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General information

Отдых в Евпатории, Крым

Yevpatoria (Evpatoria) – a town on the Western shore of the Black sea, 65 kilometers from Simferopol (Evpatoriya on the map of the Crimea). Evpatoria is quite a large town by local standards, its population is 106 00 people, and is almost twice more, than in Yalta. This is the fourth populous city of the Peninsula.

At Yalta Greek roots, Dating back before our era. The first Greek settlement was on the site of the modern city at the beginning of the 5th century BC, and was called Kerkinitida. It was an independent city-state. However, in the middle of the 2nd century BC it was captured by the Scythians from Naples, located on the site of present Simferopol, and almost completely destroyed the city. The settlement was restored only after several centuries by the Crimean khanate and received a new name – the Chersonese. In the 18th century, the city passed to the Russian Empire and in 1784 was renamed Evpatoria, which in Greek means "Noble".

Rest in Evpatoria

Центральный пляж в Евпатории, Крым Central beach

Today Evpatoria is without exaggeration one of the most popular resorts of the Crimea. Every year the city is visited by nearly a million people, the main flow is in the summer months. Yevpatoriya attracts beach lovers who prefer sandy beaches. In contrast, the southern coast of Crimea where almost all the beaches are pebbly beaches of Yalta on the contrary there are no rocks, but only small yellow sand and the shallow depth that is just perfect for families with children.

But not only sandy beaches an attractive destination for families and children: such amount of entertainment for children, as in Yalta, not found anywhere else in the Crimea. In the resort area near the waterfront you can find many green parks and amusement parks, promenade along the waterfront, a water Park, a Dolphinarium, aquarium, arboretum, and much more. Children's entertainment are just everywhere, and parents need to worry about is to leave enough money in your wallet. In General, infrastructure and entertainment make Yevpatoria best children's resort in Crimea.

Евпаторийский Веревочный Парк Rope Park

Enough entertainment here for adults. There are restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, and a great pedestrian area along the waterfront of Gorky. In the old town you can see many historical sites, visit museums. Of course, the beach presents a full range of traditional water activities.

Yevpatoria is also a popular health resort, thanks to the healing mud, brine and mineral waters, which are mined in the vicinity of the city. There are many sanatoriums, including children. Treatment and prevention come here from all over Russia.

Shopping in Yalta is not very good. There seems to be is all that is needed: just a huge number of small shops, markets, tourist shops at every step. But on the other hand, large modern shopping centers which you can walk for hours and be entertained, no.

There are, of course, rest in Yalta and some disadvantages. In the high season of tourists here is so much that even all is not enough space on the beach. This is also a relatively expensive resort compared to other places of the Crimea. Oh and not to mention the problems with algae on the beaches, especially at the beginning or at the end of the tourist season. After a storm or strong waves on the coast seaweed is thrown out, and if they are not promptly removed, they begin to rot and smell very bad, to go into the water very unpleasant. Unfortunately, this very often happens at the beginning or at the end of the season, when tourists are still not very many, and the beaches are not really in a hurry to clean it up. And outside the city to unserved beaches and mountains of smelly algae may lie for weeks, until you decompose, and not be washed back into the sea.

Weather, tourist season in Yalta

The season starts in may and lasts until September. However, in the beginning of the season, in may and the first half of June are often rainy and cold, the water is still too cold for swimming. The real swimming season begins in late June and lasts through August. In September with the beginning of the school year Yevpatoriya rather abruptly emptied, but the Sep remains good weather and warm sea.

Seasons in Yevpatoriya months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Yalta and forecast

Useful tips about Yalta

  • Areas of the city. Evpatoria – a big city, but when selecting a location for a hotel/housing, try to settle as close as possible to the waterfront and double check the address provided by your map, otherwise you can be though in the city center but very far from the beach.
  • Beaches. In Yalta, quite a lot of beaches the busy resorts and access to them is limited. When choosing a place to stay will pay attention to it, otherwise in case of wrong choice will have beaches to walk very far.
  • Medical moinakskoye lake. Still some guidebooks and websites report that moinakskoye lake on the East of the city contains mud. But in fact, the mud of the lake have lost therapeutic properties in the early 90-ies due to the discharge into it of fresh water. Cm. read more about the curative mud of the Crimea.
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Go to the waterfront , there's plenty of bars and cafes. Prefer Limoncello there, delicious pizza. ...
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By car or drive to border, cross it and continue by bus or taxi. ...
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