Pha That Luang temple and stupa in Vientiane

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Great golden stupa that Luang (Pha That Luang, Pha That Luang) – the most photographed place in Vientiane, and the main symbol of the city and the country as a whole. Her image can be seen on souvenirs and postcards, and it's definitely the # 1 popular attraction to see in Vientiane.

It is believed that initially in the I century a Hindu temple appeared on this site, and in the XIII century it was rebuilt into a Khmer temple, which was subsequently destroyed. As a Buddhist stupa, it was built in 1566, and already then became a monumental structure with a side length of 69 meters, and a height of 45, and there were 30 small stupas nearby. But in 1828 it was again destroyed during the invasion of Siam (Thailand), and in its present form was recreated only in 1930. Subsequently, it was again badly damaged during the Franco-Thai war in 1940, but did not undergo significant changes in design. The current dimensions of the stupa: side length-68 meters, height-45 meters.

Today it is a complex that is visited by tourists as a museum. The stupa is surrounded around the perimeter by a large concrete structure like a fence, the entrance to the courtyard of which is paid for tourists. The museum here, of course, is symbolic, because its most important exhibit is the stupa itself. You can not get inside the stupa, inspection only from the outside. If you do not want to pay an entrance fee, you can inspect it from the side without passing inside the courtyard, because from the side it looks even more majestic.

Unfortunately, not all tourists pay attention to the nearby temple that Luang (Wat That Luang Tai), but in vain. This is a very beautiful complex with a huge statue of the Reclining Buddha under the open sky. Be sure to visit it, Admission is free. On the other side of that Luang is another small and beautiful small Wat That Luang Neua temple and Palace. Also nearby is one of the few clean green walking parks in Laos.

That Luang temple and stupa Vientiane

🕐 Working hours: 8:00-17: 00, seven days a week. You can view the temples and stupa from the outside without entering the courtyard at any time.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: 10,000 Kip (0.49 USD, see Lao currency and exchange rate).

🚶 How to get there: the stupa is located 3 kilometers from the city center (Stupa on the map). Theoretically you can walk here, but it is easier to take the Central Bus Station and the final Talat Sao bus number 10 (ITECC-Talat Sao), run every 40 minutes from 09:20 to 16:45 (the last bus back), 4000 Kip. Alternatively, you can walk from the stupa through the park to the army and Police Museum, and from there take buses No. 23 or No. 29 for 4000 Kip.

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That Luang Stupa Panorama

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