Philippines in September

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September is one of the months of low tourist season and rainy season. There is a high probability of torrential and prolonged rains, monsoons, tropical storms and typhoons are possible. To go on vacation in the Philippines at this time is only at your own risk and hope for luck. But in September, sales of airlines in the direction of the Philippines are read, and if you follow the prices, you can buy very profitable tickets for October, November or December.

Vacation in September in the Philippines takes place on deserted beaches

If you decide to rely on luck, and venture to rest in September to go to the Philippines, do not forget about precautions and safety. At this time, the country is hit by tropical storms, which sometimes turn into devastating hurricanes. Even away from the epicenters, which usually pass away from popular resorts, the weather for several days deteriorates greatly, interrupting ferry or air traffic. If you have to fly home, it is best to get to the island from where you will fly in 2-3 three days in advance, otherwise there is a chance to be locked on another island without being able to get by ferry.

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Weather in the resorts of the Philippines by month

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