Blue Lagoon 5 and Xangkam cave in Vang Vieng

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Blue Lagoon 5 (Blue Lagoon 5) is the farthest of the bathing lagoons in the Vang Vieng Valley. What is just wonderful, there are no crowds of package tourists here, since only rare tourists reach it, mainly groups of young people. In the lagoon you can swim, jump into the water, lie quietly on the surface of the water on an inflatable circle, and no one will interfere with you. There is also a boat for skiing, but you can not go far on it: the lagoon is very small. True, there is one feature: after lunch, the sun hides behind the mountain, and the lagoon covers the shadow. ie, you can not sunbathe at this time, and after the water will be a little cool. Nearby is a small bamboo cafe with simple meals and drinks.

There is also a small interesting cave Xangkham (Xangkham Cave), the entrance to which is across the bridge. But the entrance to it is filled with water, so to get inside, you will have to walk waist-deep or knee-deep in water depending on the season.

Lagoon 5

🕐 Working hours: during daytime.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entrance to the lagoon and cave-10,000 Kip (0.45 USD, see Lao currency and exchange rate).

🚶 How to get there: lagoon 5 is located 20 kilometers from the center of Vang Vieng (Laguna 5 on the map). You need to go here on a motorbike or a rented car buggy or ATV. The road to the lagoon is bad, a lot of irregularities, but you can get directly to it. Please note that Google navigator for some reason can not build a normal route to it, so it is better to go on maps like Organic Maps for reference, your path should pass through the village of Ban Nampe, not go around it.

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