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Search and book hotels in Siem Reap / Angkor

In Siem Reap, you can find a huge number of types of accommodation from budget hotels for $ 5 per room, to five-star hotels for $ 100. When choosing the cheapest accommodation options, pay attention to the presence of an air conditioner (the description of the room indicates the presence of an air conditioner or fan), a swimming pool, a balcony. Also keep in mind that some of the cheapest accommodation options may not have hot water in the rooms. Wi-Fi Internet is available in almost every hotel.

You can find and book accommodation in Siem Reap/Angkor on these sites or through the search form. All sites have a Russian interface and Russian-language customer support, a lot of reviews from real guests.

Siem Reap hotels on the map

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All hotels are densely concentrated within the city, and, by and large, you can choose any hotel location, since you can get from the most remote hotel to the city center in 20 minutes on foot. If you do not like to walk and do not want to spend money on a taxi, choose a hotel closer to the center (the area around the night market and Pub Street, where, by the way, the largest number of inexpensive hotels are concentrated, especially near the old market. Can you see location of the old market area on the map of Siem Reap.

A large number of hotels are also located along Highway No. 6 (National Highway No. 6), which passes through the city center. Almost everywhere along the highway where there are hotels there are cafes, restaurants and markets, but, of course, in much smaller numbers than in the center. There, too, it is quite possible to pick up a good hotel, only you will have to get to the center by tuk-tuk every time for $ 1-2.

There is no urgent need to book hotels in advance, especially cheap ones: you can always find cheap accommodation on the spot. You should book in advance only more expensive hotels (from $ 20), and even then only if you want to save money (when booking in advance, the price is usually lower). Many hotels offer a free transfer from the airport to the hotel upon arrival, but only if you book the hotel in advance.

Some hotels include breakfast in the price. But do not count on a buffet and strive to rent a room with breakfast included: the maximum you will get is tea, coffee, a sandwich and eggs.

There are no hotels near the temples of Angkor. It is forbidden to stay in tents near the temples of Angkor.

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