Lamanok Island

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In fact, Lamanoc (Lamanoc Island) is not an island, but a peninsula, but since you can only get there by boat, it's customary to call this place an island. This is the main attraction in Ande, just a must-visit. But whether it is worth visiting from Alon Beach and Tagbilaran, the answer is ambiguous, because it is too far to go.

On the island of Lamanok there are several caves, the most interesting of which are the cave of an ancient man and the cave of shamans. In the first cave paintings were found, and the latter has long been used and is used today by local shamans. Visiting the island is carried out only with a guide who will take you along the route through all the caves, and tell you about their features and what they were used for. Here you will see mangroves.

The caves are not deep, rather just grottoes, but if you want to get a special experience, then you can arrange for a deep cave of shamans. To do this, you need to agree in advance at the Tourist Information Center or at the entrance to the caves to find an accompanying shaman, because without their permission, even guides are forbidden to go deep into the cave.

Cave with burials, Lamanok

🕐 Working hours: from 08: 00 to 15: 00, seven days a week.

🚶 Entrance fee / tickets price: 300 pesos (0 USD, see more about the currency of the Philippines), which includes access to the island, a boat and a guide. Additionally tip the guide 50-200 pesos more at will.

🚶 How to get there: Lamanoc island is located on the Andes Peninsula (Lamanok on the map), the nearest resort is the Anda town, 8 kilometers away. It is visited only with guides, which are provided when paying for admission. After payment, you will walk along a wooden bridge to the pier of rowing boats, where you will be put on a boat and taken to Lamanok Island, and further along the island you will walk along the route, which will take 1-2 hours.

You do not need to book a visit in advance, you can simply come to the ticket office, pay for the passage and leave. But sometimes you have to wait until you're free." Payment of 300 pesos is made per person, so even if you arrive alone, pay only this amount, plus a tip to the guide if desired.

The starting point and ticket offices are located 8 kilometers from the center of Andes (Poblacion) right on the main road (ticket office on the map). At this point you will see a small gazebo (ticket office) and a sign, transport can be left here on the side of the road. You can get here only by taxi-tricycle (100-200 pesos after bargaining) or rented transport. When traveling on a tricycle, it is better to immediately arrange a trip back, since passing vehicles are very rare.

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Panorama of the cave on the island of Lamanok

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