Angkor Thommanon Temple Complex

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Thommanon, Thommanon - a small temple included in the complex the city of Angkor. Some sources consider it in unity with the temple Chau Say Tevoda, because they are similar and built in the same style, and are located a hundred meters on top of each other.

The construction of the temple belongs to the period of construction Angkor Wat, approximately the middle of the XII – early XIII centuries and belongs to Suryavarman II (Suryavarman II). The work on cleaning the temple began in the 20s of the XIX century, and in the 60s it was restored and is now in a better condition compared to some of the temples of Angkor. The bas-reliefs and structures of Tommanon look great.

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu gods Shiva and Vishnu.

Orientation in the temple, tips for inspection

Get to Tommanon from Angkor Thom you can follow through the Victory Gate, from which you will have to walk or drive about 600 m. to the east on a dirt road. The temple will be on the left side, but it will not be possible to pass by, because there are always a lot of merchants who are very intrusive. See Thommanon on the map of Angkor

Due to the good condition of the temple structures and carvings, some compare Tommanon with a temple Banteay Srey, located 35 km north of the main complexes of Angkor. In this regard, if there is no time or it is impossible to visit the latter, it is necessary to stop by Tommanon. But you need to take into account that for the same reason crowds of tourists are drawn to the temple and there are almost always a lot of people.

No more than 1 hour should be allocated for inspection. The best time to visit is earlier in the morning or evening.

Temple construction, architecture

Tommanon is a single-level temple consisting of five structures, four of which are stretched in a line from east to west and interconnected by passages. To the south is a detached library building. Previously, the temple was surrounded by a perimeter wall, today there is nothing left of it.

The central entrance of the temple is oriented to the east. Externally, the tallest tower resembles a lotus flower reproduced in the towers of Angkor Wat. On the inner and outer walls of the temple, many figures of gods, apsaras, devatas, carvings with a floral pattern have been restored and preserved, which cannot but cause amazement at the works of ancient masters.

The temple was built of sandstone, without the use of wooden beams, which is probably why it has been preserved better than others.

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