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General information

Свято-Троицкий храм и женский монастырь, Симферополь Holy Trinity Church and convent

Simferopol (Simferopol) – the largest city and the capital of the Peninsula and the Republic of Crimea. Besides being the political center of the region, it is also its cultural and economic capital. Located in the center of the Peninsula (Simferopol on the map of the Crimea). A population of 330,000 people.

From a tourist point of view, the important Simferopol, primarily as the main gateway to the Peninsula: here is Simferopol international airport (accepts only domestic flights from the cities of the Russian Federation), train and bus station. Even if you arrive to Crimea by plane and by ferry or bus from one of its resorts, with the big share of probability you may be in Simferopol during a trip around the Peninsula, because all roads converge here.

Неаполь Скифский The Scythian Naples

Tourists rarely consider Simferopol as the place to stay, because there is no sea and beaches, and stay here, as a maximum, on the way to or from the airport, or visit it with a tour. However, the city is often deserved glory of the cultural centre of the Crimea. Here is quite a few attractions, mainly cultural: museums, galleries, theatres. There are also several important historical sites and temples. Near the town are several caves and mountains, you can take a Hiking tours. One of the most famous facts about Simferopol is the world's longest trolleybus route to Yalta (its length is 94 kilometers) which passes through picturesque mountains and is today positioned as one of the local attractions and excursions.

Infrastructure in the city for tourists is quite developed. Many hotels, restaurants and cafes there. You can find night entertainment, there are several advanced clubs. They even have their own pedestrian zone along Pushkin street (pedestrian zone on the map). This is the best place for evening walks around the city: there are many restaurants and cafes; there are travel agencies that sell trips; exchange, currency and banks; in the evenings, street musicians and artists, though the scale is not, of course, such as, for example, in Yalta. If you decide to stay in Simferopol, it is best to stay near this area.

Неаполь Скифский Panorama Of Simferopol

Weather, tourist seasons in Simferopol

The high tourist season in Simferopol, as Crimea in General, is between may to October. However, the places of interest in Simferopol you can visit whatever the time of year. So if you are interested in museums, galleries and parks and recreation came in the winter, it is possible to allocate the visit to Simferopol for a few days.

Seasons in Simferopol by months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in Simferopol and forecast

The time in Simferopol

The time in Simferopol is not different from Moscow. Current time in Simferopol:

Hotels in Simferopol

Unfortunately, hotels in Simferopol quite a bit. This is perhaps the only significant drawback of the tourism infrastructure of the city. Budget accommodation in the hotels here are completely absent, found in low-cost rental housing, as in the popular resorts of the Crimea, is also problematic. Prices per night start at 1,500 rubles.

Individual areas of concentration of hotels, as well as a separate tourist area, not here. When selecting a location for a hotel it is better to focus on the proximity to the city center (pedestrian area on the street) or transport nodes (railway station or bus station).

Book hotels in Simferopol in advance on the websites linked below, because only they have presented the most complete list of hotels in the resorts of Crimea:

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found". This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

If staying in a hotel you prefer accommodation in rented accommodation, the site you can find and book accommodation for a short time in Simferopol online, or you can do this using the search form below:

Hotels of Simferopol on the map

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Useful tips on how to Simferopol

Loss of Luggage. Often in Simferopol airport lost Luggage, or rather, it is sent after arrival back somewhere on another flight. If you do not find your Luggage on the conveyor belt after your arrival, hurry to the front of the baggage and persistently ask to search your Luggage until he flew back home or somewhere else.

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