Loboc River Cruise

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Loboc River is one of the main rivers on the island. It is picturesque, and its waters are calm, so there are cruises on floating restaurant rafts. Of course, these are not real restaurants with a kitchen where they cook, but only pre-prepared dishes served as a buffet, but nevertheless the variety of dishes is not bad. The cruise begins with a hearty lunch, and then the voyage continues for about an hour and a half. The raft goes upstream to the small Busay Falls, where you will watch a traditional performance with songs and dances, and return back.

Loboc River Cruise

🕐 Working hours: sent several times during the day from about 9 o'clock to 15. You can come to the place and just wait for the nearest departure.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: cruises when purchased on the spot in Lobok cost 550 pesos (9.9 USD, see more about the currency of the Philippines).

🚶 How to get there: cruises are held in the city of Loboc, and you can go to the place of departure yourself and buy tickets on the spot, or buy a ready-made excursion on Alona Beach. Cruises start from the pier in the very center of Lobok (start of cruises on the map).

You can get here on your own by buses with a transfer. First Alona beach or other City need to get to the main bus station in Tagbilaran city on a jeepney for 25 pesos or air-conditioned bus 50 (Dao Integrated Terminal bus station on the map). From there, take a bus to Loboc. Sent frequently, cost up to 50 pesos (0.9 USD), 1 hour on the way. Getting out in Loboca is best near the San Pedro Church, and then walk across the bridge, or tell the driver that you need a cruise, he will drop you off where you need.

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Panorama of the Lobok river cruise

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