Philippines in June

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June is the first month of bad weather and rainy season, not a recommended time to travel to the Philippines. As if someone abruptly switches the tap in the sky, and opens the torrential rains and thick clouds after a dry may. Of course, some resorts still have more or less dry weather, for example, in June you can go to Bohol, Siquijor and Negros Island, but in general the weather in the country deteriorates significantly.

A vacation in the Philippines in June can be like this

And it's not just rain and clouds. Monsoons begin to blow, strong waves are formed, and there is a possibility of the formation of tropical storms that can cross typhoons. Even if you rest away from the epicenter of the formed bad weather, during the period of their formation, flights may be canceled, and for security reasons, the ferry service is suspended. Usually, the period of passage of a storm or typhoon lasts no more than 3 days, after which good weather can be established, but of course no one will give guarantees.

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Weather in the resorts of the Philippines by month

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