Panglao and Alona beach diving

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Panglao and Alona beach diving occupies one of the first places among all tourist attractions. Every morning on Alona Beach you can watch endless groups of tourists loading into boats and going on diving tours to the coastal waters (local diving) or to the small nearby islands of Balicasag, Pamilacan and Virgin Island. Experienced divers can rent equipment and make their own coastal dives.

Diving centers are most on Alona Beach, and directly on the beach, and not in the village itself. It is better to book tours to the islands in advance, at least two days in advance, local dives are possible even on the same day. Departure to the islands can take place in mixed groups for diving andsnorkeling. In the absence of a certificate, you can get training right here.

But be careful when choosing a diving center, try to avoid those that work mainly for Chinese and Korean tourists. Unfortunately, Chinese and Korean tourists have a special way of diving with screams and screams that will scare away even sharks, not to mention small animals. Therefore, it is better to avoid such companies and try to get on tours together with European or Russian divers. Do not hesitate to clarify this immediately on the spot when booking, here such questions are treated with understanding.


🕐 Working hours: tours to the islands depart in the morning, local diving can be carried out throughout the day. Night dives are also offered.

🚶 Entrance fee / tickets price: local dives from 1200 pesos (22.96 ), the minimum price for a tour with two dives without meals on Balicasag is 3500 pesos. More information about prices can be found on the websites of Russian dive clubs DOFLEINI Dive Center and DCC

🚶 How to get there: diving centers are best found at Alona Beach right on the shore. Literally in half an hour you can go around all the Centers, find out the conditions and prices. There are also diving centers on other beaches, pay attention to two Russian ones: DOFLEINI Dive Center on Dumaluan Beach and DCC on Danao Beach.

You can also see possible options for other excursions to the island of Bohl, which can be booked online:

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