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General information

Арабатская стрелка, Крым "Fishing" on the Arabat spit

Arabatskaya Strelka (Arabat spit) , a narrow strip of land stretching more than 110 kilometers and a width of from 270 meters to 8 kilometers, is located in the North-Eastern part of the Crimea in the Azov sea (the beginning of the Arabat spit on the map of the Crimea). Divides the Azov sea and the salt lake (Bay) siwash. The arrow connected with the land only with the Crimean Peninsula in the South near the village Kamenka. The Northern extremity is connected to mainland Ukraine by a bridge.

Today Arabat spit is actually divided between Ukraine and Russia. Of these, the Russian part – 66 kilometers. The territory of braids for Salt village is a border area and permitted to only citizens of the Russian Federation with internal passports.

Stay on the Arabat spit

Арабатская стрелка, Крым Endless beach Arabatka

Much of the infrastructure and tourist-attractive areas of the Arabat spit is located on the territory of Ukraine. The Russian part with virtually no settlements and infrastructure, no nothing, no hotels, no cafes, no any worthy attractions. There is only one tiny village of Salt, but for tourists it is very interesting.

However, the Arabat spit is a popular destination for travelers from certain categories of travelers: lovers of independent holidays in tents, fishermen and lovers of kitesurfing. Attracts them here endless, sandy beach, warm water of the Azov sea and solitude. All 110 kilometers of the arrow is a sandy beach of the Azov sea. The sand is large, Shelly, yellow. Depth different, but in General moderate, you can find a great shallow place for children.

Another reason, which come to rest on Arabatskaya spit - healing mud of the lake Sivash, which also stretches along the entire arrow. It is believed that salt water (brine) and mud lake are full of minerals, acids, carbohydrates, nitrogenous substances, salts, magnesium chloride and potassium, iodide of sodium, bromide of magnesium. Therefore, sivashskaya mud it is recommended to use in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Cm. read more about the curative mud of the Crimea.

Here is some very good kitesurfing spots (places of learning and Catania). In high season breaks camp kite school BeKite (

Infrastructure, entertainment and attractions

Арабатская стрелка, Крым "Comb" to Arabatka

As already mentioned, no infrastructure here at all. The nearest "civilization" is located in Kamenskoye village, three kilometers from the start of braids. There you can find grocery store, a mini market and a pharmacy. Market and bigger shops are in the village Semysotka in six miles further, and for the normal purchases generally have to go to Kerch or Feodosia.

300 metres from Arabatskaya fortress is recreation "Safari" ( Several lodges, guest houses, hotels and private residential sector are three kilometers from the fortress on the shore in the village of Kamenskoye.

Along the spit is a dirt road "comb". To go through it uncomfortable, not much overclocking, because it is all like a washing Board, but it is weatherproof, it almost blurs in the rain. To go on it should be either very slow, or Vice versa quickly, then "comb" is not felt. This road leads to the beach a lot of ramps, so to find a place to camp without problems. On weekends attracts a lot of local fishermen, but even at this time plenty of room. And if you want complete privacy, you can drive along the spit a little further. To do here except fishing, bathing, sunbathing and mud baths in the lake Sivash absolutely nothing, so the entertainment will have to take care of yourself.

Арабатская стрелка, Крым Arabatskaya Strelka

Keep in mind that no fresh water, no toilet, no shade from trees here. Also, you will not find on the spit any trees for firewood or protection from the wind. The landscape here steppe.

Attractions here at all. Earlier as a historic landmark Arabatskaya fortress in 2014 is occupied by the military, and its inspection and photographing is prohibited. Four kilometers along the shore near the village of Kamenskoye are Akmonajsky quarry.

  • Arabat fortress

    Арабатская крепость, Крым Arabat fortress

    Arabatskaya fortress known as the only Tatar-Turkish on the Azov coast. The first mention of it dates from the year 1651. Was built by the Turks to prevent Russia to reach to the Black sea. The perimeter with five bastions were designed for a long siege, in addition it was surrounded by a moat, which was filled with sea water if necessary.

    However, despite all the engineering ideas, the fortress was captured by Russian soldiers in 1771. After the Crimean war as a military facility it is no longer used, and in the 20th century became a historical object. However, in 2014 was again occupied by the Russian military.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • 🚶 How to reach: the fortress is impossible to examine all the details and going over it as before 2014, since it's now a military facility. You can bypass it around and see the outside, not more. To get from the village Kamenskoye to it easily on foot a stroll along the beach 3 km (Arabat fortress on the map).


Weather, tourist seasons on the Arabat spit

The Azov sea is warmer than the Black, and also not susceptible to temperature fluctuations due to underwater currents, so bathing season here starts earlier than on the southern coast of Crimea. The first tourists appear here in early may (you can sunbathe and fish), and swim comfortably in early June. The swimming season lasts through September, and sometimes passes on October

Seasons on the Arabat spit months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in Kam'yans'ke on the Arabat spit and forecast

How to get on the Arabatsky arrow

The Arabat spit is located 140 kilometers from Simferopol, 100 km from the Kerch ferry, and 40 kilometers from Feodosiya (the beginning of the Arabat spit on the map of the Crimea). Better get here all on our own transport. Paved road leads to the village of Kamenka. Not reaching a few hundred meters to the village you need to turn on the pointer to the left onto a dirt "comb", and then another four kilometers before entering the arrow.

Public transport here is not no, but you can take a bus to Kamenka, and then to the arrow on foot or hitch-hiked 3 kilometers.

Cm. read more, how to get to the village of Kamenskoye, Crimea.

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