Pookham cave and Blue Lagoon 1 in Vang Vieng

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Blue Lagoon 1 is the closest bathing lagoon to Vang Vieng, and therefore the most crowded. There are always a lot of tourists from China, who, as you know, for the most part do not know how to swim and are very noisy, so we will not recommend this lagoon as a place for swimming and relaxing. But if you want, you can come here to visit the cave Poukham (Poukham Cave or Tham Phu Khan). The cave is very spacious and deep, about 500 meters. The entrance to it is higher, you have to climb a little stone steps. Inside it is dark, so you need a lantern, which you can immediately rent for 10,000 Kip. If you want to explore it well, it is better to use the services of a guide for 50,000, but this is not necessary. And by the way, inside the cave is a Buddhist shrine, and in general it is a sacred place for the villagers.

Now as for the lagoon itself. The water in it is really blue, there is a bungee, you can jump into the water. On the territory there is a toilet, a changing room, a cafe with working WiFi, and a lot of Chinese tourists.

Lagoon 1

🕐 Working hours: during daytime.

💵 Entrance fee / tickets price: entrance to the lagoon and cave-10,000 Kip (0.49 USD, see Lao currency and exchange rate), rent a swimming vest - 10,000, rent a lantern for the cave - 10,000, guide to the cave - 50,000.

🚶 How to get there: from the center of Vang Vieng to Lagoon #1 7.5 kilometers (Laguna 1 on the map). As with all other lagoons, it is best to get here by rented bicycle or motorbike. To do this, you will need to drive through the Namsong Bridge toll for 10,000 kip in both directions.

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Panorama Of The Lagoon

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