found, they simply attach a stroller-trailer for two or a maximum of four people, and a taxi turns out.

A tuk-tuk ride within Siem Reap will cost about $ 1. The fee is per trip, not per person. A maximum of 4 people can fit in a tuk-tuk, but most often two. At night or in bad weather, a trip can cost twice as much.

Tuk-tuk can be found on any corner. Rather, they will not even have to be searched for, but will have to fend off annoying offers from tuk-tukers to let you down. If you agree to the trip, agree on the price and route in advance and pay also before the trip.

A tuk-tuk can be rented for the whole day for sightseeing from about $ 15 per day.

Taxi, motorcycle taxi

Taxi prices in Siem Reap are fixed and negotiable, without meters. A trip from the airport at a fixed rate will cost $ 7. There is no point in catching a taxi every time to go around the sights: it is more profitable to hire a taxi for the whole day. The cost of renting a car with a driver for the whole day starts from $ 25. But more on this below.

For short-distance trips, you can use a motorcycle taxi. A trip within the city limits will cost 0.5-1 dollar.

On foot

Within the city of Siem Reap itself, you can travel on foot. The city is small, and almost all of it is easy to get around on foot.

But you should not recover on foot to see temples and other sights outside the city. In this heat, this is unwise and can end badly.

By bike

Many hotels offer bicycles for free or for rent for a fee of $ 1-5. You can explore the suburban sights by bike, but do not forget about the heat and always have enough water with you.

An excellent option would be a bicycle with an electric drive, which can be rented from $ 4. Even if the battery charge runs out (it lasts for about 30 kilometers), it will be possible to continue the journey with the help of pedals.

Transport rental

According to local law, foreigners are prohibited from renting a motorcycle in Siem Reap. But this does not mean a ban on driving motorcycles by foreigners. You can rent a motorcycle elsewhere, and safely use it in here. You can rent a motorcycle with a driver for $ 10 per day.

You can also rent a car on your own or with a driver, which, of course, is much more convenient. You will have to pay up to $ 50 for a car with a well-spoken English and a licensed guide, but you need to bargain. There are Russian-speaking guides in Siem Reap, but there are few of them and their prices are significantly higher.

For self-rental of transport, an international driver's license (IDP) is required. These are such rights, made in the form of a booklet in several languages, which are issued in addition to the usual national rights. To obtain an MBA, you do not need to take any exams, you only need to pay a fee. The easiest way to do this is on the website of the state service.rf.

The cost of renting a car in Cambodia and Siem Reap is quite high, at least more than 2 times higher than in neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, from $ 25 per day. It is best to search and book a car for rent via the Internet using the search form and price comparison from different rental companies:

Найти автомобиль в аренду в Сиемреапе

Travel around Angkor

The temple complex Angkor starts 6 kilometers from Siem Reap. You can get there by taxi, motorcycle taxi or tuk-tuk, and it is best to immediately rent a transport with a driver or guide in Siem Reap for the whole day.

Another option is guided tour buses. This is a good option for sightseeing, but not optimal: as a rule, only a few main attractions are viewed along a certain route, which you do not influence in any way, while the price per person is comparable to the price of renting a car for a day: up to $ 70 per day excursion. The advantage is that you do not need to take care of the route yourself, as well as the fact that the buses are comfortable.

If you have reached Angkor, there is nothing to think about exploring it on foot. Just think about it: the total area of the Angkor Archaeological Park, according to various estimates, ranges from 200 to 400 square kilometers, but the route along the small circle has a length of 17 kilometers. The great Circle has a length of 26 kilometers. Temples are scattered at a great distance from each other, and you should move between them by transport. Even a bicycle will not help you here.

We have already written about the order of rental prices above. The most profitable option is to rent a tuk–tuk from $ 15 per day when traveling to nearby temples, and $ 20 when traveling to distant temples. Of course, you need to bargain, especially if you plan to negotiate a lease for several days at once.. Tuk-tuk drivers, as a rule, have a very limited stock of English words, and will not be able to tell you anything about the temples. And they will not go to the temples with you, but will be waiting for you in the parking lots. Another disadvantage of tuk-tuks is the lack of air conditioning. Therefore, if you have money, you can rent a car with air conditioning and a driver. For a minimum price of $ 25 per day, you certainly won't get a chatty guide-driver, but you will at least move with comfort and air conditioning. With a licensed guide, the rates increase to $ 50, and with a Russian-speaking guide, count on all 100. And a couple more additions: the price of both the car and the tuk-tuk varies depending on the season, and also depends on how early you leave in the morning (the earlier, the more expensive, of course)

An excellent option for visiting not distant temples will be a bicycle with an electric drive, which can be rented from $ 4. Even if the battery charge runs out (it lasts for about 30 kilometers), it will be possible to continue the journey with the help of pedals.

You can hire a car or tuk-tuk anywhere: in a hotel, on the street, at a travel agency.

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