Yalta: General information, weather, tourist seasons

General information

Yalta (Yalta) is a city on the southern coast of the Crimea, and a popular resort. Located on the shore of Yalta Bay of the Black sea in 80 km from Simferopol (Yalta on the map of the Crimea), refers to the southern resorts of Crimea. The city is small with a population of less than 80 thousand people, but this is the most famous resort of the Peninsula, we can say, the tourist face of the Crimea.

Along the coast of Yalta and its neighboring towns stretch pebble beaches, which in high season are never empty. To call them the best beaches of the Crimea may be a stretch, but here it is remarkable that a beach vacation is complemented by a well-developed tourist infrastructure, plenty of entertainment and attractions. For those who find the hustle and bustle of the city will disturb, it is possible to stay in one much more peaceful suburbs, while to all the entertainment of Yalta is at hand.

The Beaches Of Yalta

Only in Yalta several beaches are within the city and in the suburbs. They are all pebbly, but tourists in the high season almost more than pebbles. Depth mostly begins almost immediately from the shore, which is not very safe for children. The beaches are separated by a transverse dam (Boone), and some divided their land and according to its length. Therefore, to move from one part of the beach to another, and especially from one to the other is possible only in the bypass. Moreover, in many places, the walkways to the shore intentionally hampered the hotels and other buildings. About the beauty of the beaches, of course, can not speak: in the best case, we get a view of the hotel in the worst – place concrete piles.

Infrastructure on the beaches for the most part well developed. There are showers, changing rooms, café, toilets. Rent include sun beds, umbrellas, presents water sports and entertainment.

As for water, it is transparent, but on environmental indicators is far from ideal. Moreover, the city sewer system is constructed in such a way that sometimes the storm drains and the sewage goes directly into the water near the city's beaches. So, in our opinion, in spite of the popularity of Yalta, the beaches here are some of the worst in the Peninsula. Read more review of beaches of Yalta...

Weather, tourist season in Yalta

Summer in Yalta lasts from June to October. Comfortable swimming season starts from the second half of June and lasts till September, as that's the only time the sea is warm enough for comfortable swimming.

The low season lasts from November to April. At this time the weather is cool, there are freezing temperatures. Given that the rest in Yalta beach, to do in this period there is nothing.

Seasons in Yalta months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather Yalta and forecast

Time in Yalta

Time in Yalta is no different from Moscow. Current time in Yalta:

Hotels in Yalta

On the territory of Yalta many hotels, guest houses, mini hotels where you can stay. In high season it's Packed to the brim, so better to book in advance.

If a hotel room you do not get it or would you prefer to live alone, you can rent a house, Villa or room in the city. The price starts from 500 rubles/day, depending on the location and living conditions. To find an apartment you like in advance via the Internet or on the spot upon arrival.

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