Snorkeling and island tours at Panglao and Alona Beach

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If you can not afford Diving or consider it too extreme, then look in the direction of snorkeling. Snorkeling in Panglao and Alona Beach is something without which your holiday at the resort will not be complete.

You can go snorkeling on your own on the beaches of Panglao, or go to the islands with excursions. Conditions here are excellent: clear water, lots of wildlife, coral reef, shallow depth. Sometimes in the reviews of tourists you can read that snorkeling on Panglao is bad, but this is because such reviews are written by those who did not go beyond the resort and Alona Beach. In fact, there are quite decent places for observing underwater wildlife.

Independent snorkeling is possible on almost all beaches of Panglao, and even on the crowded Alona Beach. To do this, simply walk along the shore on Alona Beach to the left to the rocks, and walk/swim away from the shore for 50-100 meters, until the bottom abruptly breaks off the wall down. Also good snorkeling on Sunrise Beach, Danao Beach, in the marine reserves Buingan Marine Sanctuary and Tabalong Marine Sanctuary. And on the North Shore there is one special place-Molave Cliff Diving Resort or Napaling (admission 30 pesos), where you can see schools of sardines, similar to those in Moalboal.

But snorkeling off the coast of Panglao can't compare to what you'll experience during Island Hopping tours. The most popular and really the best island is Balicasag, but usually snorkeling tours include visiting several islands at once, including a beach holiday on Virgin Island. You can buy such tours at any travel agency on the streets of Alona Beach, but the largest selection is directly on Alona Beach.

If you have never been snorkeling before, it is better to train yourself near the shore before going on a tour to the islands. To do this, you can use your mask, or rent for 100 pesos in one of the coastal dive shops.

Snorkeling near a school of sardines

🕐 Working hours: independently during the daytime, tours to the islands depart in the morning.

🚶 Entrance fee / tickets price: mask and tube rental 100 pesos (0 ), group tours to the islands from 1300 pesos (0).

🚶 How to get there: independent snorkeling is possible on all beaches and marine sanctuaries on the coast Panglao. Tours to the islands are offered at hotels, travel agencies and diving centers on Alona Beach.

You can also see possible options for other excursions to the island of Bohl, which can be booked online:

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