Prices in Laos for tourist services, hotels, transport, food and drinks

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Sometimes you can find the opinion that in all countries of Southeast Asia prices are much lower than in the Russian Federation, and that in general life and recreation are very cheap there. But in fact, this is only partly true, and Laos is no exception in this matter. We can even say that for tourists Laos is one of the most expensive countries. This happens because usually in not very popular tourist countries with poorly developed infrastructure, prices for tourists for all goods and services are set too high. In addition, for some services that are traditionally provided free of charge in other countries, in Laos, quite unexpectedly, you will have to pay. For example, passage or passage on a bridge can be paid, the toilet in a shopping center is also visited for a fee, and even the entrance to some temples is only for money. Therefore, when experienced tourists compare prices in Thailand or Vietnam with Laos, the latter is always more expensive.

But in fact, do not be afraid of high prices, they are higher quite a bit. And given that usually Laos is visited for a short time, the difference will hardly hit your budget much. So, here's an overview of prices in Lao kippah and USD for reference as of 2022. Of course, it should be understood that they can vary greatly between cities and provinces of the country, but in general you can use the prices below to calculate your budget.

In general, it is worth counting on approximately the following daily expenses per person:

  • Minimum budget (accommodation in a hostel, use of local transport, meals in inexpensive cafes) - from$ 15 per day/15 USD
  • Average budget (private room, rent a motorbike or bicycle, meals in tourist cafes) - from$ 30 per day/30 USD
  • Comfortable budget (private room in a good hotel, using a taxi and buying excursions, meals in tourist cafes and restaurants) - from $ 100 per day/100 USD

Payment for purchases is made mainly in local currency (bales). Some hotels, restaurants, travel agencies are willing to accept a fee in dollars, but keep an eye on the proposed rate , it may be less profitable than the calculation in local currency. In border cities, you can pay Thai Baht and Vietnamese Dong, but this is more of an extreme measure not to change currency at an unfavorable exchange rate at the border than a rule. See more all about the currency of Laos here...

Money Of Laos

Transport prices in Laos

  • Ready flight from Russia to Laos – from 40 000 USD.
  • Bike rental-10,000 Kip/day / 0.77 USD
  • Rent a motorcycle - from 80 000 Kip/day / 6.13 USD. In some cities, the price goes up to 120,000 Kip.
  • 1 liter of gasoline – 10300 Kip / 0.79 USD
  • 1 litre diesel-9350 Kip / 0.72 USD
  • City bus fare in Vientiane - from 4000 Kip / 0.31 USD
  • Tuk-tuk ride-ask tourists even for a short trip from 10,000 Kip / 0.77 yes, you need to bargain.
  • Bus Vientiane-Luang Prabang - from 140 000 Kip / 10.72 USD
  • Bus Bangkok-Vientiane - from 900 baht / 26.36 USD
Bike for rent in Laos

Prices for hotels in Laos

Accommodation in Laos costs a little more than in neighboring Thailand and Vietnam. With an approximately equal price, accommodation in Laos will be much worse in quality, so we advise you not to save a couple of dollars, but rather overpay a little and live in normal conditions.

  • Bed in the hostel from $ 5 / 50 USD
  • Room for two from $ 10 / 10 USD
  • Comfortable room for two from $ 15 / 15 USD
  • A room in a good four-or five-star hotel from $ 50 / 50 USD
Vientiane hotels

Prices in cafes and restaurants, food in Laos

  • The main course in an inexpensive cafe for locals - from 20,000 Kip / 1.53 USD
  • Main course in a restaurant or cafe for tourists - from 40,000 Kip / 3.06 USD
  • 0.6 beer in a cafe-15,000 Kip / 1.15 USD
  • A cup of natural coffee-15,000 Kip / 1.15 USD
Luang Prabang market salad bar

Price of food and drinks in shops and supermarkets in Laos

  • Beer 0,6 L – - 9500 Kip / 0.73 USD
  • Local alcohol Champa 0,3 L – - 8000 Kip / 0.61 USD
  • Water 1.5 L. - 5000 Kip / 0.38 USD
  • Softdrink (Cola, Sprite, etc.) 1.5 L – - 8000 Kip / 0.61 USD
  • Softdrink (Cola, Sprite, etc.) 0.5 L. - 4000 Kip / 0.31 USD
  • Croissant in the bakery 1 pc – - 10 000 Kip / 0.77 USD
  • Bread 1 loaf – 10 000 Kip / 0.77 USD
  • Mango 1 kg – - 25 000 Kip / 1.91 USD
  • Pomelo 1 PC. - 20 000 Kip / 1.53 USD
  • Pitahaya 1 kg. - 15,000 Kip / 1.15 USD
  • Tangerines 1 kg. - 18 000 Kip / 1.38 USD
  • Potatoes 1 kg – - 8 000 Kip / 0.61 USD
  • Black tea Lipton 25 bags-22 000 Kip / 1.68 USD
  • Local coffee beans 400g. - 55000 Kip / 4.21 USD

Fruit prices vary greatly with the ripening season.

Shop prices in Laos
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